The necessity of Order in the Garden

Hello, Hello. Let’s begin with the Beginning and that begins with You and the desire to get both your inner and outer garden restored to it’s original design. I am not here to do it all for you and neither is God. His Creation requires alot of TLC (tender loving care) and for each uniquely design component, right down to the smallest living thing, to do what it was designed to do. And we, His people are a Key component in the Life or Death of the garden within and without on Earth. When all parts follow the designers instructions, “all things work together for the good” and provide each and every one of us. Interested in restoing things to their Natural order? Stop and read Genesis Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. This gives the foundation of the Original design plan.

Ok, do you see how you were designed in Love and in perfection of the creator. And how He gave You, humankind, both male and female the abiliy and authority to provided every little thing You need to maintain Earth in it’s perfection, as it is in Kingdom of Heaven. If you don’t, go back and read it again. Do not read on, just read and focus on these two chapters and what is going on.

Now, would you like to do your part in the Restoration and Rebirth of His Creation? The 1st step is “getting out of your own way”. Which means clearing out alot of weeds and prepping/cultivating the soil/Soul. That is accomplished by being willing to submit to the Way and Order of LOVE. I am not speaking about Religion in telling you to read these, I am totally coming from a place for ALL readers to have the “tools” to restore Life as intended by the Original designer. So, please pull out any “religious” weeds before you continue. Can you do that? If so, read Matthew 22:37-39, the key to the restoration of His design. Now go back and read God’s 10 commandments, Exodus 20:3-17 followed by the Beatitudes, Matthew 5: 3-12. These are your main tools to begin. Notice you Must seek the Way of Love (God) and how it works His, the Master Gardener’s grand design. Next in that order is setting aside the lies of selfishness, greed, do unto others as they do unto you and Learn to Love Yourself as God loves, there can be no restoration and healing of Your inner garden: Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. Are you still interested in becoming the Master Gardner of Love on Earth as it is in Heaven just like Jesus. He had a choice too ya know. And He too loved ALL creation just as His Father, so much so He was willing to show up and show us The Way, even sacrifice His Life for us. Until you utilize these are the necessary tools and DO them, Love cannot thrive within or without. That is the Truth and IF you choose to test it out for yourself, you will see His Plan works when you work it. Not Man’s interpretation or compromised, let me add what I think is better way but, His Design. The kinks have already been worked out. Like the ole saying says, “if it ain’t broke, no need to fix it.” That is the problem and why things are falling apart, mankind refuses to accept and follow the original design which already works and performs at it’s Best in it’s original design. Mankind hasn’t even been able to figure out the complexities of the Human design yet, they keep trying to mess with it. That’s why the Medical world is thriving on “Dis-ease” and only providing band-aids or a temporary patch. Go Back to the Original Design, it is amazing how much of the human body can be restored, healed, and even Made New, when we work with His design and not against it.

On that I leave you with these daily Living tools that will aid in the Restoration of your inner garden. 1st relax: 2nd effects of Food: and last Wayne Dyer on how to change habits:

I share this post because I love God & You! In this, I am choosing to DO my part in being obedient to all things He calls me to DO in the restoration of All things on Earth. One of those is Share the seeds of Love He has given me.

Have a Marvelous Day!

the perfect egg…..

In my opinion, that is “somewhere in between” soft and medium. Not to the extreme in either direction. Much how I like most everything in life. smile Extremism, to me, just plain doesn’t sound good. 85% of the time I can make that perfect egg, no matter the method. I was asked recently by a dear friend, “how did you make that egg? It was just right….” I answered but, yesterday I was making boiled eggs again and really paid attention to my method.

The 1st ingredient in cooking the eggs is LOVE. Yep, Love the secret key to most All in life. 2nd tool is my cute little red pot, key word “little” which I believe is one of the key players in my egg, it hold exactly 2 large eggs and just enough water to “almost” cover the eggs. A very bit of the top shows just above the water line.

