In the Beginning…..

1st let me say, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! I know most are praying for a shift and a much better year that 2020. Ya know, some of that shift depends of US, our perception of the circumstances, and how we respond. We can look for the Blessings within our day, think on the good things, and keep sharing Love in the safest best ways we know how Or we can be full of anxiety and negativity which only begets more darkness and damage not only for ourselves but, for those around us. The Choice is yours.

I have chosen to trust God’s Word to seek my solutions and to walk in the relationship of Love He has been showing me for some time now. I will admit I have my days where I wander off and get distracted by all the mess going on, it gets to me for a bit, and then I feel or hear the Holy Spirit saying, “come back to Me.” That said, I felt compelled to kick off 2021 with a walk thru the Word starting “in the beginning” What I ask of you, if you are interested in walking with me this year, is to read & complete the assignments I list at the end of this post. I have read Genesis 1 many times however, this time I realized the work involved in the design planning of His creation. And then the actual speaking of creation into being was His Love made visible for us to view & use Daily. A design to sustain and provide for each and everyone of us, throughout time. No Big Bang or science of evolution could create the complexities, the intricate details, the LOVE involved in Earth and All Life within it. I had to read the Chapter over again, the question of who is “let us create in our image” popped in my mind. Then in a snap it brought a memory of my Dad speaking and helping me thru the development of one of my gardens & then how to resurface and paint a deck on a house. Then right behind that memory came the vision of Yeshua being the son of God and how the Earth is His Kingdom. How the awesome design plan was His for His future inheritance and family, US. I saw how the US in the beginning very well could be God the Father, Holy Spirit Mother, and Yeshua their son and like my Dad did they were there assisting and guiding Yeshua in bringing his design to Life. From their heart they wanted their son and his family to thrive and survive with everything they could possibly need. Yes, I can see those 6 days of creation were truly a work of Love for one another and generations to come. I had to laugh because then I could see how The walk, the way, the survival of Earth and all that is in it is really very simple: It really is Love and all it’s attributes that make Earth and us thrive and remain alive. We, mankind are the only ones making it complicated and a struggle. Think about it. When you are full of Love you are creative, spontaneous, full of Joy, what to be with the ones you love and to share it with the world. You are full of Hope, forgiveness, and even patience. When we let Love come forth we see the good in others. In most cases couples want to have children and share their love. When there is a loving home it just bears more good fruit of Love. Things do flow better and even outside circumstances that might not be so loving are easier to handle cause you know Love and where to find it. As I sat thinking on these things memories of how Much love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have shown me even when I wasn’t giving it back, then how family members, loved ones, and friends over the years have shared so much Love Especially during the rough times. That Love flooded me over Christmas and New Years driving me to want more than anything to grow in my relationship with the family of God. It gave me the desire to really Let Love come forth within me and without to all who care to share Love with me. I felt a weight lift off me and energy be restored. I found myself praying the readers of my post want to join me in the seeking of how the Word works and still applies today.

So take a moment and read Genesis 1. Let it sink in all the Love and provisions given to us. Let it sink in what the intention was. Can you see how every need was provided and now look around. Do you see how it is all still there? Can you see how if we choose to utilize the provisions we too can create a Beautiful garden for ourselves and our families. After all, We do still have the master plan that works when you work it.

Have a Great week.

PS: And that master plan is not about religion…it is about LOVE.

Christmas or Not?

Greetings All! I pray your Holidays are bringing many Blessings. Mine sure did. Like many of you prior to Christmas I was struggling a bit. So today I want to share two of those.

First was the issue of Missing my family and many friends. It wasn’t really Christmas bringing the longing to see them but, it was drawing attention to how long it has been since I have seen them. It had not been my plan when I moved across the country for more than a year to go by and not see them. You see I stayed in last winter planning to take a workcation for a month or so in spring. After all, I was already working remote. My struggle was how hard it is to travel in/out of New York not to mention the question, “should I even be considering travel to California in these crazy times?” I wasn’t concerned with my getting covid, I was concerned I might pick it up and carry it into my family and friends homes. I wasn’t very concerned as I have the good sense God gave me and I do wear my mask, gloves even, & I do respect the social distancing requirements. My concern was that somehow I could unknowingly carry this weird virus to the homes of family and friends. You see many of my friends are older and/or have high risk health issues. So of course I began praying, asking the Holy Spirit to guide me & give me clear signs. It wasn’t long I got my answers. The travel requirements became even more stringent & I could hear nervousness in some friends voices at my flying in. There were some other signs too but the point is, I would not be flying Southwest after all. Then I thought well I can drive to my grandson’s at least, it’s an 8 hr drive but, I wouldn’t be so exposed and he’s only 25 and was fine with the idea. Well, God said, “Nope, you are staying home” The weather forecast shifted 2 days before I planned to leave and it wouldn’t be a safe drive. I was so bummed.

