The necessity of Order in the Garden

Hello, Hello. Let’s begin with the Beginning and that begins with You and the desire to get both your inner and outer garden restored to it’s original design. I am not here to do it all for you and neither is God. His Creation requires alot of TLC (tender loving care) and for each uniquely design component, right down to the smallest living thing, to do what it was designed to do. And we, His people are a Key component in the Life or Death of the garden within and without on Earth. When all parts follow the designers instructions, “all things work together for the good” and provide each and every one of us. Interested in restoing things to their Natural order? Stop and read Genesis Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. This gives the foundation of the Original design plan.

Ok, do you see how you were designed in Love and in perfection of the creator. And how He gave You, humankind, both male and female the abiliy and authority to provided every little thing You need to maintain Earth in it’s perfection, as it is in Kingdom of Heaven. If you don’t, go back and read it again. Do not read on, just read and focus on these two chapters and what is going on.

Now, would you like to do your part in the Restoration and Rebirth of His Creation? The 1st step is “getting out of your own way”. Which means clearing out alot of weeds and prepping/cultivating the soil/Soul. That is accomplished by being willing to submit to the Way and Order of LOVE. I am not speaking about Religion in telling you to read these, I am totally coming from a place for ALL readers to have the “tools” to restore Life as intended by the Original designer. So, please pull out any “religious” weeds before you continue. Can you do that? If so, read Matthew 22:37-39, the key to the restoration of His design. Now go back and read God’s 10 commandments, Exodus 20:3-17 followed by the Beatitudes, Matthew 5: 3-12. These are your main tools to begin. Notice you Must seek the Way of Love (God) and how it works His, the Master Gardener’s grand design. Next in that order is setting aside the lies of selfishness, greed, do unto others as they do unto you and Learn to Love Yourself as God loves, there can be no restoration and healing of Your inner garden: Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. Are you still interested in becoming the Master Gardner of Love on Earth as it is in Heaven just like Jesus. He had a choice too ya know. And He too loved ALL creation just as His Father, so much so He was willing to show up and show us The Way, even sacrifice His Life for us. Until you utilize these are the necessary tools and DO them, Love cannot thrive within or without. That is the Truth and IF you choose to test it out for yourself, you will see His Plan works when you work it. Not Man’s interpretation or compromised, let me add what I think is better way but, His Design. The kinks have already been worked out. Like the ole saying says, “if it ain’t broke, no need to fix it.” That is the problem and why things are falling apart, mankind refuses to accept and follow the original design which already works and performs at it’s Best in it’s original design. Mankind hasn’t even been able to figure out the complexities of the Human design yet, they keep trying to mess with it. That’s why the Medical world is thriving on “Dis-ease” and only providing band-aids or a temporary patch. Go Back to the Original Design, it is amazing how much of the human body can be restored, healed, and even Made New, when we work with His design and not against it.

On that I leave you with these daily Living tools that will aid in the Restoration of your inner garden. 1st relax: 2nd effects of Food: and last Wayne Dyer on how to change habits:

I share this post because I love God & You! In this, I am choosing to DO my part in being obedient to all things He calls me to DO in the restoration of All things on Earth. One of those is Share the seeds of Love He has given me.

Have a Marvelous Day!

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