Transition of Care

In the Medical world Providers will use the term "Transition of Care" when taking on a new patient. It occured to me when Yeshua (Jesus) takes our hand we too begin a "Transition of Care". The word Transition means: passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another.  As I continue to read thru Genesis, I see a constant Transition of Care not only from Yah, (God) but, within the person themselves and in some cases within the family.  Then it hit me Life as a whole is really a Transition of Care.  Even the Earth has a transition of care not only in the change of seasons but, in the way We, mankind treat it. How we operate in Love creates a transition of care as well. All this made me look at myself and my surroundings which only brought questions: Am I transitioning or am I in a Rut? I determined I am and have been in a bit of a Rut. Even though, I am spending time in the Word, I am not allowing the Holy Spirit to bring forth the transitions I need. I've been hearing and even seeing where I need to begin the transition of care. And in some areas I take some steps but then like the ole saying says, I take two steps forward and one back into old habits. Which brought the next question, Why go to the Lord seeking help to "change - transition" into who my spirit is crying out to be if I am only going to half step my way along the road with Him? How can I share and be a light/testimony if I am dragging my feet? Why Am I not allowing myself Not to listen to the Provider and complete the necessary changes for my own transition of care? 

The Bible is full of those who have shared these same struggles and the Good News is: That Same Bible has the answers of how to clear out and go forth in the transition. How? Thru the Care found in all the Love within it. And it all begins with these verses:  Deuteronomy 6:5 - thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mightLuke: 10:27 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.  On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.  Simply Put when you transition to Loving God with all your heart & soul your mind goes thru a transition of care to walking in the same LOVE He has given you full of mercy, forgiveness, patience, and so on.  Which is why in turn it fulfills the law and word of the prophets. Why? You see, no longer is the Law a task master but, the Truth is revealed and out of Love you serve thru obedience & love begets Love. When you operate in spirit of Love you will automatically go forth in His transition of care for you and then and only then can you share with your neighbor. In Love there is no desire to kill, steal, commit adultery, kick God to the curb or do yourself harm. 

Now, how do you know if you are stuck in a Rut? Ask yourself are you unhappy or even miserable, stressed out, depressed, eating garbage trying to find comfort, grumbling and complaining to anyone who will listen? Is life feeling stagnant? If your answers are yes, lemme tell ya, you are in a Rut and Love is struggling to get unstuck and come forth. If we will but listen to the recommendations of our Provider, Jesus the transition of care Will begin and Love will break thru and carry you up and into all you can be.
One area I took two steps back was in what I am putting in my mouth, Food wise. 
That said, I'd like to share this website with some real tasty recipes for your transition of care, should you choose to join me.

One of my favs on here is the Red Beet Smoothie or as my daughter calls it, " the Blood drink". Another is Parmesan Cauliflower. Yummie

Best Organic Recipes and Organic Cooking Ideas (
Here are a couple of websites I found interesting relating to transition of care. 
What Does it Mean to "Walk in Love"? | Kenneth Copeland Ministries (
The Only Way To Transition To Love |
And Denzel's video in my opinion is just plain inspiring which all of us need every now and again. smile 
(1) Denzel Washington's Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS |LISTEN THIS EVERYDAY AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE - YouTube

May this post take you further in your transition of care. As for me: Hallelujah, His Word tapped me up & now I am back with Him allowing & listening to His recommendations in My transition of care. 

Past, Present, Future…

How many times have you heard, Live in the Now, let go of the Past, and don’t focus on the Future? While that sounds good sometimes I realized that is not so good. I am Not saying get stuck in the Past or wallow in any negativity of the past however there is a lot to learn from the Past. In fact, if you have been reading along in Genesis hopefully you have seen and learned from the lives of those of the Past. Personally, I have been working on a collage with my photos from over the years which of course had me walking down memory lane. Some of those old photos reminded me of the crazy life I used to live and then it hit me how Good, Merciful, and Forgiving God was and still is watching over me in spite of myself. As I was reading in Genesis this morning I saw that same Loving God over and over in the lives of Abraham, Issac, Esau, and Jacob. And at the same time, I saw how much I could have saved myself a lot of grief is I had just read His Word way back when. My eyes were opened to the Truth that if we only live in the “now – in this moment” we walk a rougher road and are prone to repeat the mistakes of those before us. The roots of Knowledge and Wisdom are found in what has already been planted. We just tweek and refine it in the now.

