Life is a Math equation

Math augh! This week we had a staff member whose batch was Out of Balance. 

“Mr. Poster” had made errors in posting and closed their batch anyway. Then “Ms. Review batches” emailed me, “Ms.Team Lead” saying: ” this is out of balance, Please have this fixed so we can close the days work“. I forwarded the error to Mr. Poster advising him to find the error and fix the batch. Mr. Poster then tried to void and correct his error only to mess it up even more & couldn’t figure out what to do next. So, Mr. Poster sent it back to me, & my brain went into “anxiety mode”. I am Awful at math so, I  reached out to my friend and boss, Ms. Director who responded with what looked like would be the answer to solve the issue. I was so relieved. Turns out, that wasn’t entirely the problem. I didn’t want to put it back on my Directors shoulders, her plate was overflowing horribly on this Friday afternoon. So I reached out to a Ms. Billing CoOrdinator, who works on things like this daily, and wouldn’t you know it the system was blocking her from logging into my client. All I could hear was my brain saying:  “I hate Math, why Me?” So we skyped and 1.5 hrs later we still could not figure out what the heck had been done. Now really stressed, I had to go back to the Director, she said, ” it’s late, start back on it first thing Monday morning.” Before I logged out for the day, I reached another teammate on another client, let’s call her Ms. Math Brain (she had shown in the past she has a Math brain). I told her I am going to go thru each line and see if I can figure it out but, if I can’t would you please help. I only ended up more frustrated that ever. Ms. Billing Coordinator said, ” I will look at it Monday and see what I can do” Now in tears, I sent her the marked reports I had completed. Monday afternoon she said she had not had time to look at it. We were on Day Three & Friday end of day was still not resolved!  I went to Ms. Math brain, saying, “Please Help!”  The next day, after going thru circling and matching up what was posted, even she was still struggling. I thought, ” oh no, even Ms. Math Brain is stuck “. We skyped and began going over each item one by one discussing how things had been posted. All the sudden, Ms. Math Brain said, ” oh good grief, I see the problem, it’s right there before my eyes“.  My brain was still saying:      ” huh? what? where?”  Then she said, “can you conference in Ms Billing CoOrdinator so I can explain this all at once, and so I did. As I listened huge walls were still standing strong in my mind and all I could feel was tears welling up in my eyes. I went to bed once again frustrated at how much I still struggle with Math. Then I heard God say,          ” Why didn’t you didn’t ask me to help?”  In that moment, I realized I had gone around all these years struggling and never thought of reaching out to Him to relieve me of this block in my brainI tell others all the time, ask God, the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit, Mother to help and guide you, they said and promised they Can help with Allthings in Life.  I knelt down to ask forgiveness and then for their guidance and healing of whatever was causing the Wall in my brain The next morning after Ms. Math Brain Fixed all the errors and Friday was finally Balanced and Closed, what she had explained actually clicked & made sense! Not saying if it happens again I could figure it out alone, but, I am confident I could get further.

Best part, the Wall had been broken and I was set free from the anxiety to learn Math. “One step at a time”. Since childhood, when the teacher ventured beyond basic math a Giant thick Wall popped up and my Mind said,   “Nope, this does not register” and I just ended up in tears and sick to my stomach, “literally”  I actually didn’t go to college because of it. Funny though, all thru my working life Math has risen it’s head and I have had to participate in solving Math problems. Do you see where I am going in this Post?

Our lives are Math equations! At various times, in every life, we get “Out of Balance” We must get to the Root of the Problem to Solve it!  To do that, we Need to ask God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to get involved and open our eyes, give us ears to hear and then reach out to the teammates He’s provided to lend a helping hand. This Math Equation clearly pointed out that my hard head & not seeking Him 1st IS the Root of My Problem. At 64 years old, I can now move forward knowing:  you’re never to old to stop going backward & together we CAN break down the Walls to Solve any Equation!


