Eyes to see, Ears to hear…

Good Morning!  To those who have eyes to see & ears to hear, these times are revealing the truths of mankind. I know many who read this are not the ones I am addressing however, if my words tap you up….well, good.  I pray this finds my readers hearts crying and praying for mankind. I pray this time of isolation is a wake up call to your life and the lives of your families. I pray the Truth and the Light of His Word, that you have heard over the years of your life, come forth and they do open the doors to your strengths and your weak areas. I pray this time draws you closer to those you love, opening the doors to the truly important thing in Life. LOVE – all it’s attributes and the simplicity of it. I pray this is showing you how you Can cook at home, save money by not running to and for and spending it like it grows on trees. I pray your creativity and gifts are rising from within as you spend more time indoors. Yes, I pray this is a time more eyes will be opened to see and more ears to really hear what is transpiring both within and without.

It saddens me to see all the hording and selfishness. I mean really! Most in our face example is: buying three or more 48 packets of toilet paper for a 2 or 3 person family! Leaving the poor and elderly barely able to find a 4 pack of toilet paper. Did it ever occur to you the poor and elderly on fixed incomes couldn’t run out and buy large amounts of necessary items?  And the worst part is now 2-3 weeks in, when it is clear stores are replenishing, and we Will have access to more, that the selfishness continues to the point of Adults having to be Controlled, Limited to purchases, and even broken up from fighting. It saddens me to hear of so much selfishness by many who are not adhering to the self isolation, taking an attitude of “this is no worse than any other flu.” Or “it mostly only effects old people and the sick, so why do we all have to isolate?”  The Answer:         You interact with people of all ages and health issues. Sometimes with people you don’t even realize have compromised immune systems. This  & any virus is a miserable and I for one sure don’t take dying with your lungs filling up like your drowning as something I would want Anyone, no matter their age, to go. If you’ve paid any attention you can see how quickly it travels and it doesn’t just affect old & sick. Yes, last year the 2019 flu cases were very high and many deaths as well. That is Not my point here. The point is the attitude many have toward their fellowman just because lifestyles are affected. Yes, some things are canceling and it is disappointing and is it some government fear factor in truth, who knows but, again it is the “heart and attitudes” I am seeing as to what I write about. I ask: Do You like being Sick?  Is it worth the risk, Really? What if you are Wrong and it could take many more lives and do lots more damage than you can imagine?  Just what if the ” Medical Professionals “are Correct that the reason it hasn’t done more damage IS because we were “forced” to isolate. Do all the thousands in China and Italy not sink in – look at the damage this can do?? Yes, it’s sad in and of itself, we have to be “Forced” to Care about others lives. Ponder that instead of sitting around groaning and moaning because your every whim and want can’t be filled “right now”.

Maybe that is what we needed to learn, it isn’t all about you, that our over indulgence and loss of Love and caring got us in this mess. Notice I said “Our”, this has revealed my own selfish areas and things I grumble about now are things I am thankful for or that seem very petty. I am quickly pulling those weeds and thankful God brought them to the surface for me to see and correct as I continue in my life.     On that note:

I am Thankful for God’s loving arms, guidance, and healing in so many. I am thankful for all those who do have respect for their fellowman/woman & showing it in so many ways. I am thankful for all the healthcare workers, law enforcement, fireman, military, delivery drivers, workers in stores, the mailman and all essential personal that are taking risks in their interacting with others. I am thankful for all the employers who are doing their best to keep staff working or at least help them out of the goodness of their heart. I am thankful the politicians could finally come to terms to do their job, help “we the people” in troubled times. Lord, know all the working citizens pay enough taxes that we should reap some help in times of need.

It truly brings me joy to see all those who do have genuine Love in their hearts and are sharing that love in so many creative ways. Singing from the roof tops, balconies, sharing online, thru media avenues, calling and keeping one another company, and the list goes on and on….

It is in our Love, respect, thankfulness, joy, endurance, and growth we will come thru all this and I pray be a better society because of it. I end this post praying whoever reads my words that you have eyes to see and ears to hear and the seeds of Love are watered, cultivated, and will bear fruit that will provide not only within you but, with your neighbor now and after this settles down.

Hugs. Shalom.



What the Kids have to stay Home!

Hi everyone!  Lord Have Mercy! What are we supposed to do with our kids?

