2022 KickOff!

Here we go into 2022! Can’t believe how fast 2021 went by.

For me 2021 brought several changes both within & without. In the beginning of 2021 I could hear the Holy Spirit still small voice saying, “It’s time for change.” I knew what that change was and I was anxious about it. I decided I wasn’t sure I was hearing that still small voice correctly. I knew better but “my” fears had me asking “myself” should I pull this weed? Am I ready for this & all that goes with it? That time questioning the Holy Spirit only resulted in turning my anxious feelings into down right stress and frustrations. Finally my hard head listened and yanked out that weed. The cultivating of His seeds that had been going on within my inner garden and outer garden came to pass and bore the beautiful fruit He had for me. I semi-retired! His perfect Love caste out the fear within & provided the perfect Part time employer for me. This experience opened my eyes to see how much More He has for me if I will but Obey His whole Word and the Way of Life He created from the beginning. This resulted in the 2nd half of the year my seeking Him and His way more diligently. This in turn brought more clarity on the benefits of being obedient to His Word beginning to end & how walking it out on Earth really does bring much of how it is in Heaven. It’s awesome see & hear Him more clearly. To be in relationship not just studying and listening to others talking about what the Word means. He began to & continues to guide me in “what is His Word” & what is man’s interpretations. He is showing me how important it is not to just listen to a pastor, teacher, scholar, or Religion but, to seek Him with all my heart for myself, test out what I am hearing am I hearing whatever it is in its full context? Was the whole Truth shared? What is the Hebrew meaning of some words, as it can affect the meaning of that verse. It became more clear how important it is to obey Jesus and as He says, “ Follow Me & allow my spirit to come forth thru You

All this said, my Legacy sisters Bible study group & I are kicking off 2022 with a gift I received from my new boss, the book “52 weeks in the Bible” by James Merritt. We’ll be seeking & Learning from the whole Word beginning to end all year long! I’m So excited!

Also, beginning February1st I will be starting the Daniel Fast for the full 28 days cleansing, healing, and restoring my mind, body, & spirit. In this, I invite you to join me if you so choose. I will be posting preps for this in January, including recipes, & continue posting thru February with my experiences, readings you might enjoy, & recipes. If you choose to join me, I would love for you to post in the comments your experiences & any tips you may learn. My starting resource is Susan Gregory’s book, ” the daniel’s fast” Should you buy this read the whole book, it is so worth it. Don’t like to read, check her out on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B3cEbcURsI — She has her own site too: https://www.daniel-fast.com/tag/susan-gregory/ — it is set up for the beginning of the year so if you want you can get a jump start. I just felt like February being the month of Love and the heart fit and it fits my schedule better.

For today the only other thing I have to say is, I pray you choose to join me in both these studies & together we will Trust the Father, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit to guide us in the cleansing, clearing, and restoration of the gardens in our hearts.


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