As for the future, it is part of the grand plan too. And there are times we must look at the future and plan. Or just remember the future is also in His Word…it is called Prophesy. And what about the Promises to come? They give us Hope and is the road we are called to Travel in order to fulfill our Purpose. If you are just in this moment how do you learn, seek, strive, and Grow?

So, in this house, I will seek the Lord with all my heart, I will look forward to His Promises to come in the Future. I won’t go back to try to relive the past or hold on to something or someone that is long gone however, I will continue to seek and gain knowledge from past cultures, lives, mistakes, and count on His Word given in the past that is still true today and in my future.

Check out these Documentaries to learn a few things from the Past, the now, and what Can be the Future for our Earth.

The Movie Kiss the Ground is on Netflix and here’s the actual website Kiss the Ground which contains a trailer

Big Little Farm Documentary – Bing video This is so great – you get to watch and experience with this couple how changes to the Past create a promising future.


Abundantly Blessed

Hello! Hello! As I was reading Genesis 13 we see how Yah has abundantly Blessed Abram and Lot. Verse 1-2 say they had to leave up out of Egypt and Abram was rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold. Then it goes on to say in 13:5 this verse tells us Lot also went with Abram and had flocks, herds, and tents to the point when they got to where they were going the land was not able to bear them both to the point it caused strife!

Point #1: Through their obedience in following the Ways (Word) of Yah (God) and their Trust in Yah their lives bore good fruit and they were well provided for. Point #2: When families are living together to uplift and help one another get established their comes a time to part ways and establish your own space. While it’s great to be a close knit family when you are all in one space and the house or property is overflowing to capacity it is inevitable strife will follow. That is unless everyone is willing to give up and par down A lot of stuff. 90% of the time that is not what either family wishes to do. In today’s world we see a lot of grown children over 30 yrs old still living at home and some stay even after having their own children. And in this post I am speaking of those well able to get out there and support their own home. I have heard grown children who make more money than their parents say, ” why would I move when I have free rent, food, someone who cooks for me, etc.” Or my parents babysit as they step out in their finest to go to the club. Seriously, if you can go shopping for that $100 + outfit and hit the club, you can get a place and support the family you created. Your parents Already did their raisin’. I won’t go on except to say it’s just not healthy, it enables a life full of a lack of responsibility, selfishness, & 9x out of 10 you do hear both the parents and the grown children fussing, complaining, and grumbling about not having any space, no respect, and resentment being on the rise. Once children are grown & have a job they Need to stretch out and make their own way. Fine if the parents or family members want to help them get established initially, just like Abram offered Lot the choice of the land in Gen.13-8-12 Before he picked his place to settle down. Notice BTW Lot chose what he thought was the best of the land. I suggest you read Genesis Chapter 13 so you can see a full picture & see what additional items Yah reveals to you in this story. Plus, it will bring more clarity to my post. Like I have said before. I am not hear to do all your seeking in His Word for you. Nope, I post in hopes that what I post will draw you to His Word to check it out for yourself to grow in your relationship with God. Point #3: This one applies to families that are parents with children that are not grown, single individuals, and/or couples no children. Are you so Blessed your home is running over with “stuff”? Are you so affluent you have enough money and stuff you couldn’t spend it all before you die if you wanted to? Or like me, until recently, do you have clothes you haven’t worn in years or haven’t been able to fit into for years? Is all this causing your home to feel crowded and uncomfortable? If the answer is “yes” to these or you can think of other similar questions I didn’t list, maybe it is time to “separate” those “things” & move them on to another’s home. Suggestion if you are abundantly blessed with money, ask yourself, Am I following His Word and sharing with the elderly & poor in need? Do you have a 2nd home that sits empty except for a couple of times a year when you visit? If so, you can afford it, hire a live in caretaker then you are helping someone in need. Plus homes need Life in them, they suffer when left closed up and alone. (that’s another post) Sorry, I had to tap on that I hear and see so many homes sitting empty around the world. And so many unemployed. Ya know in Abram’s time they helped others by hiring them to take care of all those abundant blessings not only out in their businesses but, in their homes.