These are the feelings of many parents as many schools are closing due to the Coronavirus. To add to this, they have announced: And don’t take the kids to Grandparents as it is the Grandparents who are at higher risk.  Unless, of course you are a young healthy grandparent, then by all means “Pitch in” if you are able. However, if you are Over 60 years old with any health issues that compromise your immune system, you really need to apply Tough love and teach your children how it is “their responsibility” to take care of their children, as most of us baby boomers had to do with them.  Back in our day, our parents did Not step in as much as we have with our children. I now think that we did our children a dis-service helping “so” much in so many areas. But, that’s another post. LOL  All this said, I want to give some suggestions to all you young parents & those grandparents who are able or who are not listening the the healthcare providers. You know who you are. LOL

Often we hear: ” all these things work together for good.” That is only a portion of the verse and to understand full context you need to read all of Romans 8. For now I am going to elaborate just a little more and leave the remainder as your choice if you want to take this indoor time to dig deeper.  “All these things work together; while they are working, God’s providence is working, his Spirit is working, and they are working Together with him. And whatever troubles, or afflictions, or persecutions may arise, God presses them into their service; and they make a part of the general working, and are caused to contribute to the general good of the person who now loves God, and who is working by faith and love under the influence and operation of the Holy Ghost. ”

Now my point of adding in this info on this verse:  This virus got me thinking about my blessings in the midst of it: At 64, I am in pretty good health, I work remote, I have comfortable home, I was already set up with supplies because it is winter in NY,  I can order online if needed, and I have internet and a phone to communicate with friends, family, and OHHH I can use some of this “self Quarantined” time to work on my posts and my 2nd book. (which I have been procrastinating on). These are just the majors that popped in my head.  Then it popped in my head, what would I do if I still had kids?

Well, I know one thing TV & internet would not be how they filled their days. I am not saying I wouldn’t incorporate TV and Internet part of the day. But, kids need activities and Love. Now is a perfect time for you Both to tap into some fun indoor activities and share some love. Think about it & be honest, all too often, we are so busy real interactive Love gets pushed to the side a lot and is only shared when we can find some time. So I thought I would share a few ideas to mix it up while the kids are home.

  1. Tap into Art..everyone’s (yes, you too parents): Color, Paint, get the glue out and make decoupage. None of it has to be perfect, just fun.
  2. Play games. If you have a board game or cards that is even better. They are more literal interactive than the computer.
  3. Do Spring Cleaning! in fun ways  First Watch the movie “Risky Business” or movie “Mermaids” online. Then, turn on the music, put on socks and with some Murphy’s Oil Soap clean the kitchen and hardwood floors.  Run a bubble batch, then when ready to get out scrub the tub and walls together with the soapy water. (then rinse of course) Have a singing or dancing contest while you dust or pick up the kids room. Throw Pillows while you clean. In other words, take
  4. Play Dress UP!! Have an indoor Halloween with goodies for best ideas. This way the boys too can get involved. Encourage using the Imagination.
  5. Do Word games, Spelling bees, Puzzles….you can even make your own puzzles.
  6. Get in the Kitchen and “Get Cookin'” then have fun cleaning up the mess.
  7. Read BOOKS Together!  Play out the parts sometimes.

These are my 7 Steps to Success so you don’t all go crazy and hate being locked up in the house together.


It Just Is

Good Morning!  I know, I know I haven’t posted in awhile. I found myself asking myself, “Why aren’t you posting on Saturdays? You aren’t being committed as you promised not only to your Readers but, God.”  Some excuses popped in my head like, maybe I do suffer from S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) like this Dr. told me once, or that I am tired after working 50+ hrs a week on the computer and just don’t want to look at a computer for at least one day. (I work 6 days a week), or I just didn’t have anything I wanted to say. Then I heard my Wayne Dyer CD’s words say, ” Excuses Be Gone”. It is one of my fav CD’s by him and he’s right. That Dr. talked to me maybe all of 3 mins. and based his diagnosis on my saying I was tired and not feeling as social as usual. He simply provided an excuse and if I had accepted it a pill to help. I did Not, while sitting there God quickly reminded me, you have plenty of days in the winter  you are happy as a lark. Just because you tend to hibernate, read, and are not as social in the winter doesn’t mean you are Sad! As for work, You allow it to consume the Winter months. As usual God is so Right: November to April 1st is when work is overflowing and I am asked to do OT. It is me that just doesn’t seem to know how to “Just say No”. And there is the Fact I just need some down time and winter is perfect for that, it feels quit natural. ” It Just IS what it is. ”

As I was thinking on these things I heard Yeshua say: God created Seasons for a reason:  Look around you, all of Creation requires some Down time for rest, renewal, reflection, shedding of the old. This is so when Spring and the Light come rolling in all things will come forth stronger, full of life, and bear new fruits.  All I can say to that is, “Thank You.”