As you see, I put the eggs in the little red pot 1st, then add my cool tap water. (nope not cold/not hot)

I set my electric stove on Seven ( 7 a lucky #ha ha) wait & Watch for it to start boiling. And yes a watched pot does boil. (who came up with that saying that is never boils anyway?) Don’t leave the kitchen area. I learned the “hard” way, “don’t walk away Renee’ ” and go do other things, as it’s too easy to miss the perfect time to shut off that “little red pot”. That “little” red pot in the picture is pretty darn close.

While you are waiting and watching, is the time you can be prepping the things you are going to eat with the egg. Like avocado toast and some fruit. Or cottage cheese with red onions and avocado. Yep, I like avocados. Maybe a toasted bagel with apple butter on it. While your prepping, every 45 to 60 secs turn and check that little pot to see if it is boiling yet.

Ok! It’s Boiling, Turn It OFF! Let it sit one more minute then drain off the water. Do NOT put cold water on the eggs. Just let them sit and cool while you finish making your plate. Once your plate and breakfast drink: chickory coffee, herb tea, orange juice, or maybe a V-8 are all ready, it’s time to Crack the eggs, peel, add a dusting of Curry and some Slap your Momma seasoning and off you go for a Tasty Breakfast/Brunch with a “perfect egg”

Something I realized this time, while being “focused” on how I fixed my boiled eggs, was I am like the eggs. If I want the my inner self to come out ” in the perfection He created me to Be” my time with Him must start with the Main ingredient, LOVE. Enough Love to remain focused, listening, watching & in each moment stop my mind from wandering, tell myself “don’t walk away Renee’ ” and get distracted by other stuff. You want to walk in The Way of Jesus and as He says in Matthew 5:48 “be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect“. (no this is not the same perfect that mankind has in his imagination) Then Read on in Matt.7:13-14: “enter in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leads to destruction (an egg forgotten and then becomes an overcooked egg) and many there will be to go in that gate. But, strait is the gate, and narrow is the Way, which leads unto life, and few there will be that find it” Why is this? The narrow way runs in between extremism and doing nothing. It’s like extreme cooking, good cooking, or just ok cooking. We want to be a “good” cook – to far either way the others ways 9 times out of 10 only create “defeat, division, or worse Pride”. And because most of us want instant gratification, are selfish, and not wanting to sacrifice the TIME & attention to have “all your heart really desires (which is Love“) the narrow road is the one where you will Succeed and find the Best Master Chef & the best recipes for your life. Should you Choose to become a “perfect egg” stick Close, Focus, mediatate on His teachings & He will show you “best Way” to cook the perfect egg in You.

FYI: Always remember the Most important ingredients of the recipe: Live & Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul then love your neighbor as yourself” In this all the ingredients will be fullfilled and you too can & will become “the a perfect egg He created you to BE”.

Oh, don’t forget while fixing your egg: you can talk with the Lord & thank Him for creating chickens or eggs (not sure which came 1st & have decided to leave that as one of God’s mysteries. LOL), thank Him for the designer of my “little red pot”, my job that pays for the food & the home He led me to, in which to make such a tasty breakfast.


Love everyday…

Hi ya’ll. The day after Valentine’s and first I want to say, I am so thankful for all the Love sent my way and the ability to send Love to all of you. It is a beautiful feeling to share Love and yesterday the Holy Spirit reminded me of How much I am loved and how important it is to let the Love flow and shine Daily in our lives. We are called be obedient to His most important commandments which Jesus said very simply in Matt 22: 37 Jesus said unto him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like unto it, You shall love your neighbour as yourself. 40 On these two commandments hang ALL the law and the prophets.

I know, I know sometimes that is not an easy command. However, I also know when I put my big girl panties on and obey that Love sure does keep things rolling smoothly. “most of time anyway” And even when your Love is not received you feel better knowing you tried. At least, that has been my experience, “most of the time” LOL Anyway, my main point is Love is our Mission just like it was Jesus and His disciples mission. Love is what makes the world go round. It’s The Way our Creator created it to Be. So, when you are looking around thinking where is the Love? Look closer, look harder it is all around us. 1st from God then from all he created. The Sun is loving you and giving you Vitamin D, the moon allows you rest, water and the food the Earth provides is giving you Life, and if you take time you’ll see lots of Love comes from some human, or many, in your life everyday. That person that smiles and says Hello, opens a door for you, helps you out at work, and so on.

