Love everyday…

Hi ya’ll. The day after Valentine’s and first I want to say, I am so thankful for all the Love sent my way and the ability to send Love to all of you. It is a beautiful feeling to share Love and yesterday the Holy Spirit reminded me of How much I am loved and how important it is to let the Love flow and shine Daily in our lives. We are called be obedient to His most important commandments which Jesus said very simply in Matt 22: 37 Jesus said unto him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like unto it, You shall love your neighbour as yourself. 40 On these two commandments hang ALL the law and the prophets.

I know, I know sometimes that is not an easy command. However, I also know when I put my big girl panties on and obey that Love sure does keep things rolling smoothly. “most of time anyway” And even when your Love is not received you feel better knowing you tried. At least, that has been my experience, “most of the time” LOL Anyway, my main point is Love is our Mission just like it was Jesus and His disciples mission. Love is what makes the world go round. It’s The Way our Creator created it to Be. So, when you are looking around thinking where is the Love? Look closer, look harder it is all around us. 1st from God then from all he created. The Sun is loving you and giving you Vitamin D, the moon allows you rest, water and the food the Earth provides is giving you Life, and if you take time you’ll see lots of Love comes from some human, or many, in your life everyday. That person that smiles and says Hello, opens a door for you, helps you out at work, and so on.

On that note, I will leave you with the beautiful words my manager at my job shared yesterday.

As we celebrate the day dedicated to love – Remember:

“God’s love is a love that just won’t quit.  His love is full of mercy, forgiveness, and hope.  It helps erase the pain and build the future.”

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love ever fails.  1 Corinthians 13:4, 7-8.

Virtual Hugs to All. Renee’

The countdown…

14 days until we begin our Daniel’s fast! I am excited. As mentioned in prior posts, this time is the time for you to prep and get ready. Have you pondered and written down your intentions during the fast? Have you made a list and plan? I took a 2022 calendar and listed my daily plan. 1 hr. in His Word daily, at least. I love doing deep dives in His Word not only for guidance, growth, and because I love the Lord but, to learn about the history of the times, the culture of Jesus, and the people in those countries. It’s interesting and it helps a lot in the understanding of what I am reading. On the other end of that, I love Crime shows & for 40 yrs. I have watched General Hospital & Young & the Restless, yep you got it. I am fasting on those too allowing myself only One a day during the fast. Why? Neither of these shows “feed” my spirit a whole lotta love. My intention is to replace my TV viewing with healthy programs like this: Or just don’t watch TV at all and dive deeper into His Word and use that time for better things in Life, like working out this body! You got it, that’s another item on my calendar, 4 days a week turn on the music and work out for at least 20 mins. At this season of life, it is even more important to keep the body moving and those muscles, especially the lower body strong and protecting these ole bones. LOL

Now to add in my promised recipe for the upcoming diet, this is one of my favs & perfect for this season:

Butternut Curry Soup

1 large butternut squash, peeled, seeds removed, cut into 1 inch cubes

1/4 c. chopped green onions

2 tablespoons curry powder 2 tablespoons olive oil

1 vegetable bouillon cube dissolved in 2 cups of hot water & you can lightly season with salt/pepper

Boil the squash till tender, drain most of the water leaving an inch in the saucepan.

Use potato masher (or old way, a fork) to smash the squash till smooth

Stir in green onions, curry, and oil add bouillon broth in small amounts until you reach desired consistency. Some people like thicker soup/some thin. I love it “somewhere in between

Add your dash of salt/pepper, simmer 15 mins. (serves 4) Add pumpkin seeds on top for a little crunch.

Shalom & Enjoy!

2022 KickOff!

Here we go into 2022! Can’t believe how fast 2021 went by.