One other thing that Just Is what it Is: Recently I was asked, “Why do I follow a book written 300 years After the quote Messiah said them? Not to mention books are missing and then their is the conversions of language which is never perfect. Why this threw me off guard I have no idea, as I have had this conversation many times, I did respond: “because Jesus teachings have proven True, it’s not about the Religion of the Bible it’s about Jesus teachings of who God & we are as Love. I’ve found, All Religions have a base foundation founded in Love however, for me The Way of His Word in the Bible is the one that doesn’t go to far to the Left or the Right.. bottom line: it’s just right, for me. As we walked out I told him, it is not about the Religions for me, I did a lot of seeking before Knowing Jesus is My Man!  I am well aware of how man has twisted, divided, and left things out but, I also know God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit (my Family:  Father, Mother, and Son, my man) are well able to show me The Way and The Truth in all Things.

What I didn’t say and wish I had is this: I have found Jesus (Yeshua) Words are all about Living Life, His Words work when You Work them. I trust God just as Jesus tells me so:  that They will reveal to me the Truth & the mysteries in the Bible and They will also reveal to me where man has had his hand in it. It is in Jesus words the why of why I am Not SAD.  His Word reveals the Key is LOVE and all it’s attributes. About sharing that Love with All God’s Creations…no matter the “Labels” mankind has put on things, no matter how man wants to take control and make you question God, He and His Love, if you allow it will reveal itself all around you. I for one am thankful for all the insight, knowledge, and sharing of the Word in all forms but, in my findings The Way of Jesus is the most direct, simple, and teaches the Best Way on how to cultivate, water, and LIVE the Best Life I can on Earth as it is in Heaven. For me, ” It Just IS! “

Who Comes 1st?

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way…..

As we rapidly approach the Holidays, many people are ready to pull their hair out with all the man made created necessities associated with the Holidays. Yes, Man Made. smile

If we were to take a step back and Praise 1st the “Reason for the Season“, JESUS & share the “gifts” we receive thru His Word, we wouldn’t be nearly as stressed or “broke”. There are so many spending money they don’t actually have at this time of year. Running up debts it will take till next year to pay off, for some.   Oh, and don’t get all technical on me saying, “it is not really Jesus birthday anyway”.  true that. But, it’s not about the date. The Reason for the Season is His being given as a “Gift” by the Father to Us that we could see and come to KNOW His LOVE for US.

And in answer to your question: “what about the children, they love all the gifts and decorations?” You know what children (& most of us adults) need Even More? LOVE, your TIME, device Free, not talking on the phone, drinking with other adults telling the kids go play, and not watching TV.  Think about it, how much Real time do you spend as a family during any given day? How often in your hectic, busy day do you feel “alone”?  And even though the kids don’t always say it, how often do you think they are crying both inside and out because they feel Alone?  I know I should have posted much earlier, as most have already been out and are finished shopping however, it is Not to late to make a couple of changes to the Holiday and do some things that will make hearts sing all throughout your home.

Here are some suggestions: Praying, singing and dancing to Joyous songs, get out in Nature and have some fun, take pictures then mail them out to any friends and loved ones that don’t live near you, cook together and yes, making a mess in the kitchen! (throw some flour at one another & watch the laughs…then clean up together to music and be silly doing that too. Don’t let that teenager stomp off mad, grab them hug & kiss on them till they laugh.) My nephews son made the cutest snow gauge out of a stick and pasted on snowman face, little scarf, and buttons down the stick. Play dress up and do a play about the true meaning of Christmas. The whole family go to Church together, to a Christmas play, or Christmas musical. Go volunteer somewhere and lend a hand.. Kids too..they need to learn to Share not just be over indulged with presents. smile  If you have a single neighbor ask them over to enjoy the fun or to go with you to church.  Take your left over food and hit the streets sharing with the homeless…you can go around any local library or if you live in Cali down to the beach and you will find those in need.

Like me, don’t live near your family? Spend time with God, you can still go to church, volunteer, Skype or do some Visual form of webcam so you can see your family for a bit, cook for YOU!, play music and sing Praises, take a hike or walk and enjoy the Beauty of the season. Or if you work a lot; Praise God you have a job and the Gift of a Paid day OFF to Rest and relax celebrating the birth of His son, Yeshua. (Jesus)

Have a wonderful Holiday season everyone!!



Find Your Good!

Hi again! I was watching Sunday Morning show on CBS today and JBJ said, “Find your Good and Do It!” https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jon-bon-jovi-jbj-soul-kitchen-find-your-good-and-do-it/

 This got me thinking, “what is my good?” And now I ask you, “Do you know Your Good?”