On that note, I will leave you with the beautiful words my manager at my job shared yesterday.

As we celebrate the day dedicated to love – Remember:

“God’s love is a love that just won’t quit.  His love is full of mercy, forgiveness, and hope.  It helps erase the pain and build the future.”

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love ever fails.  1 Corinthians 13:4, 7-8.

Virtual Hugs to All. Renee’

Fiscal Responsibility – It’s never too Late!

Greetings! Many of us spend much of our life in the excuses of ” I missed the boat” because of xyz. As Wayne Dyer says, Excuses be Gone! Yep, no matter your age, It’s Never to Late to take Fiscal responsibility. What is Fiscal Responsibility? It is Not just monetary respsonsibility and it IS a crucial requirement for our stability in Daily Living. Which is the key to my Mission statement, the stability found in The Way of His Word.

If you have responsibility for something or someone or something, it is your service or duty to deal with them and to make good “choices” relating to them. In the world Fiscal is referred to as something that relates to government money or public money, & taxes OR simply put: fiscal responsibility is the act of creating, optimizing and maintaining a balanced budget. Has it ever occured to in order to do that you Must work with God in creating, optimizing, and maintaining balance in your Life and relationships 1st. I can testify until you do, you will not balance your budget? That said, do you see how the excuse of, “I missed the boat” is a lie of the father of all lies?  I spent Years making excuses of how I missed the boat on this or that financially because I was low income and continuously in debt just to survive. And I believed these words therefore, keeping myself down. “as a woman thinketh so is she”. I “claimed” I lived on a tight budget working 2 jobs most of my life. Truth is, I also spent alot of time and money trying to keep up with societies idea of  “living”. In doing so, this can and often will carry you Far away from fiscal responsibility not only in your finances but, fiscal responsibility in your walk of Love with God, famly, self, and your neighbor. Fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget Begins in the Way of His Word “which works when you work it!”  It begins in the beginning, you are created in His Image and given authority with your “choices” in life. Choose to follow Him and you will receive the Holy kiss of His spirit of Love  which provides the tools, no matter your age, for Transformation & Restoration for you to Be Reborn. In the Way of the Messiah we become One in the creating, optimizing, and maintaining balance of our lives now, in each moment. Letting go of the lies, sins, & ways of the world. How do I know it works? I tested out the world’s ways and His ways. And trust me I tested both sides of the fence, the hard way. The world’s ways got me in a mess and deep in debt, so deep I could barely see the light to The Way out. But, He never let me go and Finally like the song says, I chose Jesus saying, “Jesus take the wheel and show me The Way.”  It wasn’t a free ride, or smooth all the way but, it was full of Mercy and Grace. He has shown Me how if I would just submit and be obedient,using ALL the tools given from beginning to end, to “work” His word, the road will Smooth out and I CAN live out His promises of Fiscal Responsibility. I was shown ALL my weak spots: 1. Abusing His Grace. His Love, Mercy, Forgiveness. I learned GRACE is not given for me to continue in my excuses and sin. It is not given for me to abuse by choosing the idols in the world then come back begging His forgiveness & help when the world let’s me down. 2. Abuse of His provisions. He was freely providing provisions, planting seeds in my life for me to cultivate so they would bear more fruit in my life. I cultivated them on Low levels, enough to get by but, I also abused at least 40% of His provisions trying to provide “worldly stuff” like designer jeans, a ridiculous amount of clothes, eating out to often (which for years included the expense of drinking/pot/cigarettes) when cooking at home & Leaving the addictive stuff alone would have been more cost effective, not to mention healthier in every way. In other words, Not listening, having no patience, not following all the guidance given only left me drowning in debt and sorrows & kept me from the abundance of His promises. Promises that “IF” we are good stewards will reap a harvest for you and enough to share. 3. Abuse of my temple. (my body)  Abuse in my eating habits, sexual habits, overloaded stress, and lack of consistent excercise all created poverty within and without. I didn’t want to listen to all the knowledge that kept knocking at my door. Main culprit: I didn’t want to commit to doing what “I” needed to do to have what I said I wanted. I was robbing myself, my family, and Go. Ellen G White addresses this so well in her book “Councels on Diet & Foods” and like she says, “Wherever the Truth is Proclaimed, instructions should be given in the preparation of healthful foods.” pg 273. (I am not promoting 7th day Adventist religion, your walk with God is between you & God) Yes, my posts are Faith based in the food of the Word God, which simply put is following the the 1 & 2nd most important commandments Love & seek God with all your heart, mind, and soul and love your neighbor as Yourself. This includes foods literally in your daily living. Facts are 7th day Adventist healthy lifestyle works and it is All founded in the Way of our Creator and His Way. And I have learned I don’t need to try to re-invent the wheel when in my seeking I am shown Truths and it is Truth: Regular eating of both spiritual and physical foods have a major effect on All aspects of your daily Life. Eating junk or skipping meals will take their toll. Here are a couple of sites, if you choose to check them out, that will enlighten you and aid you, If you choose to stop making excuses, & begin your journey to fiscal responsibility. I did & now 4 years later, I am Out of Debt, living in a healthy environment, stress is minimul as His Word shows me the way Thru if it does raise it’s head, and Love is more bountiful daily.