Second struggle was Christmas itself. Should I even be celebrating it? It is not Yeshua birthday & it’s become so commercial and so stressful for many. Especially this year since so many have lost their jobs, fallen ill, and so on. The fact is the majority of it’s traditions stem from pagan holidays. While it is referred to as a Christian Holiday, it is not Biblical at all. However, for me and many, it is a time of sharing Love, time together, and yes Gifts. It is a time of year many donate and show Love to perfect strangers. For many it is a set time to express Joy, Jesus (Yeshua) was born and whether it was his actual Birthday is not the point. And then there is this fact: While the holidays are synonymous with peace, love and joy for many Americans who celebrate, the holiday season is actually filled with physical and emotional discomfort. In fact, 88 percent feel stressed when celebrating the holidays and the average couple will have seven arguments throughout the season, according to new research. Are you seeing the struggle? I know I am not the only one experiencing these struggles. Then pile on top of these, COVID ruining so many family gatherings! Augh! So, as usual I began to Pray asking, “is this a sign I shouldn’t be celebrating this Holiday anyway? Is that part of the point in all the 2020 chaos, our disobedience and being so far off track from your design plan?” Pretty quick, that still small voice within said, ” you have a lot of Christmas cards and photos from days gone by, send them” I thought well if I shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas this is how to use up those cards. So I went thru my tons of pictures pulling out fond memories to send and hopefully bring smiles with the memories. I am a picture nut, real photos, not discs/etc, and for this it really paid off. Then 3 days before Christmas I felt compelled to go by small gifts for each of my immediate neighbors (7 total) . The fact there were Seven brought thoughts, seven often symbolizes completion or perfection, so maybe I was right 2020 is the end of my celebrating Christmas. Is that my answer? The next day, I kept hearing His Word: “my 2nd most important commandment is “Love thy Neighbor as thyself.” This made me look at myself and I realized I love getting cards & little personal gifts at Christmas (anytime actually) so maybe my perception of signs is not correct. So off I went picking out items I thought they would enjoy. While I speak to my neighbors, we don’t really hang out, (well except one my friend Gwen) & 2020 we, the neighbors and I, have barely seen one another. And there was one other issue in this mix, my one neighbor and I had tensions due to his playing his music so loud it rocks my house. Yes, I did ask him to turn it down and no he didn’t respond well but, he did turn it down. I had been praying on how to resolve the tension as I don’t like not getting along with my neighbors. Then on Christmas Eve I went around and handed out my gifts and if not home I left them on the porch or hung them on the door. (I always use gift bags so that was easy). Much to my surprise several of my neighbors had gifts for me too! Even my newest Muslim neighbors had bought me a gift and Islam does not believe in or celebrate Christmas. He said they really appreciated how friendly & welcoming I have been & wanted to share a gift in my faiths season. I went to bed feeling confident it wasn’t about whether I celebrate Christmas Tradition it was about the attitude/intentions of my heart. Then the Very best gift, Blessing actually, was the definitive answer to my struggle which came at 7 AM Christmas morning. The neighbor that I had tensions with, he rang my bell to give me a gift with a beautiful apology for being so disrespectful and rude earlier in the fall. It took all I had not to break down and cry. I of course forgave him, we shook hands (yes, shook hands) & it hit me just how much God had answered my prayers including waking up to a White Christmas, which made the visit from the neighbor even more special, he had come over thru the 3 inches of snow and cold to give me the gift. I closed my door giving thanks and praise and yes cried tears of Joy on this Christmas 2020!

I will end this post with something my fabulous boss says, “Life is 10% of what you make it and 90% of how you take it” . I could have stayed in my bummer state of being, frustrated and confused OR I could pray & trust God/Jesus/Holy Spirit would come show the The Way. Once again it was revealed: The Answer to it all is as Yeshua (Jesus) said in Matt 22:36-40 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”. It was made clear to me, It’s not about man’s perceptions or traditions, it’s about walking in Love and that my friends is the answer to all things!

