What’s Love Got to Do with It?

My Legacy sisters & I are digging into “what does God say about Love?”  This question is across all Faiths, what does your Faith say about Love?  Do you walk in that Love? What are it’s attributes? Do you believe in Love? Do you believe God love you? Do you Love others and Show it?  Can Love wash clean Hate?

Like Tina says:  What’s Love Got to do with it ?  I pray it’s not a second hand emotion in your Life. smile

I for one Praise God for all the Love given me by God, family, and friends over the years even when I didn’t deserve it. I can’t say there haven’t been times that I felt like bah humbug Love. Then sure as I get in that mode God sends someone my way extending compassion, forgiveness, hugs, or some other attribute of Love I needed. And always, always “God is on time all the time”

That said, today is a short post because: I would love to hear some of your comments, views, and maybe you will want to do some research digging of your own then click on Reply and Share.

More to come after my digging…..



When Life tosses you a Curve Ball

As we all know, Life can and will toss you a curve ball sometimes. By my experience, it is right about the time your Joy and Relaxation are on the rise. I have learned there are only a couple of choices on how to handle the curve balls: 1. let my emotions get the best of me and throw a temper tantrum 2. Take some deep breaths and/or a walk all the while asking God show me the Way to catch it, handle it, or toss it back!

I had one of those curve balls thrown at me the last day of my vacation. My vacation had been Great! Even had some unexpected blessings which really had me Full of Joy. I had turned in my rent a car and was waiting on one of my Legacy sisters who lives in Memphis to pick me up for lunch and I decided to call my director/friend from work. Lord have Mercy, did she throw a curve ball when she said these words: ” they’ve laid off Again and sent all your team except you to Offshore services” I was stunned! You see they had already laid off down to skeleton crew and sent a lot of the work to an offshore team months prior.. We were already struggling after that since the offshore team wasn’t doing so hot but, this time there was no preparation and the offshore team had not even had training. My thoughts were: What the heck? Who does that? Once again, life had tossed a curve ball and I was almost dizzy with the news. It wasn’t long I started getting calls from my team with the news. I tried to think and choose encouraging words to calm them and myself down and finally said, ” I will have to call you back, I just need to finish my last vacation day please.” I really just needed a little time to process the news.  In one way I was glad I got the news in advance and another really irritated they couldn’t even wait until my Director & I finished our vacations.. yes, she was on vacation too.

I had so been looking forward to my lunch date with my Legacy sister and for a minute I left it take hold and almost ruin my time with her. But, then God sent a call to her that reminded me, “it could be a lot worse“. You see she works for Catholic Charities with people who are homeless and helps get them on their feet and going. That day she had two calls actually of one who was getting set up with a roof over her head but, concerned that the job she just got was going to knock her out of the help she so desperately needed. The other’s daughter had ran away and they were living in a shelter. These women brought back memories of times I had been in their position and clearly showed me where I am now – out of California & Blessed with a home. I still have my job and even if I were to get laid off I am over 62 and could take my SS and get a part time job keep my home. Both my daughters grew past their troubled teens and are doing well and my grandkids are too… then it flashed across my mind: Look you are even able to take a vacation! We ended up having a great lunch at Olive Garden (which was another blessing, we were both well able to have lunch out) & by the time I got back to the airport I sat there holding back the tears in Thankfulness instead of anger at that ball that had come my way. Then I began to do exactly what I should have done in the 1st place; Pray and call my fellow prayer warriors and ask them to pray. I called the employees back and tried my best to comfort them and assure them God will catch their curve balls too and open doors of provision, never fear…just Trust Him and start sending out those resumes.  As for me, God further blessed me with a wonderful young lady sitting next to me on the plane who had a tough day too. Together threw the curve balls back and took on the attitude of We can do this! (with only a little bit of whining) I got off the plane with a new friend and by day 2 of my return to work I could feel that inner spirit saying, ” do the Best you can do and live in this moment knowing and trusting God’s got your back too”.

Yes, Life can and will serve curve balls and we may have some burdens to bear when it does but, with God we can Survive!  Why because God is a Fantastic Catcher, He’s on time all the time, & will carry you thru to home base – if you will just let Him!

Have a Great Day!

Who is your Audience?

Hello! Hello! I’m Back!  Needed to take a bit of a sabbatical and process the direction I was taking. Something I think we should all do occasionally. In fact, while I was away I was listening to AR Bernard and he said, “every so often we should all ask ourselves these questions: 1. Who am I now? 2. Where do I want to be? (be specific) 3. Why do I want to be there? (this is your motivator that gives you strength) 4. What do I have to do to get there?  Good questions don’t you think?