My prayer for you is as my friend Kariamu says, that you “Choose Good Things” & reap the harvest thereof.  Shalom

But are you listening?

Greetings & Happy New Year! I’ve kicked mine off with a 40 day fast and no not entirely from food. Only certain foods. 🙂 and media. The foods are things full of sugar, Nope! Cheese, yes still battling my cheese addiction but, it is much better. I am confident by the end of my fast, I will no longer hear cheese calling me daily. LOL I have cut my coffee down to 4-5 oz a day and No Soap Operas! That one was rough the first 7 days however, I replaced them with His Good News and nothing but, healthy, fun, positive movies. Wow! what a difference that has made in my daily life. Praise God! Once a week I do listen to 30 minutes of Nora O’Donnel news or 30 mins of the local news on CBS.. just to stay a little informed on what is going on in the world. I started this fast because it is my heart’s desire to walk with God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit in the fullness of The Way of Christ and that just can’t happen if I am doing all the talking and not listening when they speak to me. For some time I’ve had a lot of loud and clear signs, messages, and Pressing of spirit about honoring my temple and loving myself. That means not just feeding my spiritual life but, feeding my mind and body healthy things too. I’ve made excuses of I’m not in awful shape and I eat pretty healthy. However, one day recently I stood in front of the mirror and really looked at myself. All I could say was, “Augh, I am so out of shape” That took me to pray and this time really confess &repent of my sin of neglect and not listening. Ya know, true repentance only comes after confession if you pulls out the weeds you Know shouldn’t be in your garden. In other words, “change your ways”, seek and Listen to His guidance. Questions: 1. are you talking to God everyday? 2. Are you seeking and listening to what He has to say? 3. Do you making excuses when you know you have heard Him say, “that’s not the Way”? If question # 3 is something you do, I suggest you check out Wayne Dyer’s “Excuses Be Gone” on You Tube.