I love theology, even though it did make me struggle a little this year, so for those that might be interested this video provides the history of Christmas. (1) The Christmas Question: Full Documentary – YouTube

I pray your Holidays and this post bring a bit of Joy and Love as we wind down 2020! Shalom

PS: Know I am not trying to sway your views, what I share is my experiences & knowledge I’ve come across. After that your choices are between you and God, just as my choice & the path I take is between me & God.

What’s in your Heart?

Hello, Hello…nope I have not forgotten my posting. I just was having some heart issues. Not literally. Praise Yah! Just all the stuff going on in the world and some personal stuff too, which put me in a funk with a writer’s block. The positive out of the whole thing is it made me dig deeper into His Word for solutions to the issues. I realize I have some heart issues that need healing so Yeshua and I are still digging – there is some hard ground in some areas. So during this process of digging out the weeds and softening the ground I just wanted to give a shout and let me readers know, I just need till the end of 2020 and “I will be back!” In the meantime, before 2020 ends, have you taken a look at your heart? It was the reading of this verse that pricked my heart and the deeper I dug the more I realized I had some deep rooted weeds doing some damage I wanted to STOP! Matthew 15:18 starts off: 18But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart”

I pray you are all doing fine, healthy, and have a Fabulous ending to your 2020, regardless of what the media predicts. Know this: God is in control and those who are in life’s journey with Him can count on His promises will be kept. So if you are struggling some too, here are a few to remember:

Isaiah 40:29. 29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. “I will never leave thee” (Heb. 13:5) “I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil” (Jer. 20:11) “All things work together for good to them that love God” (Rom. 8:28)

Watch for my New Year’s kick off post on January 1st! I think you’ll like the direction He is leading.


Some things bear repeating

Yes, sometimes I repeat myself in my posts especially if they “bear repeating”: to be important enough to state more than once : There are actually a few reasons: 1.) I posted so long ago, I forgot I posted something about that subject before. Nope, I don’t go back checking before I post again. 2.) The same issue is still repeating itself so why shouldn’t I? 3.) All forms of media and even people’s conversations are repeated over and over so again, so clearly some things need repeated. 4.) Most of all, there are new readers that come to my site and they aren’t rolling back thru all my posts either, well most aren’t. So if the subject is still relevant, I may Repeat.

On that note, as we step into the Flu season, a yearly repeater, remember there are some natural things to help your body out. While I was a bit surprised to see this on Fox news, I was happy to see their list of helpful natural tips. Then there is WebMD tips. My Fav is the 19 remedies listed on with #1 on the list: Stay Hydrated- One of the very best things you can do to speed up recovery no matter what ails you is to drink more fluids. Did you know: drinking apple juice will also provide you with vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant and immune-system booster that can help you to feel better. And my very Fav is #3 Have some nice hot soup. And yes, I mean that literally. While Chicken soup is Great! some spices in the soup recipes help break up congestion and get things movin’. I can testify! So here are some good ones you may enjoy.

Well, that’s my sharing today. BTW: The soups are great whether well or feeling under the weather. So try a few, I know I am!


Will Earth Survive Man?

If we continue down the road at the pace and the way we are now, NO. I know many don’t believe in global warming. Those same people believe somehow magically everything we thrive on to live will just keep showing up no matter how we abuse the Earth. Wake Up! The Earth & it’s “Natural” resources is our sustainer, the provider for these bodies that house our Spirit and soul.

David Attenborough has a Great New documentary on Netflix Called ” A Life on Our Planet”

It’s not on You Tube yet however, I know many of you do have Netflix and I pray you will take the time to watch. I for one believe the whole world needs to watch the documentary. We must educate ourselves & do our part Before we destroy our Planet, our Life and that of our future generations. Are we really so selfish we just don’t care about Truths revealing themselves right before our eyes? If my words are not speaking to your heart, if nothing else watch it to see the awesomeness of Nature and how all life works together for the good, when it is loved and respected. It is not to late to get involved in the “restoration” of Earth and in doing so “soften” the hardness within the garden of your heart that the seeds of LOVE can continue to bring forth new Life. If you are thinking, “what can I do?” Here is one of many sites that gives some tips or just google it for many more.