It is Great to be Abundantly Blessed however, it is my concern we, mankind, are becoming self indulgent hoarders. I know I can be guilty of that myself if I am not careful. I have two old computers right now in the basement. Why? Who knows, I put them there telling myself well maybe I can use them somewhere somehow. I have packing materials saved in two tubs, as if I ship a lot of stuff. I still have too many clothes and shoes and let’s not even talk about magazines and paper stuff! Yep, writing this post made me look around at myself and there will be some spring cleaning going on around here. Like my daughter says, “practice what you preach Mom.” (another post too. LOL )

Remember these wise words: Matthew 6:19-21 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. SHALOM! Have a Great Week!

Image result for verses on greed. Size: 176 x 160. Source:

Perception & Presentation is Everything

Since my last post, I have had some conversations with various people that made me realize “perception and packaging or Presentation” forms all our views in this life. Like when reading or watching movies from Torah/Old Testament times, do the stories told bring you pain or thankfulness? What view of God do they give you? Do they make you want to dig deeper into the culture, history, the Why things happened like they did Or do they make you want to close the book or just move on to the New Testament/New Covenant? If they last question made you say, “oh I would much rather read the New Testament” that proves my point. The presentation of God/Yah’s Word & stories told by Yeshua/Jesus & the disciples ,for the most part, was softer, more comforting, & pleasing. It even appears to be more loving and forgiving. Truth be told, the call to repentance and obedience to God’s Word is even stronger, the violence as far as the culture and history is no different, and the consequences and outcomes in society were repeating themselves. Just like they are now.

We hear society now talking like plagues, death, political unrest, religious wars, and weird weather factors are new. What is going on? Will we get back to “normal?” If you do more than just listen to what others say and share online, Really get in there and read and dig deeper into the past, especially in the Bible, you will find yourself saying, “Wow, this sounds like just what is happening now” Are those prophecies about now?” Answer: some are, some are not and they already happened. It is mankind repeating the same mistakes therefore reaping the same consequences just in different packaging. Or it often is one’s perception of what is “normal” or what is “better times”. Example: Some say the 50’s and 60’s were better times. Well that depends on who you were as a person and for many where you lived. I can tell you people of color, in the south especially, would not agree those were “better days”. You see how perception and how the media Presented those times affected people’s viewpoint. Even in churches. Back then there was al ot of Hell fire damnation preaching in all walks of life. That was not and is not how God or Jesus intending the word to be taught yet, that was the Perception of the preachers and the congregation followed along. Just as now few wanted to sacrifice much of their time really digging into the Way of the Word.

Why am I saying all this? My conversations made me see the importance of not only chatting about The Way or Posting about His Word but, the Need to get into His word and dig in for ourselves. And not only His Word but, any “quote” facts we hear/watch. I am sure the Holy Spirit all week was reminding me not to get side tracked and allow myself to accept things without doing my own research. Now do we have time to dig into every little thing. NO. I know I sure don’t. However, we should be taking time to Do some deep diving when our inner spirit taps us up on a given subject or when it is something that can and will affect our lives or the lives of our loved ones. We should take time to get into His Word ourselves at least an hour or two each day. Yes, that means letting go off vegging out in front of TV, cutting down on Cell phone or internet time, stuff like that. Heck, if you listen to two hours of media or someone else’s views you should at least spend two hours checking out the full facts of what was just planted in your mind and maybe even it got as far as planted in your heart. Remember one other thing, what worked for someone else may not be the right thing for you. We are unique individuals each of us having a purpose so following along blindly may be part of what is messing up your life. The more you check it out for yourself the more you will see history repeating itself. Especially, when it comes to all the lies that more “stuff”, another drink, more drugs, & more money will fix everything. They will not.