What am I doing in my life whether it be day to day or occasionally that is doing good for my fellow brothers and sisters here on Earth? I am told, my upbeat and glass half full attitude does others in my life good. I know my lack of shyness and willingness to talk to most any and everyone has done good many times. How do I know? People either tell me or we both walk away smiling and often exchanging emails or phone #’s.

Then I thought, Hello, wake up! you know your heart’s desire on how to do “your good”  My posts, my attempting to write my books, and just plain sharing life’s experiences, which I already do. Always in the hopes my walk on this Earth does do some “good”. Then I heard the Holy Spirit ask, “Wanna do more? then make a concerted effort and slot  time to stay focused on just that? It is after all what I told you to do.”  Hmmm, like this song I heard in my grandson’s car, I found myself humming:  “Blame it on my ADD, Baby”  That song is intense & the rest of the words don’t fit me at all but, that one line fits often in my life. LOL  Truth is I get so absorbed in my job that I neglect my heart’s desires saying, ” I will get to it.” It’s not that I don’t use my gifts God gave me at all. I do. However, I also Know I “need” to commit to my life He planned and stop setting it to the side for later. I am 64 yrs. old and I need to quit with the ” later”. And I must say when I do commit to a work & personal life balance there is an inner Joy and excitement that gives me extra energy too. I Love sharing the Love of God & sharing life experiences and knowledge with others. There is so much to learn thru interaction with all walks of life.  And from what I am told ya’ll, my readers, like it too. (for the most part) And even if we don’t agree, that ok. A Sufi Master told me once, ” have no Expectations” Took me a bit but, I finally understood what he meant. We are unique individuals growing, becoming, learning, and changing in each season. So how can we have expectations of a work in progress? As a work in progress, things are subject to change. How you thought, believed, walked in life at 20 is not still the same at 40, 50, 60, and son on. As life grafts in it’s experiences your outlook and desires become more hybrid until you ultimately become all He meant for you to Be.  At least, I pray that is what your experiencing.     Plus, how boring would it be if we were all like robots agreeing on everything. That’s not living, if that was all we would miss out on so many talents, gifts, & most important: so many variations of Love.

Well, I think you get where I am going in this post. So now I leave you to ponder, “Do you know your good? and what are you doing with it?”  And if you don’t know, seek and you shall find…dig into your heart, it’s in there wanting to Share with others.

I’ll pray you live to the fullest in your Good and ya’ll please pray for me to do the same.


Life is a Math equation

Math augh! This week we had a staff member whose batch was Out of Balance. 

“Mr. Poster” had made errors in posting and closed their batch anyway. Then “Ms. Review batches” emailed me, “Ms.Team Lead” saying: ” this is out of balance, Please have this fixed so we can close the days work“. I forwarded the error to Mr. Poster advising him to find the error and fix the batch. Mr. Poster then tried to void and correct his error only to mess it up even more & couldn’t figure out what to do next. So, Mr. Poster sent it back to me, & my brain went into “anxiety mode”. I am Awful at math so, I  reached out to my friend and boss, Ms. Director who responded with what looked like would be the answer to solve the issue. I was so relieved. Turns out, that wasn’t entirely the problem. I didn’t want to put it back on my Directors shoulders, her plate was overflowing horribly on this Friday afternoon. So I reached out to a Ms. Billing CoOrdinator, who works on things like this daily, and wouldn’t you know it the system was blocking her from logging into my client. All I could hear was my brain saying:  “I hate Math, why Me?” So we skyped and 1.5 hrs later we still could not figure out what the heck had been done. Now really stressed, I had to go back to the Director, she said, ” it’s late, start back on it first thing Monday morning.” Before I logged out for the day, I reached another teammate on another client, let’s call her Ms. Math Brain (she had shown in the past she has a Math brain). I told her I am going to go thru each line and see if I can figure it out but, if I can’t would you please help. I only ended up more frustrated that ever. Ms. Billing Coordinator said, ” I will look at it Monday and see what I can do” Now in tears, I sent her the marked reports I had completed. Monday afternoon she said she had not had time to look at it. We were on Day Three & Friday end of day was still not resolved!  I went to Ms. Math brain, saying, “Please Help!”  The next day, after going thru circling and matching up what was posted, even she was still struggling. I thought, ” oh no, even Ms. Math Brain is stuck “. We skyped and began going over each item one by one discussing how things had been posted. All the sudden, Ms. Math Brain said, ” oh good grief, I see the problem, it’s right there before my eyes“.  My brain was still saying:      ” huh? what? where?”  Then she said, “can you conference in Ms Billing CoOrdinator so I can explain this all at once, and so I did. As I listened huge walls were still standing strong in my mind and all I could feel was tears welling up in my eyes. I went to bed once again frustrated at how much I still struggle with Math. Then I heard God say,          ” Why didn’t you didn’t ask me to help?”  In that moment, I realized I had gone around all these years struggling and never thought of reaching out to Him to relieve me of this block in my brainI tell others all the time, ask God, the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit, Mother to help and guide you, they said and promised they Can help with Allthings in Life.  I knelt down to ask forgiveness and then for their guidance and healing of whatever was causing the Wall in my brain The next morning after Ms. Math Brain Fixed all the errors and Friday was finally Balanced and Closed, what she had explained actually clicked & made sense! Not saying if it happens again I could figure it out alone, but, I am confident I could get further.