Also, there are on You Tube many of David Attenborough’s videos on about life on Earth. They all are amazing. I personally enjoyed the one on the Jungles of the Earth. So pop some popcorn, have a family gathering, and enjoy as you all learn how Life works when it’s original design is respected. I can hear the Earth singing these verses of Aretha’s song: “RESPECT, Find out what it means to me, All I’m asking is for a little Respect, just a little bit!”

All LIFE IS Necessary for Earth’s existence.


The Final Analysis

Yesterday a dear friend sent the nicest card and in it she shared Mother Teresa’s Poem “the Final Analysis”. I had never read it and I just love it. They are words I plan to take to heart & read daily. That said, my post today is to pass on her poem & pray it takes deep root in the garden of your heart.

The Final Analysis

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;

Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;

Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;

Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;

Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone may destroy overnight;

Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;

Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;

Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;

Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is all between you and God;

It was never between you and them anyway.”


Define Work

Why am I trying to define work? I am observing Rosh Hashanah & the beginning and end, Yom Kippur God said we must observe “complete rest” no work/servitude, as it is a sacred occasion. That got me thinking, what exactly classifies as work? Below are dictionary definitions:

a. activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. b. a task or tasks to be undertaken and completed.

In the Bible it refers to it being much the same as the Sabbath, the 7th day of the week, Saturday. A day of Rest, time with God, family, and to give your mind, body and spirit a rest. Did you notice however, in this occasion it says must observe complete rest. I am going to dig deeper into what that is exactly so more to come on this subject. For now though I can assure you resting from work includes house cleaning, yard work, and so on. So I decided to do just that. Focus totally on my time with God in His Word, watching Faith based programs, Praying, and RESTING! I ended up laughing at myself as it was much more difficult than I expected. I realized I fit in all sorts of “tasks” normally during my Sabbath day of rest. I had to really pay attention to not throw in a load of laundry, step outside to sweep the driveway, pull weeds, & etc. I had to ask myself, “Why haven’t you thought of those things as work before now?” The only answer I came up with was: since it is not “working for my employer”, I wasn’t really thinking of it as work. Shame on me! cause the more I thought about it, I remembered saying in the past, “Housewives don’t get the credit they deserve and should be paid as all the things they do to maintain the house and Family are work for sure and they do exhaust you by the end of the day. I guess somehow I didn’t include myself into that comment. Also, I am pretty hyper so when even on my Sabbath day, I find all sorts of “small tasks” just walking around in my own home. Like, oh maybe I should clean out the fridge, wash the baseboards, trim the hedges, and so on.

So I can safely say in my 1st two days of Rosh Hashanah I learned what “Complete Rest” means & now I must repent for my lack of being observant and listening God. There is a reason He said to follow Him in this. We Need it! Think: God took a day of rest after working (creating) so how much more should it be necessary for us? I must say, it did make for an entirely different two days and I am so thankful. God revealed some new things in His Word, I had some time with a neighbor that ended up in discussion about Faith, and I got to feel what it feels like to really be Rested! I fully understand now how in God’s Plan it is so important to have times of REST.


Vote or Not to Vote

In my opinion, this year’s Presidental race sure seems to raise the question, “Does my Vote really count?” Not to mention of the choices, including the Independent Runner, what if you don’t feel equally yoked with any of them? I don’t have answers to these questions. I am posting only to say, “this is truly a decision that is Yours and yours alone.”

Talk about rights to free choice, this is a big one. It is no one’s place to bully you, & try to make you feel guilty about whatever/whoever your choice is. As an individual, I can say my mind is unable to comprehend why some people are supporting the person they are supporting. While listening to & discussing many views and comments with some of my family and friends, I realized this is one of those areas that I really should listen to God and remember, ” it’s not my place to judge”. All elections result in passionate conversations however, this election it’s beyond passionate for many, it’s down right Heated! Not only about the candidates but, about the Right to Vote & believing we All Must vote. In one of those conversations, I heard the Holy Spirit say, it is just like choosing to Believe in Me or Not, it’s personal. How about you choose better things to talk about & stay out of these conversations. hmmmm . That struck a cord for sure. I have always been a strong believer as an adult that “we should have the right to make our own choices in life.” After all, You are the one that has to live with Your decision. You are the one that should look at the big picture and the facts, to the best of your ability anyway, then make your decision. The Holy Spirit’s wisdom really hit me then & all I heard was my own voice saying, “practice what you preach, Renee“, listen to God & leave this subject out of your conversations. Yep, it’s just too personal, I now fully understand why in the actual act of voting, it is in a private booth or by mail. So you can go in your private “closet”, so to speak, and make your choice.