As far as diet and health 7th Day Adventist have tons of information on healthy living. They were even written about in the book the “Blue Zone” due to their healthy eating and living lifestyle extending their years on earth. The Blue Zones are areas where people live the longest. Yep you can google that too or there is a book called the Blue Zone. Another great book is by Ellen G. White called Councels on Diet & Foods it is great and covers everything! Including how foods can cure disease or create dis”ease” if you don’t get things in control. One thing she says right off is: “Wherever the Truth is proclaimed , instruction should be given in the preparation of healthful foods” This website can help with that: It has lots of short videos for quick healthy great foods. So no excuses of healthy eating takes to long. Smile

In His Word, the Father tells us not to be gluttons, over indulge, and to take care of our (His) temples. Yes, we are His temples. Think on that a bit. What kind of home are you asking Jesus to come in to? And remember He does not give us more than we can bear. He has not given us any instruction which cannot be obeyed by all. There is nothing He asks that is unreasonable. We just have to remember sins aren’t just things like murder, adultry, and such. Abusing ourselves & ignoring God in our lives is a sin too. But, all Praises, when we stop, repent, have Faith, Trust, and Listen, we can trust Jesus words, “Behold, thou art made whole, sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee”. (I’ve had that happen too, a worse thing come, I can be hard headed sometimes but, not so much these days, it is not worth it.) If you too have been hard headed, you can choose to change, Now! Ya know, He promises we are Well Able, when walking with Him, to be transformed back into the beautiful person He created us to Be. That does not mean the images in media like Miss Universe or Denzel Washington. Not necessarily anyway. Every person is created as a unique individual and how boring for everyone to be the same shapes, sizes, colors, and so on. So that is Not the goal nor what it means to “love yourself as He loves you or as you are called to love your neighbor.” Check out 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 for the Way of Love. Then go look in the mirror and ask, “Am I loving myself?” I have learned, if you don’t love yourself the way God loves you and don’t believe in who He says you are, it is next to impossible to truly love your family, friends, and your neighbors. Now go read 1 Corinthians 13 again and think on how you show love to God, yourself, family, friends, and your neighbors. Enough said there, I will let the Holy Spirit take over now. Hugs

I leave you with this: If you want Love, Peace, and Joy in your daily life you can have it just answer His Knock, ask Him in, all the way in, and follow Him in the Ways of His Love. I have, and while I could talk all day everyday about how much “following, listening, and sharing His Love has changed so much in my life, I won’t. But, I will be back in 2 weeks with another post to share. Why? Because it’s one of the ways I express my “Love your Neighbor day & I love you! “


Resolution Solutions

Happy New Year 2023!!! Finally, I am ready to Rock-n-Roll with my posts. The last few years I just wasn’t feeling inspired or led so I’ve been on a sabbatical. One that was meant to be short however, God had His own plan taking the last 4 years pulling weeds and cleansing my inner garden. He’s not done yet but, the dry hard ground has been broken, tilled, and we are well on “The Way”.

