the perfect egg…..

In my opinion, that is “somewhere in between” soft and medium. Not to the extreme in either direction. Much how I like most everything in life. smile Extremism, to me, just plain doesn’t sound good. 85% of the time I can make that perfect egg, no matter the method. I was asked recently by a dear friend, “how did you make that egg? It was just right….” I answered but, yesterday I was making boiled eggs again and really paid attention to my method.

The 1st ingredient in cooking the eggs is LOVE. Yep, Love the secret key to most All in life. 2nd tool is my cute little red pot, key word “little” which I believe is one of the key players in my egg, it hold exactly 2 large eggs and just enough water to “almost” cover the eggs. A very bit of the top shows just above the water line.

As you see, I put the eggs in the little red pot 1st, then add my cool tap water. (nope not cold/not hot)

I set my electric stove on Seven ( 7 a lucky #ha ha) wait & Watch for it to start boiling. And yes a watched pot does boil. (who came up with that saying that is never boils anyway?) Don’t leave the kitchen area. I learned the “hard” way, “don’t walk away Renee’ ” and go do other things, as it’s too easy to miss the perfect time to shut off that “little red pot”. That “little” red pot in the picture is pretty darn close.

While you are waiting and watching, is the time you can be prepping the things you are going to eat with the egg. Like avocado toast and some fruit. Or cottage cheese with red onions and avocado. Yep, I like avocados. Maybe a toasted bagel with apple butter on it. While your prepping, every 45 to 60 secs turn and check that little pot to see if it is boiling yet.

Ok! It’s Boiling, Turn It OFF! Let it sit one more minute then drain off the water. Do NOT put cold water on the eggs. Just let them sit and cool while you finish making your plate. Once your plate and breakfast drink: chickory coffee, herb tea, orange juice, or maybe a V-8 are all ready, it’s time to Crack the eggs, peel, add a dusting of Curry and some Slap your Momma seasoning and off you go for a Tasty Breakfast/Brunch with a “perfect egg”

Something I realized this time, while being “focused” on how I fixed my boiled eggs, was I am like the eggs. If I want the my inner self to come out ” in the perfection He created me to Be” my time with Him must start with the Main ingredient, LOVE. Enough Love to remain focused, listening, watching & in each moment stop my mind from wandering, tell myself “don’t walk away Renee’ ” and get distracted by other stuff. You want to walk in The Way of Jesus and as He says in Matthew 5:48 “be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect“. (no this is not the same perfect that mankind has in his imagination) Then Read on in Matt.7:13-14: “enter in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leads to destruction (an egg forgotten and then becomes an overcooked egg) and many there will be to go in that gate. But, strait is the gate, and narrow is the Way, which leads unto life, and few there will be that find it” Why is this? The narrow way runs in between extremism and doing nothing. It’s like extreme cooking, good cooking, or just ok cooking. We want to be a “good” cook – to far either way the others ways 9 times out of 10 only create “defeat, division, or worse Pride”. And because most of us want instant gratification, are selfish, and not wanting to sacrifice the TIME & attention to have “all your heart really desires (which is Love“) the narrow road is the one where you will Succeed and find the Best Master Chef & the best recipes for your life. Should you Choose to become a “perfect egg” stick Close, Focus, mediatate on His teachings & He will show you “best Way” to cook the perfect egg in You.

FYI: Always remember the Most important ingredients of the recipe: Live & Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul then love your neighbor as yourself” In this all the ingredients will be fullfilled and you too can & will become “the a perfect egg He created you to BE”.

Oh, don’t forget while fixing your egg: you can talk with the Lord & thank Him for creating chickens or eggs (not sure which came 1st & have decided to leave that as one of God’s mysteries. LOL), thank Him for the designer of my “little red pot”, my job that pays for the food & the home He led me to, in which to make such a tasty breakfast.


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