No Cheese!

Ok, so this week I am listing the AVOID foods for our Daniel’s fast beginning February 1st, 2022. As my title indicates Cheese is not allowed. boo hoo! I am a true cheese lover, eating some form of cheese everyday. I hadn’t even thought about it really until I was reading and prepping for this fast. It’s been part of my daily lifestyle for who knows how long. I decided to look into the effects of too much cheese and found answers to some of my minor health complaints. Check this out!

I spent a few days thinking I don’t know if I can give up cheese for a Whole Month! Then I heard that still small voice of the Holy Spirit say, ” Really, think back: together we kicked that smoking habit in one day & even bigger – you had victory over a heroine addiction in 30 days & have Never looked back. That was over 30 years ago. Now you are whining about cheese!” Boy did I feel foolish. That was just the kick in the pants I needed. Thank You Holy Spirit! As I stated in my post last week, this is not “just” a food fast. If you “choose” to fully participate in this fast, as Susan Gregory says, “you are entering this experience to draw closer to the Lord and to hear His directions for your life and/or the lives of others.” So today, part of our prep is to begin daily prayers, have a chat with Jesus, ask for strength, guidance, and submit yourself with a committed heart. A Good prayer to start is: Psalms 25:

Now for those foods to AVOID:

MEAT: beef, buffalo, fish, yes I said fish too, lamb, pork, poultry, ALL living animals meat.

Dairy Products: Butter, CHEESE, Cream, Eggs, and Milk. No surprise here, dairy comes from animals.

Sweeteners: Agave, nectar, artificial sweetners, cane juice, honey molassess, raw sugar, granulated sugar, brown sugar, syrups, and stevia.. So read the ingredients on your purchases to see what’s inside. FYI: this one is a bit harder than it looks as SO Many things have some form of sugar. Even though Yogurt is not on our Can eat list. Did you know Yogurt is Full of sugar? Even the non fruity ones.

Leavened Bread & Yeast: ANY breads with yeast. BTW: Ezekiel bread does contain yeast and honey. Actually, most baked goods do have yeast.

Refined & Processed food products: artificial food flavorings, chemicals, food additives, preservatives, white flour, & white rice. Don’t give up! Wait till you see next weeks post: there are plenty of good foods and enough you won’t starve! I promise.

Deep-fried foods: Now you Knew this was coming. smile No forms of fried Chips, French fries, deep fried ice cream, deep fried pickles, No Fried foods! Check out buying a dehydrator or air fryer maybe cause you can eat potatoes.

Solid fats: Lard, margarine, shortening

Beverages: Alcohol, caffeine which includes coffee & caffeinated teas, carbonated drinks, & energy drinks.

I for one love my One cup of coffee in the AM & my afternoon teas. So right up front, I will not lie, I will be eliminating the caffeinated teas and will drop down to 1/2 cup of my chicory coffee with no cream. That is a huge sacrifice along with eliminating my CHEESE! I still have to work, & giving up my coffee and teas at the same time, I know will result in a headache. No-one wants wo work with Countess Cruella for 28 days. LOL I am not saying I endorse making lots of changes to the Fast. I do not. And I am not. Just this one tweek & I Fully understand if you need this tweek as well. God knows who I would be, so I am trusting He will have mercy on me in allowing 1/2 c. chicory coffee. Like I told my friend yesterday, I am not much into extremism and that is extreme!

Good News: Next week will be Foods we Can Eat and a couple of tasty recipes! Just keep in mind the end results: A healthier Mind, Body, and Spirit.


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