Best part, the Wall had been broken and I was set free from the anxiety to learn Math. “One step at a time”. Since childhood, when the teacher ventured beyond basic math a Giant thick Wall popped up and my Mind said,   “Nope, this does not register” and I just ended up in tears and sick to my stomach, “literally”  I actually didn’t go to college because of it. Funny though, all thru my working life Math has risen it’s head and I have had to participate in solving Math problems. Do you see where I am going in this Post?

Our lives are Math equations! At various times, in every life, we get “Out of Balance” We must get to the Root of the Problem to Solve it!  To do that, we Need to ask God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to get involved and open our eyes, give us ears to hear and then reach out to the teammates He’s provided to lend a helping hand. This Math Equation clearly pointed out that my hard head & not seeking Him 1st IS the Root of My Problem. At 64 years old, I can now move forward knowing:  you’re never to old to stop going backward & together we CAN break down the Walls to Solve any Equation!


Benefits of Sauerkraut

Yuk you say. I personally like sauerkraut with a little Thousand Island dressing and a Good All Beef hot dog. While I like Kombucha ok it is not the best tasting drink. Yet, I still wanted the benefits. So I decided to do some research and found Sauerkraut does you just as good! Most of the recipes are with green cabbage but, purple cabbage is fine too and that is what I had in my fridge so I decided to try my hand at making my own. I thought you too might like some of my findings on the health benefits of making your own Kraut.   Did you know, it supplies Probiotics that Help Improve Digestion. Microorganisms present in sauerkraut, including those of the lactobacillus bacteria genus, essentially “feed” the good bacteria in your gut, which improves digestive health. Research shows that within sauerkraut, lactobacillus plantarum is the predominant LAB bacteria strain that’s born during the fermentation phase. Sauerkraut Improves Immune Function. Although most people don’t realize it, the gut is your biggest immune system organ, and sauerkraut’s probiotics play a major role in regulating gut health. This is a big one for me as I have always had Allergies. It Reduces Inflammation and Allergies. Autoimmunity — one of the root causes of inflammation — is a state in which the body attacks its own tissues because it suspects that it’s being harmed by an outside “invader,” whether this is a food you’re sensitive or allergic to, toxins from household and beauty products, poor quality air and water, and so on.

Having mood swings or concerned with aging? Get this:  Sauerkraut protects Cognitive Health. It’s not hard to image how our brain and digestive systems are connected.  Did you know not only can your mood can affect your digestion, but it turns out that the health of your digestive system can also affect your nervous system, brain function and moods! Probiotics found in sauerkraut can help produce and release important digestive enzymes and digestive substances that collaborate with the chemicals in your brain. These include various nutrients like vitamins and minerals that are needed for proper neurotransmitter function and cognitive processes. Even if you don’t make your own Kraut, try adding it to your diet and check out how Your Body and moods respond.

And I will end with this one…it’s a biggee, for some of us at least: Sauerkraut is beneficial for Weight Loss or Maintenance. Until I went thru menopause I never even thought about gaining weight. Then ” the change”  sure did bring a change, for me an add’l 20 lbs and now I find it difficult to maintain the weight in which I feel my best. As you can see, the state of your gut health directly affects the way you think, feel, act and view the world! Because probiotics found in sauerkraut help regulate various hormonal functions, they can have a positive effect on your cravings and appetite control. Studies now even link intake of probiotic-rich foods with a lowered risk for obesity and easier weight loss.

Ok..if I have sold you on Sauerkraut and trying to make it yourself, step one is: Create an anaerobic environment in order for the lactic acid bacteria to proliferate and here is the site to help you do just that.   https://www.culturesforhealth.com/learn/recipe/natural-fermentation/sauerkraut/

I am on day 5 of mine fermenting.. I will keep you posted on how it turns out! And how my gut reacts. smile