I end challenging you to Read up – Dig deep for yourself, don’t just take my word for it. For those that I know won’t take the time but, have made it to the end of this post, here are a couple of things to watch/listen too and ponder. Recommendations: Taking Control of Our Thoughts– Dr. Charles Stanley – YouTube

Full Episode: “Tyler Perry” | Oprah’s Master Class | Oprah Winfrey Network – YouTube


Don’t Miss the Boat!

Greetings! As we move forward in Genesis we come to Noah and the Flood. Chapters 6-10. What stood out to “me” the most was the Faith, Commitment, and yes Obedience Noah’s story reveals. Think about it, Adoni (G-d) tells him to build a boat big enough to house not only his family but, 2 of “every” species of animal and is told he Must build it to certain specifications for it to survive what is coming. While the reasons given by G-d logically made sense: that mankind was out of control, filled with violence, & corrupt and G-d was not going to allow mankind’s total destruction of His creation, the “doing” of what G-d asked had to be daunting. I can imagine Noah thinking and likely asking, ” Lord, how am I to accomplish this? You know few if any will be willing to assist me in this project. It is doubtful even my own flesh and blood will willingly help me in the building of this boat. I still need to provide for my family too during this process, how much time do I have?” The answers to these questions are not literally written in the Bible’s writings however, the message still comes thru loud and clear. It was thru Faith, Trust, Love, and Belief in G-d that he began and “accomplished” the task given him. In these key components he withstood ridicule, ostracism (exclusion from a society), and really hard work (both mentally and physically) Noah and his family were saved and ultimately blessed to restored G-d’s creation/plan for us and Earth. All this because Noah’s relationship and heart for G-d was one of unconditional Love and willingness to walk together as One in the grand plan. You notice I mentioned he likely had questions. One of the things I used to feel when I read the Torah was that G-d was a demanding borderline abusive G-d, so I would skip these books. I can’t help but wonder did Noah or his family members have these thoughts and want to “skip this” calling of G-d. For some time, I couldn’t see the Love, Mercy, Compassion, or the Pain G-d experienced in His relationship with Us, mankind. It took me years and the Holy Spirit continuously pressing me to “really” seek all the Truth. And to do that I Must start in the beginning. I am so grateful now I submitted my will to His will and did just that. You see, G-d is not the bad guy in any of the stories of the Old Covenant. We mankind, were and are still the ones rebelling, being disrespectful, violent, and corrupt. While He gave us authority on Earth & freedom to “choose” the Way in our relationships, not only with each other but, with Him and with the Earth, He did Not give us the right to demolish and destroy His Creation. There is a limit and so far history has shown right up to this day and age that we, the people press that limit to the very edge. What His word and the experiences of those with us and before us are shared for is given from a place of Love, Mercy, and Hope that we will wake up and have ears to hear and eyes to see there are consequences to such negative behavior. His Word is to give us a Chance to repent and restore our relationship with Him, one another, and the Earth. Time repeatedly reveals, as recent as 2020, “a house divided Cannot stand.” Only when we realize it is thru Love & FAITH like Noah’s, and Unity of ALL mankind will Earth be restored to it’s created order and thrive to bear the good fruit and Blessings most of us pray and ask for. It is not thru Religion but, the “the Way” of Yeshua (Jesus) teachings. Have you ever noticed Yeshua (Jesus) didn’t refer to The Way of the Father by a religious name? All He kept saying is we must follow the ways of G-d and that is what He came to do, bring clarity to that Way. Another important thing in His teachings is His telling us, it is not our place to judge one another which includes non judgment of the “religious practices” of our neighbor…that is G-d’s to handle. Our part, as individuals who Love and Believe in The Way of the Father, is to listen, be obedient to his path for Us, Trust and just walk in the Love and Service He did. In seeking and choosing the Good things in life we are promised to reap the consequences and good fruit that comes from cultivating the good seed within us. In this we restore Life on Earth as it is in Heaven.

