The countdown…

14 days until we begin our Daniel’s fast! I am excited. As mentioned in prior posts, this time is the time for you to prep and get ready. Have you pondered and written down your intentions during the fast? Have you made a list and plan? I took a 2022 calendar and listed my daily plan. 1 hr. in His Word daily, at least. I love doing deep dives in His Word not only for guidance, growth, and because I love the Lord but, to learn about the history of the times, the culture of Jesus, and the people in those countries. It’s interesting and it helps a lot in the understanding of what I am reading. On the other end of that, I love Crime shows & for 40 yrs. I have watched General Hospital & Young & the Restless, yep you got it. I am fasting on those too allowing myself only One a day during the fast. Why? Neither of these shows “feed” my spirit a whole lotta love. My intention is to replace my TV viewing with healthy programs like this: Or just don’t watch TV at all and dive deeper into His Word and use that time for better things in Life, like working out this body! You got it, that’s another item on my calendar, 4 days a week turn on the music and work out for at least 20 mins. At this season of life, it is even more important to keep the body moving and those muscles, especially the lower body strong and protecting these ole bones. LOL

Now to add in my promised recipe for the upcoming diet, this is one of my favs & perfect for this season:

Butternut Curry Soup

1 large butternut squash, peeled, seeds removed, cut into 1 inch cubes

1/4 c. chopped green onions

2 tablespoons curry powder 2 tablespoons olive oil

1 vegetable bouillon cube dissolved in 2 cups of hot water & you can lightly season with salt/pepper

Boil the squash till tender, drain most of the water leaving an inch in the saucepan.

Use potato masher (or old way, a fork) to smash the squash till smooth

Stir in green onions, curry, and oil add bouillon broth in small amounts until you reach desired consistency. Some people like thicker soup/some thin. I love it “somewhere in between

Add your dash of salt/pepper, simmer 15 mins. (serves 4) Add pumpkin seeds on top for a little crunch.

Shalom & Enjoy!

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