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have been working overtime in my life and doing such a Wonderful job! I can only Proclaim Praises all things; the trials, temptations, & Blessings! Most of you know I went to Niagara Falls on a 4 day sabbatical after a Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference in 2017 which led me to moving to Niagara Falls and buying a house. Little did I know, it was His plan to take the next Four Years and turn them into a restoration sabbatical of my Mind, Spirit, and Heart. I am a social person and ususually doors open for me to meet lots of people wherever I go. But, that did not happen in Niagara. He opened doors to Only those He intended to use in my cleansing and resortation to Be who He created me to Be. I could count on one hand the people I became friends with and only one was my literal neighbor. That is not my usual. He did send family and several dear friends to visit on & off, Praise God. I was so Far from everyone it was getting to me a bit, especially when COVID hit and really isolated life. All thru this time He pressed and called me so hard to focus & spend time with Him in His Word I could nothing else. While I thought I had repented and returned to Him years before, I learned what real Repentance & Returning to Him meant. #1 on the list was giving up the drivers seat , In ALL I do. I learned so Much and am so grateful for my seasons there. What I didn’t know, which I should have known, was His plan has & still was to take me back home to Arkansas. Yep, the Holy Spirit nugged me in June/July when my sister visited and then spoke Very loudly in September 2022 telling me, ” now It’s time to go home where your earthly life began, Arkansas.” Then He opened doors that Blessed multiple people both in Niagara and Fayetteville. I sold the house to two beautiful ladies from Niagara who Love the house. Not to mention, it was the neighborhood they had grown up in and it is closer to work, family, and so much more. He then opened a door for me to move and dear friends flew in to help with the drive. I had prayed He give me signs so I would know that I know I was hearing correctly and boy did He provide. You see this is a college town I moved to and there were waiting lists everywhere. At first I didn’t even check where my sister lives because I thought they would be out of my price range and for sure have a waiting list, they are so nice. I made the mistake of “assuming” there wouldn’t be one & at first their wasn’t, at least not for the date I wanted to move.I learned a lesson out of this too, stop questioning whether I can afford where God is “telling me” to move. Of course, it turned out I could afford the 2 bedroom, Praises to God so, I put my name on the list. One day later, the leasing agent called and someone had given notice for a 2 bedroom and it would be available literally One day before the day I had prayed for and put on my calendar. And more signs came with it, the apartment styles have names, mine was named Savannah, my granddaughters name, and the leasing agent to handle my move in was Jacob! that’s my grandson’s name. It gave me chills to hear and see Him work. And those lovely ladies that wanted the house were ready to move in the house in Niagara and everything about that went smoothly. In fact, they moved in on Liz’s Birthday! (she’s the one actually buying the house) Wait there is more: God protected us and got us out before the big snow storms hit the area and November 13th I moved in. Last, but not least, the timing couldn’t have been better, my sister fell on Thanksgiving and broke her knee cap. Praise God no ligaments or tendons torn so she didn’t have to have surgery but, she was put in an immobilizer to begin the healing process and we were looking at 6-8 weeks of healing, walkers, help with showers and stuff. She couldn’t do it by herself in other words and her son could help but, not as much as needed. His plate was already overflowing. Thanks to God’s grand plan of moving me & because I work remote I am hear to help.Oh and I cannot leave out how Blessed I am to be employed by a loving, faith based, wonderful company, Specialty Ortho in GA, who said “the move was no problem”. Plus, I’ve been able to juggle my schedule so it has all worked out so well! and Yep, she is healing well! PRAISES, PRAISES!

Well, that’s my testimony, for now. One more thank you Lord, he ended my year yesterday with the best message by a pastor at the 7th Day Adventist church here in Fayetteville. It was titled “Resolution Solution” which is why I went there. I have some resolution solutions that I know the 7th day Adventist health practices will be of great benefit & it’s time I get back out in the world, that too is part of His Plan. Not only will I benefit from these resolutions but, you too in my future posts. At least, I pray and hope you do. Simply put my New Year’s Resolution Solution is to submit and obey the Truth of His Word just like Jesus (Yeshua) tells us in Matthew 22:36-40. Beginning January 15th you will see new posts on Living in The Way of His Word which is summed up in these verses. Notice: there are actually 3 commandments within the 2. The 3rd being you must Love Yourself, not n a selfish, greedy way but, in the Love He loves us with…it is the key to the Truth being able to Love God with all your heart and to loving your family, neighbors, and all His Creation. 2023 posts will include all the tools and fertilizer He has shared with me to grow and bear the Good fruit of His Love found in His Word. That is my Resolution, full commitment to Being and Living in His Image. So look forward to recipes, financial tips, meditations, excercise, nature’s health tips, and so much more. SMILE

To kick off the New Year with healthy eating, check out my daughters one minute videos with great recipes:

Won’t you join me in a Resolution Solution that “Works when you Work it” knowing, as He promises, “we are able”

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 40 On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.


Ladies in the House!

Greetings to ALL whose eyes are reading this post! I want to start off saying, this is Not a Feminist post. This is a post about women in the Word & those of you walking with & in the spirit of Yah. LOVE.