My assignments for this coming week, will like Noah , require some commitment to accomplish but, trust me I believe you will find these well worth your time. in segments all a week Read Psalms 119 & the book of Hebrews. Also watch at least the documentary. I pray you have eyes to see and ears to hear as you complete these assignments. I pray the visual in the documentary and series touch your heart and give you the desire to get involved in the restoration of G-d’s design. Whether it be in NOT throwing trash out on our streets, planting your own gardens, donating to organizations, or joining a group in your area that is dedicated to the restoration of sustaining Earth & the people living on it. Know this: In our disrespecting God, the Earth & One Another we are destroying Our very own survival . Just as in times of Noah and many after him, it has been proven; we are creating dire consequences if we continue down the paths of self indulgence driven by greed and division. Let us Not keep repeating the Falls of History.

What if we change – documentary on ecosystem restoration – YouTube. If you really want to get into restoring Earth watch the whole series: #1 What if we change – Hope in a Changing Climate by John D. Liu – YouTube

And here is good one to watch to get involved Urban Permaculture with Geoff Lawton – YouTube

Have a great week. Renee’

Humanity in the Garden

Hi again. We are going to tap on a few things in this segment in which I pray give you that inner drive to seek further in the assignments I give & seek further within yourself. After Creation was completed notice the 7th day was taken as a day of Rest! (cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.) This is something that has all but been lost in our society however, should without a doubt should still be observed. This is good teaching on Sabbath: The Sabbath Day (Remastered) – 119 Ministries – YouTube At the time of this Sabbath rest mankind was not required to observe as G-d took care of all things in the garden. And then came the “Fall into Temptation” or in better terms “disobedience and dishonoring of the Father“. The One rule asked of mankind and that slick willie Lucifer came along to show how he isn’t the only disobedient one in YHWH’s Kingdom. It is sad that still today his temptations start when, like Adam & Eve, we are young, immature, and so curious that we are easily led astray. Even sadder are the adults, who if honest do know better, have chosen to lead their young down the road of self indulgence, greed, and division. All in the name of success and power. Sorry that’s another post, let me get back on track. One thing I want to bring to attention to is when God began to question Adam and Eve concerning their sin (Gen. 3:11-13), they passed off the responsibility to someone else, committing yet another sin, lies and not taking responsibility for one’s actions. The Blame Game: Adam blamed Eve; she in turn blamed the serpent. And worse still that blame game has been carried down through time in the way many religions blame the woman. Which is inaccurate. Adam sinned, fully aware of his actions with Eve. The command was given to Adam prior to the creations of Eve. Genesis 2:16-18 therefore, “Adam was not deceived” (1 Tim. 2:14). No doubt that command was shared with Eve either by Adam or Yah himself. Further proof is Gen.3:6 which clearly shows Both chose by an act of their own will & desires to disobey the Father and fulfill their own desire. Those desires were encouraged by the temptation of Satan then “she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her.” That said, put the blame where it belongs, with that smooth talking liar Lucifer who provided the occasion for the entrance of temptation & disobedience into the world. The temptation itself falls into three categories which still hold true today: “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world” (1 John 2:16). All this said, your assignment is to continue and read Genesis 3 and Genesis 4. These chapters show there were consequences to man’s choices. They had rushed into the knowledge of good and evil – greed/selfishness/disobedience while still immature & yes, there Must be consequences. That being learning the hard way. If G-d had not done this mankind would take further advantage and Earth along with mankind would be destroyed. However, while he gave them authority on Earth, G-d did show Grace, Love, and Mercy in His willingness to show mankind The Way to get back on track. He did not just leave them. Gen. 3: 20 “The man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.[g] 21 And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.” Then He, the Father showed even more grace in letting us know while it is now “all about our choices”, if we have Faith in Him, He will be there to help and guide us saying: Gen.4:7 “ If you do well, will you not be accepted?[b] And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is contrary to you, but you must rule over it.” Note: Sin’s desire is contrary to our design as we are created in His image and He let’s us know we Can rule over it. You see, G-d cannot and will not be a part of sin and destroying all creation but, if you choose to rule over greed, selfishness, etc. cultivating and walking in the Love that sustains all things, He is right there with you willing to fight the good fight.