I also had a very enlightening conversation with the editor of our local Niagara newspaper. In that conversation there was one thing she said that jumped out at me: “that is not so much our audience”.  I knew right then God was using her to guide me back in the direction He wanted me to go. You see I was starting, once again, to wander from the way He wanted me to go. Which was not writing a column for the local paper.  Like I always say, “God is on time all the Time!”. My path is writing these posts &  finishing the second book God told me to do! I must say I am so Grateful for Michelle taking her time to chat with me that one morning at the local coffee shop. I was her audience for that hour and she sure left a deep impression. One that energized me, made me look at my life, and sent me back skipping along My yellow brick road asking, “Who is my Audience? What Audience do I want to reach? and How do I want to reach them? These questions made me dig deep and I realized what God wanted me to see: we all have an audience everyday. At home, at work, each time we step out to interact with others. They are watching, listening, and yes most of the time judging us in all we do. Never think what you say & do has no effect in the lives of others…even strangers. Has it ever occurred to you we all are writers? Storytellers. And we all have a story to tell and do tell it on FB, in tweets, on the phone, in our day to day interactions. Your story may be a drama, a how to, a joke or two, and the list goes on. Think about your actions, what is coming out of your mouth whether it is talking out loud or texting, tweeting, sharing pics, and so on. Now who are you doing all that with? Your Audience! (Unless you are a total recluse) As we all know words & actions create which means you do affect their lives. In some fashion we all are imitating someone in our growth process to become who we are to Be.  Here is an example of a small affect I had today: a man at the store who had been listening to me talk when I reached the register said: ” where’s that southern accent from? It sure sounds nice, calming.”  No, he wasn’t flirting, he took my money and said “have a great day.”  For that moment he was my audience & my accent in my words had a calming affect. And I didn’t even know it. See I did have an effect on his day and he on mine.  It was a nice compliment that made me Smile.

Finally, after all my pondering on “who am I trying to reach? and how can I reach them? I realized as I sat to write this post, it’s whoever God puts across my path. Whoever decides to read my posts and share them. It’s anyone I interact with, those that like my style, & who my words speak to. The only thing I need to concern myself with is this:  that I listen to God, Be my Best ME, and keep in mind, I do have an audience so think before I do or speak. LOL

And if you have read this post; “thank you for being my audience”. I pray you enjoyed and gained something from these words.

Hugs!!! Renee’


Remember the Hero’s

As everyone left work Friday for the Memorial Day weekend, I heard these words:

” Have Fun, what plans do you have, boy will it be nice to have a 3 day weekend.” I was of course feeling the same when it hit me: don’t forget to Honor those who died in service fighting for our rights and safety. Memorial Day : a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered.

Then as usual this morning I opened my eyes looking at my picture of my Lord and Savior Jesus. Only this morning, my spirit heard loud and clear: ” And don’t forget God the Father, Jesus the Son, and all those Warriors in days of old as you honor those who died in active duty.”  I had never really thought about it in that way but, that one thought brought about a flood of memories out of my recent studies. You see I have been reading and studying the Bible including the culture, history, and lives of those written in the pages. Not reading from a Religious place but, from a place of wanting to Know & Understand God, to understand how things got from Point A to Now. And I want to understand where things are going and our part in it all. That’s another conversation…moving on.  Has it ever occurred to you how God, Jesus, and leaders chosen by them dedicated their lives to serve & to fight so we could be where we are today?  They too sacrificed to the point of death, no matter what or who came at him. And like our men of service they stood their ground for what They believed in: Love and Righteousness for All mankind on Earth as it is in Heaven. (and They still are!)  There were times Jesus and His disciples had to have secret meetings to discuss how to handle the enemy, times to rest and enjoy the community they were in, & times to share their reason for being there. There were times to heal and console and times to Fight!  When you take the time to read the Bible you will see Life repeats it’s seasons including times of war. In fact, the reasons for the wars haven’t really changed much at all. Only the packaging has changed in how we fight but, not the why. Don’t take my word for it:   Read it for yourself.

I look forward to the day we no longer have to fight and it will come…it’s in the Book.  However for now, I pray you enjoy the three day weekend and just remember to take a moment of prayer to honor All of those who have died in active duty and their families who sacrificed with them along The Way.




Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Prior to my moving to Niagara Falls a year ago I was told the crime is high. I was even told you should move to LaSalle or Amherst not Niagara Falls. I highly disagreed. While I was house hunting I met lots of nice people in the Hyde Park community and tons of natural beauty. I had been praying for 7 years for God to show me where to go to semi retire cause I sure couldn’t sustain myself retired in San Diego. I had created a vision board asking & believing for a community with Water Falls ( I just Love waterfalls), lots of beauty of nature, an urban feel but, not big city (I was tired of that), if possible a home under $100,000, & Diversity… For 35 years, I had lived where there are all types of people from all over the world & I do love that. All my friends said, “ You are crazy, you won’t find a place in a city with all that, maybe in the country but, not the city.” My response was, “ The Word says, “ Ask, so I am asking“   I had never really been to the east coast but, Niagara Falls was on my bucket list. I never thought to look at it as where I would settle down as I had always heard New York was just as crazy expensive as LA and San Diego. So when I came here it was to knock it off my bucket list after a women’s seminar I had attended. Low & behold as I drove around I found myself going, check, check, check on my vision board including the home under $100,000!! So, I returned for 5 weeks in February, just to be sure I could handle the cold, I loved it and bought a home and now one year later I still just love it!

The only thing that concerns me is the outlook so many have about the community. Since I have been here, I hear grumbling complaints about the crime in Niagara Falls yet when I ask “ what are you doing to aid in the prevention of crime in your neighborhood?” The answer given is: “that’s the police job or there is nothing I can do about it – it is what it is.Not True. I am so grateful for my home in Niagara Falls and in our little 10 houses here on the end of the street, I do feel the love from my neighbors.

We all need to take responsibility for sustaining our neighborhoods & in making that choice is how we Revive & Create better neighborhoods in Niagara Falls. Actually America. It doesn’t take a bunch of money either. San Diego downtown in the late 60’s & early 70’s was Very much the same as Niagara Falls is now. It needed some TLC. Bit by bit each neighborhood got together and decided to Revive San Diego and create the neighborhoods they wanted. It began with a Neighborhood Watch Program were the neighbors met at the local Senior center and agreed to swap phone # and keep an eye out calling that neighbor if they saw anything odd. Or if saw an actual crime called the police… Not just sit in the house saying, “ that’s a darn shame but, I don’t wanna get involved” Groups also began monthly Walks to pick up trash in each in a 1 mile radius of your home. The walks varied it would be families together or groups in the neighborhood walking and picking up trash. I still keep a plastic grocery bag in my car and wherever I go take my walks pick up trash as I go along. Why?  I am a resident of Niagara Falls and I am responsible to do my part to keep Niagara clean. Don’t like any of these ideas? That’s ok, just keep your own home and yard clean and have respect for your neighbors. Think before you crank up your music. I love music and I turn mine up too but, I do try to keep it at a level it doesn’t rock my neighbor’s house or keep grandma or the baby awake. Smile  If you are going to have a party that could get kinda loud, step over and let your neighbor know and by 9 pm tone it down and take it indoors. And whatever you do, don’t get to yelling and fighting, your neighbors don’t want to be involved in your drama.  These are Zero Cost ways of Improving Niagara. Simply put
“ Love & Respect your neighbor as yourself. You reap what you sow no matter what neighborhood you live in.

So, if you aren’t already taking responsibility and doing your part to Sustain your hood, get started today by saying Hi to your neighbor, get to know them a little… you don’t have to hang out (unless you want to) just show Respect and be Kind.




Mom’s: the most important of gardens on Earth. In our younger days we all too often take for granted our Moms and what being a Mom is about. Mom’s are the very definition of “sustainability”: the development that satisfies the needs of the present without adversely affecting the ability of our future generations needs.

All to often, Mom’s are not recognized or respected for their major role in the lives of the new creation they bring into the world. Even by themselves. When we say “yes” to allowing the seed(s) of life to be planted within our inner gardens, we are also saying “yes” to sustaining the life of that new being. In our lack of recognition and respect of this Truth our future generations do suffer. Life experience and studies of families have proven this fact. Mom’s influence most every segment of our lives. To sustain something/someone means to provide for support of; to maintain & provide sustenance/nourishment, to carry the weight/burden of; to strengthen the spirit thru comfort and encouragement.  In most homes, who does that? Did you know that there are more than 15 million single moms in America today? Or that they are currently raising more than 22 million of America’s youth? Does that bring attention to the Importance of Mom’s , their role, and America’s (the world’s) ability to sustain itself?