Acts 17: 23-31 puts my digging into God’s word in a nutshell along with I truly feel the heart’s desire “In Me” to seek Him with all my heart, soul, & mind & when the Holy Spirit presses me to share, I obey. Not to mention, I always have wanted to know things for myself, not just listen to what someone else says, it says. I am not saying discussions by others, are nothing. I watch videos on You Tube about God’s Word, Religion, the study of Theology, & the Culture surrounding His Word. I often take notes, then I pray asking Yah (God) to show me what’s true and what is misconstrued. Then, I set off digging into His Word for myself. It was in the listening & watching the findings & teachings of others, I realized how few discuss the women of the Bible, their accomplishments, and how God used so many for important purposes. First and foremost, Ladies you All have been given important purposes & He will show you what that is “IF” you seek Him. One purpose whether you literally have children or not is: we are the ones predominately Raising the Men & WOMEN of mankind. We are the fertilizer and cultivators of Love in the gardens of the hearts of children. You know those seeds, in His image, God planted within us.

This is one of the reasons for my post, because it has been my experience we only hear about a few of the women of the Bible: Eve, Ruth, Esther, Naomi, Mary, Sarah, & of course Mary Magdelene being the most prominent. This has me on a CSI mission about “women of the Bible”. So today, I am going to share a few of these women & for the next couple of posts I will be sharing info on women of the Bible & how some of the women of today purpose walk hand in hand with these Fabulous women. — Bathsheba like many of us was married twice. 1st she was the wife of Uriah, the Hittite and later King David. Depending on who you are, her story may strike home with you in your life. Check her out.

Deborah #2 – yep there are two Deborah listed – God used her in mighty ways. She sure was not a wallflower speaking only when spoken to. NO, she was a prophetess and the fourth, and the only female, Judge of pre-monarchic Israel in the Old Testament (Tanakh). Her story is told twice, in chapters 4 and 5 of Judges. Did you know this about Sandra Day O’Conner: On September 25, 1981, she became the first woman to serve as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Now think about this, Deborah #2 was a woman of the Old Testament and in the article I read on O’Conner they were talking about how she finally crashed thru the final wall to serve in 1981! Yep, God had a purpose for her too, in 1981.

  • Hogla – One of the 5 daughters of Zelophehad who fought and won the right to inherit their deceased father’s property. Numbers Joshu [66] [67] You think that was an easy thing in the culture of these times? Don’t ya know her fight had purpose in our right to inherit our Father’s property? — I can’t leave out Rahab. She risked her life to have a Life. Did you know she is in the lineage of Jesus? She is another one that it took Great courage for her to survive & help her family in her times. I am not supporting her line of work at the time however, do we know her story and why she was living as she lived? Does anyone bring attention to the fact she repented, was grafted into the family of God, forgiven, then followed God obediently?

These are just a few I chose to mention. Please feel free to check out the site below, that list All the women of the Bible, do some deep dive digging yourself, and Comment on who you found most interesting and why did she speak to your heart?

I pray you enjoy this little series I am doing and may these women inspire you to greatness too.


Day 6 of Daniel’s Fast

Hi! How’s it going ya’ll? I am doing well. Do I think about cheese and crackers daily? Yes! However, I have abstained. LOL It is getting easier as each day goes by not to think on these. One other thing I noticed is I miss yogurt and mayonnaise a lot too. Then today, in my daily readings book, Torah for Living it talked about the story of Esau and Jacob and how Esau gave up his birthright because he was very hungry. (Gen. 25: 29-34) Now you would think that’s pretty dumb or at least extreme right? Then it said: BEWARE: Don’t let short-term pleasure trump long-term gain. Don’t put self-indulgence before long-term spiritual gain. That made me think and ask myself, how many times have I let short-term pleasure mislead me? I don’t even want to admit how often now that I thought on it. And it drove home once again how mankind continues to repeat this story Still! So, who’s the dummy now? Esau or Us from not learning from this story.

It also got me thinking about my fast, especially the food part. All these questions popped up in my head: How often do we just eat stuff or “get addicted” to certain foods that are clearly not for our best benefit? Our bodies and health are part of our birthright ya know. Are we thinking through our choices of what we eat and the consequences/ implications of those choices? Is getting what you want in the Moment always what you Need? Are our immediate desires beneficial in living our best life?