For me 2021 brought several changes both within & without. In the beginning of 2021 I could hear the Holy Spirit still small voice saying, “It’s time for change.” I knew what that change was and I was anxious about it. I decided I wasn’t sure I was hearing that still small voice correctly. I knew better but “my” fears had me asking “myself” should I pull this weed? Am I ready for this & all that goes with it? That time questioning the Holy Spirit only resulted in turning my anxious feelings into down right stress and frustrations. Finally my hard head listened and yanked out that weed. The cultivating of His seeds that had been going on within my inner garden and outer garden came to pass and bore the beautiful fruit He had for me. I semi-retired! His perfect Love caste out the fear within & provided the perfect Part time employer for me. This experience opened my eyes to see how much More He has for me if I will but Obey His whole Word and the Way of Life He created from the beginning. This resulted in the 2nd half of the year my seeking Him and His way more diligently. This in turn brought more clarity on the benefits of being obedient to His Word beginning to end & how walking it out on Earth really does bring much of how it is in Heaven. It’s awesome see & hear Him more clearly. To be in relationship not just studying and listening to others talking about what the Word means. He began to & continues to guide me in “what is His Word” & what is man’s interpretations. He is showing me how important it is not to just listen to a pastor, teacher, scholar, or Religion but, to seek Him with all my heart for myself, test out what I am hearing am I hearing whatever it is in its full context? Was the whole Truth shared? What is the Hebrew meaning of some words, as it can affect the meaning of that verse. It became more clear how important it is to obey Jesus and as He says, “ Follow Me & allow my spirit to come forth thru You

All this said, my Legacy sisters Bible study group & I are kicking off 2022 with a gift I received from my new boss, the book “52 weeks in the Bible” by James Merritt. We’ll be seeking & Learning from the whole Word beginning to end all year long! I’m So excited!

Also, beginning February1st I will be starting the Daniel Fast for the full 28 days cleansing, healing, and restoring my mind, body, & spirit. In this, I invite you to join me if you so choose. I will be posting preps for this in January, including recipes, & continue posting thru February with my experiences, readings you might enjoy, & recipes. If you choose to join me, I would love for you to post in the comments your experiences & any tips you may learn. My starting resource is Susan Gregory’s book, ” the daniel’s fast” Should you buy this read the whole book, it is so worth it. Don’t like to read, check her out on You Tube: — She has her own site too: — it is set up for the beginning of the year so if you want you can get a jump start. I just felt like February being the month of Love and the heart fit and it fits my schedule better.

For today the only other thing I have to say is, I pray you choose to join me in both these studies & together we will Trust the Father, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit to guide us in the cleansing, clearing, and restoration of the gardens in our hearts.


Mistakes don’t limit us

All to often we allow our mistakes or poor choices to limit us going forward in life. We let these mistakes/choices to take root binding us in emotional fears which grow and define us. And there are so many fears that can limit us. You/We can control these fears. Life continues to reveal to me anyway, all is founded in our choices.

I started reading the Bible from the beginning and this time around, this Fact is really jumping out at me. Example: let’s take David who made a real poor choice and it was eating at him, binding him, and affecting his reign as King. Then he chooses to repent, shift his attitude & He seeks God, starts praising God, & looking at hos Blessings which results in making good choices. His Life shifts, is transformed, and begins once again to bear good fruit.

One area for many is the mistakes we make with our financial choices. Or delusion of thinking we “need” to keep up with fads – often expensive fads or as the old saying says: “Keeping up with the Joneses”. All to often these choices of spending are whether you/we actually have the income to support that lifestyle or not.

So the point of this post is that if this post taps you up, you take heed, really take stock of your finances, how you look at yourself and your life. Look at how you are making your decisions & driving your thoughts and “needs”. I had to make those hard choices 4 years ago and Wow what a difference it has made in my life. Yes, I had to make sacrifices – some tough ones in fact however, I can honestly say now I fully understand Romans 8:28: ” we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. ” The part who have been called according to His purpose, I always thought meant a literal ministry type purpose. What I realize now is “called according to His purpose” is our transformation to living in The Way of His plan and purpose for our life. Our being obedient to His Plan and purpose in our creation of Being who we were designed to BE. And while we do minister in all we do there is more to it. It applies to our own personal daily life & our choices, good & bad determine whether all things work to the good. It is through our discernment, growing in wisdom, living in the Love He shares with us that All Things work to the good and All our Needs are supplied and many of our Wants. It is when the “wants” become selfish, greedy, or beyond our means that things no longer work to the good for us. Why? Because we are not living according to His Plan.

That said, Here are a few questions to kick off your review of what you are allowing to limit you/to bind you.

Do you believe being in debt up to our ears & hording Stuff is part of His Plan?

Do you believe speaking bad about yourself and others is His Plan?

Do you believe holding onto and beating yourself up about your mistakes is part of His Plan?