My daughter said once, ” mankind ruined Earth’s beautiful garden” This is true and still holds true for many in mankind however, we do Not have to ruin Earth, ruin ourselves, or our neighbors. It is a Choice to Seek the Way of G-d and restore what has been damaged. That is done thru turning from & resisting evil with the Word(s) as one thinketh so he will walk. We can change our ways with that two edged sword and rule over temptations by the way speaking and living a life of Love, service, mercy, compassion, non-judgment, accepting All things are and were meant to be for the Good. We All have good & bad seed within, it is up to us which fruit we wish to cultivate and bring forth.

This year in 2021 we really, really need to choose to restore, cultivate & bring forth good fruit back to the Garden. I pray if you are reading my post that you take this to heart, sacrifice some, and together let’s do it.

Surely by now anyone with eyes to see can see how this verse is oh so true: Mark 3:25 “ if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.


In the Beginning…..

1st let me say, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! I know most are praying for a shift and a much better year that 2020. Ya know, some of that shift depends of US, our perception of the circumstances, and how we respond. We can look for the Blessings within our day, think on the good things, and keep sharing Love in the safest best ways we know how Or we can be full of anxiety and negativity which only begets more darkness and damage not only for ourselves but, for those around us. The Choice is yours.

I have chosen to trust God’s Word to seek my solutions and to walk in the relationship of Love He has been showing me for some time now. I will admit I have my days where I wander off and get distracted by all the mess going on, it gets to me for a bit, and then I feel or hear the Holy Spirit saying, “come back to Me.” That said, I felt compelled to kick off 2021 with a walk thru the Word starting “in the beginning” What I ask of you, if you are interested in walking with me this year, is to read & complete the assignments I list at the end of this post. I have read Genesis 1 many times however, this time I realized the work involved in the design planning of His creation. And then the actual speaking of creation into being was His Love made visible for us to view & use Daily. A design to sustain and provide for each and everyone of us, throughout time. No Big Bang or science of evolution could create the complexities, the intricate details, the LOVE involved in Earth and All Life within it. I had to read the Chapter over again, the question of who is “let us create in our image” popped in my mind. Then in a snap it brought a memory of my Dad speaking and helping me thru the development of one of my gardens & then how to resurface and paint a deck on a house. Then right behind that memory came the vision of Yeshua being the son of God and how the Earth is His Kingdom. How the awesome design plan was His for His future inheritance and family, US. I saw how the US in the beginning very well could be God the Father, Holy Spirit Mother, and Yeshua their son and like my Dad did they were there assisting and guiding Yeshua in bringing his design to Life. From their heart they wanted their son and his family to thrive and survive with everything they could possibly need. Yes, I can see those 6 days of creation were truly a work of Love for one another and generations to come. I had to laugh because then I could see how The walk, the way, the survival of Earth and all that is in it is really very simple: It really is Love and all it’s attributes that make Earth and us thrive and remain alive. We, mankind are the only ones making it complicated and a struggle. Think about it. When you are full of Love you are creative, spontaneous, full of Joy, what to be with the ones you love and to share it with the world. You are full of Hope, forgiveness, and even patience. When we let Love come forth we see the good in others. In most cases couples want to have children and share their love. When there is a loving home it just bears more good fruit of Love. Things do flow better and even outside circumstances that might not be so loving are easier to handle cause you know Love and where to find it. As I sat thinking on these things memories of how Much love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have shown me even when I wasn’t giving it back, then how family members, loved ones, and friends over the years have shared so much Love Especially during the rough times. That Love flooded me over Christmas and New Years driving me to want more than anything to grow in my relationship with the family of God. It gave me the desire to really Let Love come forth within me and without to all who care to share Love with me. I felt a weight lift off me and energy be restored. I found myself praying the readers of my post want to join me in the seeking of how the Word works and still applies today.

So take a moment and read Genesis 1. Let it sink in all the Love and provisions given to us. Let it sink in what the intention was. Can you see how every need was provided and now look around. Do you see how it is all still there? Can you see how if we choose to utilize the provisions we too can create a Beautiful garden for ourselves and our families. After all, We do still have the master plan that works when you work it.

Have a Great week.

PS: And that master plan is not about religion…it is about LOVE.

Christmas or Not?

Greetings All! I pray your Holidays are bringing many Blessings. Mine sure did. Like many of you prior to Christmas I was struggling a bit. So today I want to share two of those.