I can testify, I wasn’t the greatest role model as a Mom, mainly because I didn’t grow up with the best role models…see how history can repeat itself? I wasn’t awful but, I didn’t have a good view of myself or how important my role was in my girls lives so together we struggled. However, Praise God, angels (other Mom’s) were sent our way who comforted, encouraged, and planted seeds of wisdom and knowledge within the hearts of me and my girls. Over time weeds were pulled and in each season I saw the chains of bondage broken and new hope & changes in my life, my girls lives, & my grandchildren, the next generation.  If we all had not chosen to allow those seeds to be planted, the weeds would have taken over and once again history would have been repeated, almost did. I am so thankful our hearts were softened and we all have grown and become more aware and enlightened to how Important Mom’s are in the lives of those they bring into this world. How we are vines that bear fruit and how those vines must have strong roots.

May the readers of these words Know This: Mom’s ARE SO IMPORTANT! You, Mom’s are the master gardener of the home sharing your harvest. You are the roots, the beginning of your child’s life. You are the sustainer that cultivates, comforts, and waters them with your Love, wisdom, and knowledge. Are you one that feels like it is to late, you’ve done to much damage; Not so, together it is never to late to weed out, plant new seeds, and restore the gardens of the heart.  I heard this in a movie once: “Love is like a vine, if you don’t tend to it – it will wither and die.”  This is true both for the child and the Mom.

So, Today Honor, Share, and Show some Love to the Mom’s of the world.  We will all reap the benefits of that harvest.

HUGS and LOVE to ALL..


It’s time for Planting Seeds

Good Morning!  This weekend is one in which we are called to plant new seeds, revive, and restore some that having been lying dormant. As we rise out of the depths of winter, we see some new life rise come forth from the earth on it’s own; from what appeared to be dead. I personally had daffodils pop up that I had no idea were lying buried in my backyard. It is also a time to plant new seeds that will bring forth a good and abundant harvest. In the literal garden, we should all consider seeds for our growth both edibles and seeds of beauty for our soul. A really great way to accomplish this is from the long list of edible flowering plants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_edible_flowers. Here are a few reminders if you choose this route: You also should NEVER use pesticides or other chemicals on any part of any plant that produces blossoms you plan to eat. Never harvest flowers growing by the roadside. Identify the flower exactly and eat only edible flowers and edible parts of those flowers. Always remember to use flowers sparingly in your recipes due to the digestive complications that can occur with a large consumption rate.  Most herb flowers have a taste that’s similar to the leaf, but spicier.

If the flowers you love are non edible look into mixing in flowers with your veggies seeds to make a beautiful and useful organic garden.  This is my favorite style. https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/vegetables/vgen/edible-landscaping-mixing-vegetables-and-herbs-with-flowers.htm  And here is a cool say to have a mix: https://richsoil.com/hugelkultur/  some can be planted right into the ground and some planted up on mounds in various places throughout the garden. And of course, for those without the ability to grow outside there are so many indoors ways to grow now it is amazing.. check out You Tube, Google It, Pinterest, and you can even go back thru some of my prior posts for directions and ideas.

This is also a time to restore, renew and revive the inner garden of the heart. This weekend we reflect on the sacrifice Jesus (Yeshua) made for “all” of us. This sacrifice wasn’t just his dying on the cross, it was the sacrifice He made the entire time He walked with man as a man restoring and planting new seeds in the hearts of mankind. His planting comes forth in every season each time someone chooses The Way to and of Love. Like my daffodils, that I had no idea were in my garden, we have seeds bulbs that “can” bring forth and reveal such beauty and joy in the garden of the heart. As Jesus said after he rose from the dead, in Matthew 28: 18-20 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”   These words were said for and to ALL of us. Jesus commands were all seeds of love. He came to show The Way to end sorrow. Matthew 26: 52 Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”  This was/is the new covenant. It was never God’s plan in creation for division, death, and destruction. Was it allowed and necessary at times? Yes, but, only due to the weeds of hard hearts and evil becoming out of control. Since the seeds of God’s Word were not fully being heard, He came to SHOW us personally The Way to live on Earth as it is in Heaven, as All things are His and that is The Way we should roll. In His sacrifice, the only destruction and division now is in our CHOICES of what seeds we Choose to plant both within and without. As the literal garden sustains our physical bodies and the inner garden our soul/minds. So, I pray you answer the knock and choose to plant the good seeds of Love in all you do. In this, He is and will be with you too Always!  By experience, I can testify your Life will change to the better. I am not saying you won’t have weeds to pull in many seasons, you will but, the harvest that comes forth is so worth the times of your sacrifice and toil. As said in His Word, ” ALL things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (His purpose: to cultivate & restore Love on Earth as in Kingdom of Heaven)

Peace and May you plant many good seed that bear a good harvest. HUGS!