Last one: Do you believe the distruction of our Earth just to have a bunch of our stuff is part of His Plan?

Verse to Ponder: Matthew 18:18 “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. “ Have you really considered this verse? Has it hit you, What you choose to to allow to Bind you and what you choose to let loose of in the Now, are part of the Keys to Heaven & Hell? Right here on Earth in this Life what you choose has consequences in this life and the next.

The imagination of man is like a canvas, what are you painting with your thoughts and words?

Here are a few videos I enjoy & I hope you enjoy too, should you choose to listen. And there are many more encouraging/helpful videos and readings out there. smile

Wayne Dyer- There is a Spiritual Solution To Every Problem/ Dr Wayne Dyer – YouTube

Making Right Choices | Joyce Meyer – YouTube

Choosing Which Doors You’ll Walk Through with Rick Warren – YouTube

My prayers are with you always as you grow.


Defilement comes from within

Matthew 15 – Bible Study

Weekly I have an online Bible Study conference call with my Legacy sisters & this week I felt the Holy Spirit say, “Share” In the 1st few verses Yeshua brings out 2 good points: a) we shouldn’t judge b) careful not to be a hypocrite

In these verses He is directing his comments toward “religious” followers & their focus on He & his disciples transgressing the traditions of the elders. (one of man’s add’l 613 laws)

Yeshua reprimands the scribes and Pharisees from Jeruselum showing how God’s laws are not transgressed & He reveals how even they have conformed His laws to suit man and his view of needs thru their traditions. He does this thru the commandment Honor thy Father and Mother.  I can speak personally on professing to walk with Jesus yet justifying for years not speaking to my parents and bad mouthing them. For years, I held hurt, anger, bitterness toward them based on their abusive and at times cruel treatment of me. Not to mention their racist attitudes & they way they hated on anyone of color. I was sure God did not mean for me to honor them when their behavior was not worthy of my respect or honor. In time He taught me, holding a grudge and all the anger within only defiled me. It did not change anything, did not change who they are, & affected many areas of my life including the life of my daughters because out of the heart the mouth does speak. So do you think they heard much of anything good out of my mouth about their grand-parents? Nope. And even though I tried to mend fences a couple of times things would go bad quick. Both their fault and mine, they were still who they were and I was quick to pounce and again cut them out of our lives. Ok, you get my point. Do you think God left me alone about this disobedience and defilement sitting within my inner garden?  He took me right on into Verses 8 & 9 which talk on how we talk the talk of Christ but, my heart was far from Him.  Right when I felt like I was growing in God, living in the cutest cottage with a fabulous garden and with a family that made me feel like I was part of the family, I got a call (or should say calling) from my parents & God.  My parents called asking me to leave my family and friends, and come take care of them. At 1st I was like, “you are kidding right?”  I didn’t say that directly to them but, I did say it to Jesus. I told them I needed a few days to pray about that. Well the next 3 days all I could hear was the Holy Spirit saying, “ Honor thy Father & Mother, this is your calling – will you Honor Your Father God and obey or is your love of God lip service?.”  The next few days I spent convincing myself of the benefits of being obedient and that maybe just maybe some much needed healing could take place. Yes, I went. The next 3 years were most assuredly transforming and nope not easy.  I can say it was a time of lots of weed pulling in the garden of my heart but, ultimately God’s seed deeply rooted within me over the years, begin to come forth. It was amazing to see and hear what Love & Forgiveness can do.

Can I say I am always obedient to His Word, No. I am still a work in progress. I can say, my relationship with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit sure have grown and I do hear, see, and listen quicker now. And out of that, I consistently see His harvest intended for my life come to fruition. The coolest things is My inner garden, just like my natural garden outside is Awesome to watch as it transforms and grows. Not to mention, those He uses to assist in the cultivating of my inner garden. Carol, a friend here, of which I am working in her garden, made the comment the other day, Isn’t it awesome how God brought us all together? How He uses us to lift one another up. I just love Char’s morning encouragement text & the relationship that’s growing between us all. And now we are your family here.  