First was the issue of Missing my family and many friends. It wasn’t really Christmas bringing the longing to see them but, it was drawing attention to how long it has been since I have seen them. It had not been my plan when I moved across the country for more than a year to go by and not see them. You see I stayed in last winter planning to take a workcation for a month or so in spring. After all, I was already working remote. My struggle was how hard it is to travel in/out of New York not to mention the question, “should I even be considering travel to California in these crazy times?” I wasn’t concerned with my getting covid, I was concerned I might pick it up and carry it into my family and friends homes. I wasn’t very concerned as I have the good sense God gave me and I do wear my mask, gloves even, & I do respect the social distancing requirements. My concern was that somehow I could unknowingly carry this weird virus to the homes of family and friends. You see many of my friends are older and/or have high risk health issues. So of course I began praying, asking the Holy Spirit to guide me & give me clear signs. It wasn’t long I got my answers. The travel requirements became even more stringent & I could hear nervousness in some friends voices at my flying in. There were some other signs too but the point is, I would not be flying Southwest after all. Then I thought well I can drive to my grandson’s at least, it’s an 8 hr drive but, I wouldn’t be so exposed and he’s only 25 and was fine with the idea. Well, God said, “Nope, you are staying home” The weather forecast shifted 2 days before I planned to leave and it wouldn’t be a safe drive. I was so bummed.

Second struggle was Christmas itself. Should I even be celebrating it? It is not Yeshua birthday & it’s become so commercial and so stressful for many. Especially this year since so many have lost their jobs, fallen ill, and so on. The fact is the majority of it’s traditions stem from pagan holidays. While it is referred to as a Christian Holiday, it is not Biblical at all. However, for me and many, it is a time of sharing Love, time together, and yes Gifts. It is a time of year many donate and show Love to perfect strangers. For many it is a set time to express Joy, Jesus (Yeshua) was born and whether it was his actual Birthday is not the point. And then there is this fact: While the holidays are synonymous with peace, love and joy for many Americans who celebrate, the holiday season is actually filled with physical and emotional discomfort. In fact, 88 percent feel stressed when celebrating the holidays and the average couple will have seven arguments throughout the season, according to new research. Are you seeing the struggle? I know I am not the only one experiencing these struggles. Then pile on top of these, COVID ruining so many family gatherings! Augh! So, as usual I began to Pray asking, “is this a sign I shouldn’t be celebrating this Holiday anyway? Is that part of the point in all the 2020 chaos, our disobedience and being so far off track from your design plan?” Pretty quick, that still small voice within said, ” you have a lot of Christmas cards and photos from days gone by, send them” I thought well if I shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas this is how to use up those cards. So I went thru my tons of pictures pulling out fond memories to send and hopefully bring smiles with the memories. I am a picture nut, real photos, not discs/etc, and for this it really paid off. Then 3 days before Christmas I felt compelled to go by small gifts for each of my immediate neighbors (7 total) . The fact there were Seven brought thoughts, seven often symbolizes completion or perfection, so maybe I was right 2020 is the end of my celebrating Christmas. Is that my answer? The next day, I kept hearing His Word: “my 2nd most important commandment is “Love thy Neighbor as thyself.” This made me look at myself and I realized I love getting cards & little personal gifts at Christmas (anytime actually) so maybe my perception of signs is not correct. So off I went picking out items I thought they would enjoy. While I speak to my neighbors, we don’t really hang out, (well except one my friend Gwen) & 2020 we, the neighbors and I, have barely seen one another. And there was one other issue in this mix, my one neighbor and I had tensions due to his playing his music so loud it rocks my house. Yes, I did ask him to turn it down and no he didn’t respond well but, he did turn it down. I had been praying on how to resolve the tension as I don’t like not getting along with my neighbors. Then on Christmas Eve I went around and handed out my gifts and if not home I left them on the porch or hung them on the door. (I always use gift bags so that was easy). Much to my surprise several of my neighbors had gifts for me too! Even my newest Muslim neighbors had bought me a gift and Islam does not believe in or celebrate Christmas. He said they really appreciated how friendly & welcoming I have been & wanted to share a gift in my faiths season. I went to bed feeling confident it wasn’t about whether I celebrate Christmas Tradition it was about the attitude/intentions of my heart. Then the Very best gift, Blessing actually, was the definitive answer to my struggle which came at 7 AM Christmas morning. The neighbor that I had tensions with, he rang my bell to give me a gift with a beautiful apology for being so disrespectful and rude earlier in the fall. It took all I had not to break down and cry. I of course forgave him, we shook hands (yes, shook hands) & it hit me just how much God had answered my prayers including waking up to a White Christmas, which made the visit from the neighbor even more special, he had come over thru the 3 inches of snow and cold to give me the gift. I closed my door giving thanks and praise and yes cried tears of Joy on this Christmas 2020!