Bottom line: Your choices are Yours. And if you are a believer, your choices are between You & God.

So, as you are making your decisions in these two very important and personal areas of life ” Vote or Not to Vote, believe in God or Not” just remember:

Life is “all about choices” & those choices are yours & yours alone.

Be Blessed & be Safe.

You Be You

I am keeping it short today as I am sharing a link that says it all so well.

I listen to these 7 Principles to live by almost everyday. There is not one word said that I don’t agree with and as he states clearly it is the Mind and Heart God planted within you that should be driving your bus.

Remember: Life is all about choices and those choices are yours.

As a Woman thinketh so is she….

Be Safe and have a Great weekend.. Shalom

One with Nature

During these stressful times, a sure way to reduce yours and your families anxiety, depression, and stress is getting back to Nature. Mankind was not created to live tethered to machines: cell phone, computers, TV, and etc. Our bodies, minds, and Spirits are designed to be one with Creation. We are created from the Earth with Breath of Life (God’s Spirit) breathed in us. Nor is it intended for us to consume so much altered food sources. (I will enter into that subject more in September)

As mentioned on this website: gardening is a great stress reliever. And not just the gardening but, the creating of the garden. Whether it be large or small or even in containers studies have proven gardening especially outdoor gardening lifts your mood. Another mention is the power of Sunlight. Did you know sunlight increases serotonin levels: your natural mood enhancer, increases vitamin D, and reduces bone loss? Yep, Nature and all it offers was God’s divine design for our well being. Not chemicals, light from computers, and isolation indoors. Now don’t misinterpret my words. I am not saying we should not have respect for the pandemic we are going thru. I fully believe we should were masks & social distance especially indoors. However, it is proven outdoors the virus is not spreading as easily, when you respect social distance guidelines. I say at least 12-20 ft. apart. At the end is another site with some good info on distancing. Notice how outdoors there is less risk? Ya think God is trying to guide us back to The Way that most benefits us? No, I am not saying God has brought a pandemic on us. I am saying, during all this, one sure thing being revealed is God’s design is much more beneficial to our lives in every area of Life. Love heals not division, Sun lifts our moods & too much indoor isolation drags us down, gardening, hiking, camping, star gazing, Earthing, and eating fruits/veggies all give us stronger immune systems and avenues of stress reduction. Here is an “all things work to the good” benefit of the isolation we experienced from March to June: it cleansed the air & water in our rivers/lakes/ocean. (see my prior posts for more info on that) So you see, mankind and the Earth must operate together as One to sustain Life. We must protect Nature, care for the Earth and not allow Greed to strip the Earth of it’s ability to sustain All of mankind. Part of that is getting outdoors and staying healthy so we can then keep the Earth healthy by tending to it as God originally designed.,-God-Sustaining

I know lots of parents are feeling overwhelmed right now. Make sure you include some outdoor time daily. Even if it is just take a walk, check out all the things in nature together as you walk. Trust me it will benefit all of you and bring better rest at night. Some of my kids and grandkids fondest memories are our outdoor activities. Going to park, walks around the neighborhood, at the beach, camping in the mountains and hiking. Another nice outdoor activity is Meditating outdoors. Yes, Outdoor activities should be a part of school requirements even when home schooling: This site has lots of fun tips. and living in cold zones is no excuse bundle up and have fun! I know it doesn’t sound much fun but, shoveling snow is good exercise too. LOL It must be done and kids need to learn responsibilities for when they become an adult. You can make chores Fun and you can all do them together. It is done quicker and you can spend some quality time teaching Life skills. Check out these fun tips on My kids are grown but, I enjoy these too.

So, get out there and enjoy Nature. Grow your own veggies. Not only will you reduce stress your work will produce healthier veggies for you and yours. It’s time to prep for growing Fall foods such as Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, and much more. This site tells you the top 10 veggies to grow in the Fall. BTW: you can grow these in containers on the patio or in sunny spot with good ventilation indoors too. I am growing a FIG tree indoors!

Ok, I have share a bundle of info and now praying you check it all out and reap the benefits of my posts. My you all stay well and be safe.