As I was writing my presentation for Bible study it hit me, my most significant experiences in life always start in a Garden. Then verses 13-20 made more sense. Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted. Let them alone. They are the blind leading the blind.  It was not wrong I had left my parents alone in their blind ignorance. What was wrong was that I had been walking with Jesus for some time and still had not understood it was my MOUTH that was defiled & planting bad seed in the hearts of my children and grand-children. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts and blasphemies. These were the things that had defiled me, affected some of my relationships, and slowed the growth of good fruit in my inner garden.  I could have stepped away, prayed for them, and taught my daughters, grandkids, and others that no God doesn’t expect us to allow abuse or to enable racism yet, He does expect us to share His Words of Truth when the doors open in a loving way, He does expect us to forgive as He forgives us, and if the seeds planted are accepted Great and if not, dust my feet and step away and Leave the Issue to HIM to handle.

The rest of the chapter shows the introduction to Gentiles being accepted into the heart (kingdom) of God. read it for yourself. Did you see how Yeshua was obedient to his calling at all costs initially? Not answering the woman’s pleas as He had been called to the lost sheep of Israel. Yet, He couldn’t find it within his heart to send her away. Then thru her pleas and reply “even dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their master’s table” it was revealed to Him her belief even though she was considered a lowly dog (non believer-Gentile) was just as strong, even stronger than many in the house of Israel.  In the sharing of her Faith His heart melted in compassion and her prayers/pleas were answered…that very hour her daughter was healed.  Yep, I believe this was an eye opener for Yeshua, a growing time, a time God showed Him His Word was meant for All His Creation. First those that were deeply rooted in His Word but, lost and then those seeds that had been falling into the heart gardens of the gentiles. Those seeds had taken root and were coming forth too. Then he goes on healing great multitudes showing how the Faith of the multitudes made compassion grow within Him and from that Faith & His heart of mercy and compassion Much can be brought forth from little. 


Check it Out.

Hi ya’ll. I want to refer you back to some prior post I have that I have updated. The one below I wrote in 2018 and now I have added info and videos to watch not only on Earthing but, on Forest Bathing. I pray you enjoy them.

There are also videos on You Tube on Forest Bathing Meditations with music. This therapy is Not just meditating it is an experience while you interact with Earth’s forest. And of course Meditation just naturally falls into the experience.


Earthing & Forest Bathing | All About Choices JC

Since I started my site, I have experienced and learned many new things related to some of my posts. So the rest of this year will have some new posts and some older posts updated/revised. All of us grow and learn new things in each season of life. It is funny how sometimes we think we fully understood or know about something and find out later there is more to know. One thing I have learned is Only God knows it all. Smile. Like the info shared in this video: RICHARD ROHR on ENLIGHTENMENT – YouTube

Have a Blessed Day!

“Less is More”

In today’s world I am really getting a better understanding of, “Less is More” : Simplicity is better than elaborate embellishment; Sometimes something simple is better than something advanced or complicated.

One example is how technology is “supposed” to be better and save time. Well, I am not feelin’ it”! While the internet and being able to save and store pictures, documents, and such is convenient, I feel like it has totally gotten out of hand. Now almost everything is online including WAY too much of our private information. And we can’t even avoid putting that private information out there. Social Security, Unemployment, Medicare, Employment Resumes, and so on All want you to do it online. Click here, click there, have your account drop right into QuickBooks online. Not to mention, how much time is spent on our phones, computers, Kindles. Let’s not leave out we need a Password, the more complex the better & still major players like Banks, Drs. offices, hospitals are All getting hacked anyway. And quote our “private” information is now in the hands of who knows who. I’m fighting a $899 charge that who knows how was put on my charge card. “It wasn’t me that for sure!”

Now don’t get me wrong, obviously I utilize technology, I am posting online. LOL However, I use very few apps on my phone, I don’t use Kindle, and whenever possible I still like to reach a person and handle my business direct, not clicking all over and getting confused asking myself, “did I do that right?” I work remote and have for years, of which I love and am very grateful for. This past year though it seems there are constant upgrades all saying how much better it will be when it only turns out now, I have to click here, save there cause this server isn’t talking to that server, then copy and paste it over here so now you can fax it. The workflow is growing deeper not less & now you want me in Webex, Zoom, and lord forbid if my computer is for some reason not compatible. Just Call IT they say. Then IT talks in lingo that is impossible for me to understand. As if I took an IT course. NOT. Seems to me like everyone’s life is online, way too much time online. I personally am exhausted by the end of my day online and could care less about seeing one more devise once I finally log. Honestly, that is why I haven’t been posting weekly – I just can’t bring myself to get back on the computer. It feels like my brains file cabinet is overflowing and I swear at least once a week I hear this still small voice that says, ” ENOUGH! Haven’t you heard the saying, Less is More?”