After I thought about my answers, I then felt the need to pray: ” Lord, stop me from just feeding my immediate impulses and remind me to Think before I act. I want to live wisely; I want to honor the temple you have given me and love according to your will and plan for my life. Thank you, Lord, for giving me eyes to see and ears to hear the benefits in the story of Esau and Jacob. in the name of Yeshua (Jesus) Amen

Shalom! I’m off to make my Spinach and Kiwi salad with a side of noodle soup

Noodle Soup

Vegetable broth, 1 cup purple onions, 3/4 c. thin sliced zucchini, 3/4 c. carrots, 2 tblsp. garlic, uncooked whole grain pasta, 2 tblsp. soy sauce or tamari, 1 tblsp. dill minced, 1/2 tsp olive oil, & my fav a nice pinch of Herbs de Provence. Oh, and if you don’t want to do whole grain pasta you can spiral your zucchini using 2 whole zucchini and they can be your noodles. I love that little thing!

See the source image


Ok, Daniel’s Fast begins tomorrow, Feb. 1st for the whole month! Well, if you so choose you can do 21 days however, I do believe you will gain more benefits if you do the full 28. Just my opinion.

I came across a really a couple of sites I want to share: How to Do a Daniel Fast – YouTube

DANIEL 1 – Daniel’s Diet makes you 10 times wiser! – Doug Batchelor – YouTube

I so agree with the 1st one in spending set times every day with God. Ya know, Daniel always prayed to God three times every day. Three times every day, he bowed down on his knees to pray and praise God. Daniel 6:10-28 This habit sure makes the day flow smoother. It doesn’t have to be long time, you can even do it on a 10 min. break. Then before & after work spend some designated time instead of whatever other Media stuff you usually do. Just sayin’.

While you work consider listening to Praise Worship, if you are able.

I don’t presume to know where you are in your walk but, this is a good teaching series on the whole word: Love & Torah It’s call Love & Torah. If it’s too much for you, you can always choose to turn it off however, maybe it would be good to listen even if it is tappin’ some doors. Isn’t that what part of the fast is about, cleansing Mind, body, and Soul. smile

Well, I am off to have my last supper with no CHEESE & Crackers for 28 days! Praying these 28 days will break that daily addiction. LOL Not that cheese is terrible thing but, when you are feeling like this; “All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be enslaved by anything” something needs to be done.

Have a good night! Hope to hear how your fast is going in the comments & please feel free to share any helpful tips/recipes too.


One week & our Fast begins

If you are reading this for the 1st time, be sure and go back and read the last 4 posts prior to this one. All January & February 2022 posts are related to our doing a Daniel’s Fast for the 28 days of February.

Today I want to share another tasty recipe so you can see this is not a starve me or awful fast. LOL

Asian Noodle Salad. Yummy!

8 oz. whole wheat thin spaghetti noodles

2 tblsp. canola oil, 1/4 c. chopped cilantro, 3 tblsp. soy sauce, 2 tblsp. fresh Lemon Or Lime juice

1 tsp minced garlc, 1 tsp. minced ginger or 1 drop doterra ginger oil, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tsp. sesame oil

1 tsp. creamy peanut butter, 1 tsp red pepper flakes, 1 Cup peeled, seeded, and sliced cucumber

1 C. sliced snow peas,1/2 c. diced red bell pepper, 1/2 c. pineapple chunks cut in half & dash of pepper

Cook your noodles, drain well (do not rinse), coat in canola oil and set to the side

Combine all your seasonings along with the peanut butter, add remaining items & then toss with your noodles. Let stand for 1 hour at room temp. Stir occasionally for full flavor. Just like that, Let’s Eat! Notice how there is very little cooking involved on this one. Gotta love that.

That one hour wait time would be perfect time to turn on some tunes and get some dance exercise in. Alone or with your hubby and/or the kids. smile Fun, laughter, song, and dance raise your serotonin levels lifting your mood.

Don’t feel like dancing, it would be a good time to spend in His Word. Maybe memorize some verses. I love 1John 1:7: But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. The site below has many good ones.

That’s it for this post. Shalom & Enjoy!