I will end this post with something my fabulous boss says, “Life is 10% of what you make it and 90% of how you take it” . I could have stayed in my bummer state of being, frustrated and confused OR I could pray & trust God/Jesus/Holy Spirit would come show the The Way. Once again it was revealed: The Answer to it all is as Yeshua (Jesus) said in Matt 22:36-40 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”. It was made clear to me, It’s not about man’s perceptions or traditions, it’s about walking in Love and that my friends is the answer to all things!

I love theology, even though it did make me struggle a little this year, so for those that might be interested this video provides the history of Christmas. (1) The Christmas Question: Full Documentary – YouTube

I pray your Holidays and this post bring a bit of Joy and Love as we wind down 2020! Shalom

PS: Know I am not trying to sway your views, what I share is my experiences & knowledge I’ve come across. After that your choices are between you and God, just as my choice & the path I take is between me & God.

What’s in your Heart?

Hello, Hello…Recently, I was having some heart issues. Not literally. Praise Yah! Just all the stuff going on in the world and some personal loss too, which put me in a funk which in turn creates writer’s block. The positive out of the whole thing is it made me dig deeper into His Word for solutions. My heart issues are partially due to some weeds in the garden of my heart. So Yeshua and I are digging in to get them out – there is some hard ground in some areas too. So during this process of digging out the weeds and softening the ground I just wanted to ask have you taken a look at your heart lately? It was the reading of this verse that pricked my heart and the deeper I dug the more I realized I had some deep rooted weeds doing some damage I wanted to STOP! Matthew 15:18 starts off: 18But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart”

I pray you are all doing fine, healthy, and regardless of what the media tells you, Know this: God is in control and those who are in life’s journey with Him can count on His promises will be kept. So if you are struggling & need to do some weed pulling, here are a few to remember:

Isaiah 40:29. 29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. “I will never leave thee” (Heb. 13:5) “I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil” (Jer. 20:11) “All things work together for good to them that love God” (Rom. 8:28)


Some things bear repeating

Yes, sometimes I repeat myself in my posts especially if they “bear repeating”: to be important enough to state more than once : There are actually a few reasons: 1.) I posted so long ago, I forgot I posted something about that subject before. Nope, I don’t go back checking before I post again. 2.) The same issue is still repeating itself so why shouldn’t I? 3.) All forms of media and even people’s conversations are repeated over and over so again, so clearly some things need repeated. 4.) Most of all, there are new readers that come to my site and they aren’t rolling back thru all my posts either, well most aren’t. So if the subject is still relevant, I may Repeat.

On that note, as we step into the Flu season, a yearly repeater, remember there are some natural things to help your body out. While I was a bit surprised to see this on Fox news, I was happy to see their list of helpful natural tips. Then there is WebMD tips. My Fav is the 19 remedies listed on with #1 on the list: Stay Hydrated- One of the very best things you can do to speed up recovery no matter what ails you is to drink more fluids. Did you know: drinking apple juice will also provide you with vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant and immune-system booster that can help you to feel better. And my very Fav is #3 Have some nice hot soup. And yes, I mean that literally. While Chicken soup is Great! some spices in the soup recipes help break up congestion and get things movin’. I can testify! So here are some good ones you may enjoy.

Well, that’s my sharing today. BTW: The soups are great whether well or feeling under the weather. So try a few, I know I am!