That said, I decided to semi retire down to 30 hrs. a week & spend the rest of my time spending more time with God, in nature, hiking, doing Gardening! And yes, I am going to get back into posting and making some changes to my site along with getting it out there for more eyes to see. SMILE

In consistency with the title “less is more” I will be posting once a month so I can have time to review my past post and do some upgrading. Not to mention, I need to do some clearing out in my home & some DIY jobs around the house. SMILE Everything around this house is going to get a little more “simplistic”. I promised myself years ago my golden years will be “golden” and that means not adding on more, more, and more stuff! Not in my inner cabinets or my outer cabinets. So, if you are feeling like your life is overflowing and you can’t keep up, maybe you should consider simplifying your life a bit too. I know we all have things we can do without that will help lessen the load!

Have a Great DAY!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope all you Mom’s are having a Great Day!

I had an interesting conversation today which I just had to share for ya’ll to ponder. Why do we wish others, who are Not our Mothers, Happy Mother’s Day? The conversation was why did a cousin get insulted I didn’t send her a Happy Mother’s Day. The person I was talking to said, “I am not their child or the father of their child. So why do you think people expect us to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day when they are not my Mother?” Then he said, “are you upset I didn’t send a card? After all I have no kids by you.” It’s not like it’s your Birthday or Holiday.”

My response, “No not at all, Mother’s Day was created and intended to be a day children celebrate & show appreciation to their Mothers. Same applies to Father’s Day, so don’t expect me to send you a Father’s Day card.” I continued with, “well I supposed it was a habit that got picked up because others wanted to honor Mothers. Honestly I had not even thought about him saying or sending me anything”

This sat on my mind after we ended our call & I must agree, no Mom should be annoyed or insulted if someone that is not your child or spouse doesn’t wish you a Happy Mother’s day. The only other exception I can think of is if you have fulfilled the role of a Mom in someone’s life. Like my Mother-in- law & sometimes my sister did in mine.

All ya’ll who are close to me, you know I am not so great at remembering to get Birthday cards out on time so my getting out wishes otherwise will be no surprise. I am to busy trying to get down a habit of sending Birthday wishes and Holiday wishes. That’s all I can bear. LOL Anyway, my main point is: Don’t let yourself stress if you didn’t get out a Mother’s Day wish to someone who is not your Mom nor has filled that role.

Honestly, I would rather for those who are not my children, to send me uplifting wishes or Hugs on whatever day they feel led to send them. Then I know it is from the heart and not out of some habit or obligation created by society.


Past, Present, Future…

How many times have you heard, Live in the Now, let go of the Past, and don’t focus on the Future? While that sounds good sometimes I realized that is not so good. I am Not saying get stuck in the Past or wallow in any negativity of the past however there is a lot to learn from the Past. In fact, if you have been reading along in Genesis hopefully you have seen and learned from the lives of those of the Past. Personally, I have been working on a collage with my photos from over the years which of course had me walking down memory lane. Some of those old photos reminded me of the crazy life I used to live and then it hit me how Good, Merciful, and Forgiving God was and still is watching over me in spite of myself. As I was reading in Genesis this morning I saw that same Loving God over and over in the lives of Abraham, Issac, Esau, and Jacob. And at the same time, I saw how much I could have saved myself a lot of grief is I had just read His Word way back when. My eyes were opened to the Truth that if we only live in the “now – in this moment” we walk a rougher road and are prone to repeat the mistakes of those before us. The roots of Knowledge and Wisdom are found in what has already been planted. We just tweek and refine it in the now.

As for the future, it is part of the grand plan too. And there are times we must look at the future and plan. Or just remember the future is also in His Word…it is called Prophesy. And what about the Promises to come? They give us Hope and is the road we are called to Travel in order to fulfill our Purpose. If you are just in this moment how do you learn, seek, strive, and Grow?

So, in this house, I will seek the Lord with all my heart, I will look forward to His Promises to come in the Future. I won’t go back to try to relive the past or hold on to something or someone that is long gone however, I will continue to seek and gain knowledge from past cultures, lives, mistakes, and count on His Word given in the past that is still true today and in my future.

Check out these Documentaries to learn a few things from the Past, the now, and what Can be the Future for our Earth.

The Movie Kiss the Ground is on Netflix and here’s the actual website Kiss the Ground which contains a trailer

Big Little Farm Documentary – Bing video This is so great – you get to watch and experience with this couple how changes to the Past create a promising future.


Abundantly Blessed

Hello! Hello! As I was reading Genesis 13 we see how Yah has abundantly Blessed Abram and Lot. Verse 1-2 say they had to leave up out of Egypt and Abram was rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold. Then it goes on to say in 13:5 this verse tells us Lot also went with Abram and had flocks, herds, and tents to the point when they got to where they were going the land was not able to bear them both to the point it caused strife!

Point #1: Through their obedience in following the Ways (Word) of Yah (God) and their Trust in Yah their lives bore good fruit and they were well provided for. Point #2: When families are living together to uplift and help one another get established their comes a time to part ways and establish your own space. While it’s great to be a close knit family when you are all in one space and the house or property is overflowing to capacity it is inevitable strife will follow. That is unless everyone is willing to give up and par down A lot of stuff. 90% of the time that is not what either family wishes to do. In today’s world we see a lot of grown children over 30 yrs old still living at home and some stay even after having their own children. And in this post I am speaking of those well able to get out there and support their own home. I have heard grown children who make more money than their parents say, ” why would I move when I have free rent, food, someone who cooks for me, etc.” Or my parents babysit as they step out in their finest to go to the club. Seriously, if you can go shopping for that $100 + outfit and hit the club, you can get a place and support the family you created. Your parents Already did their raisin’. I won’t go on except to say it’s just not healthy, it enables a life full of a lack of responsibility, selfishness, & 9x out of 10 you do hear both the parents and the grown children fussing, complaining, and grumbling about not having any space, no respect, and resentment being on the rise. Once children are grown & have a job they Need to stretch out and make their own way. Fine if the parents or family members want to help them get established initially, just like Abram offered Lot the choice of the land in Gen.13-8-12 Before he picked his place to settle down. Notice BTW Lot chose what he thought was the best of the land. I suggest you read Genesis Chapter 13 so you can see a full picture & see what additional items Yah reveals to you in this story. Plus, it will bring more clarity to my post. Like I have said before. I am not hear to do all your seeking in His Word for you. Nope, I post in hopes that what I post will draw you to His Word to check it out for yourself to grow in your relationship with God. Point #3: This one applies to families that are parents with children that are not grown, single individuals, and/or couples no children. Are you so Blessed your home is running over with “stuff”? Are you so affluent you have enough money and stuff you couldn’t spend it all before you die if you wanted to? Or like me, until recently, do you have clothes you haven’t worn in years or haven’t been able to fit into for years? Is all this causing your home to feel crowded and uncomfortable? If the answer is “yes” to these or you can think of other similar questions I didn’t list, maybe it is time to “separate” those “things” & move them on to another’s home. Suggestion if you are abundantly blessed with money, ask yourself, Am I following His Word and sharing with the elderly & poor in need? Do you have a 2nd home that sits empty except for a couple of times a year when you visit? If so, you can afford it, hire a live in caretaker then you are helping someone in need. Plus homes need Life in them, they suffer when left closed up and alone. (that’s another post) Sorry, I had to tap on that I hear and see so many homes sitting empty around the world. And so many unemployed. Ya know in Abram’s time they helped others by hiring them to take care of all those abundant blessings not only out in their businesses but, in their homes.

It is Great to be Abundantly Blessed however, it is my concern we, mankind, are becoming self indulgent hoarders. I know I can be guilty of that myself if I am not careful. I have two old computers right now in the basement. Why? Who knows, I put them there telling myself well maybe I can use them somewhere somehow. I have packing materials saved in two tubs, as if I ship a lot of stuff. I still have too many clothes and shoes and let’s not even talk about magazines and paper stuff! Yep, writing this post made me look around at myself and there will be some spring cleaning going on around here. Like my daughter says, “practice what you preach Mom.” (another post too. LOL )

Remember these wise words: Matthew 6:19-21 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. SHALOM! Have a Great Week!

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