Benefits of Sauerkraut

Yuk you say. I personally like sauerkraut with a little Thousand Island dressing and a Good All Beef hot dog. While I like Kombucha ok it is not the best tasting drink. Yet, I still wanted the benefits. So I decided to do some research and found Sauerkraut does you just as good! Most of the recipes are with green cabbage but, purple cabbage is fine too and that is what I had in my fridge so I decided to try my hand at making my own. I thought you too might like some of my findings on the health benefits of making your own Kraut.   Did you know, it supplies Probiotics that Help Improve Digestion. Microorganisms present in sauerkraut, including those of the lactobacillus bacteria genus, essentially “feed” the good bacteria in your gut, which improves digestive health. Research shows that within sauerkraut, lactobacillus plantarum is the predominant LAB bacteria strain that’s born during the fermentation phase. Sauerkraut Improves Immune Function. Although most people don’t realize it, the gut is your biggest immune system organ, and sauerkraut’s probiotics play a major role in regulating gut health. This is a big one for me as I have always had Allergies. It Reduces Inflammation and Allergies. Autoimmunity — one of the root causes of inflammation — is a state in which the body attacks its own tissues because it suspects that it’s being harmed by an outside “invader,” whether this is a food you’re sensitive or allergic to, toxins from household and beauty products, poor quality air and water, and so on.

Having mood swings or concerned with aging? Get this:  Sauerkraut protects Cognitive Health. It’s not hard to image how our brain and digestive systems are connected.  Did you know not only can your mood can affect your digestion, but it turns out that the health of your digestive system can also affect your nervous system, brain function and moods! Probiotics found in sauerkraut can help produce and release important digestive enzymes and digestive substances that collaborate with the chemicals in your brain. These include various nutrients like vitamins and minerals that are needed for proper neurotransmitter function and cognitive processes. Even if you don’t make your own Kraut, try adding it to your diet and check out how Your Body and moods respond.

And I will end with this one…it’s a biggee, for some of us at least: Sauerkraut is beneficial for Weight Loss or Maintenance. Until I went thru menopause I never even thought about gaining weight. Then ” the change”  sure did bring a change, for me an add’l 20 lbs and now I find it difficult to maintain the weight in which I feel my best. As you can see, the state of your gut health directly affects the way you think, feel, act and view the world! Because probiotics found in sauerkraut help regulate various hormonal functions, they can have a positive effect on your cravings and appetite control. Studies now even link intake of probiotic-rich foods with a lowered risk for obesity and easier weight loss.

Ok..if I have sold you on Sauerkraut and trying to make it yourself, step one is: Create an anaerobic environment in order for the lactic acid bacteria to proliferate and here is the site to help you do just that.

I am on day 5 of mine fermenting.. I will keep you posted on how it turns out! And how my gut reacts. smile


the Fall

Greetings All!! Summer break has come to an end and Fall has arrived! My fav time of year. Perfect temps 60’s and 40’s at night, colors changing as the season preps for winter, and time to wear fun socks and sweaters! Did you growers freeze some summer veggies and fruits for winter?  Praise God while my garden didn’t bear as much as last year, it did bear enough for my needs for summer and some to freeze so I can have home grown tomatoes, squash, eggplant, few berries, peppers, lots of mint for my hot teas, & the kale is still bearing for me to dehydrate some snacks.

It was mentioned to me, “bummer summer is over” and I just am not on the same page. I believe it’s a combination of as I transition into the season of my golden years, I enjoy cooler weather, I don’t care about bikini’s on the beach and sporting that tan. No doubt the fact I lived in summer at least 300 days a year in San Diego/Las Vegas for years, has me happy to be living in a place with All the seasons. I’ve been in New York a little over a year, I have experienced all the seasons now. This brought to my attention the  importance of all the seasons. Fall allows you to walk, hike, enjoy all the changes of nature; not to mention the shortening of daylight gears you down some so you can relax, rest, and be restored. After a spring and summer of rushing around enjoying long days our bodies need a rest & yes the almost hibernation of winter. Rest and sleep are when you heal and your body rejuvenates building energy for the once again flourishing spring and busy summer. Here’s a bit more reading on the benefits of Fall:

I noticed as Fall came into play I found myself reading more & reflecting on Life as I looked thru my pictures of my busy summer. It also brought to mind areas I feel I had some “Falls” too. Like slacking off on daily exercise and consistent time with my BFF, Jesus. I let “busy” distract me. No I am not feeling guilty, just aware these areas I “fell” off & they are things I need to learn how to factor in All year round. It hit me, “really Renee’, the days were longer and it should have been easier to maintain these in your daily walk, not harder.”  So what got in the way?? My reflecting revealed exactly what got in my way: I got distracted with the warm weather running around trying to do everything as if it won’t be there next summer, and made excuses of why I didn’t have the time. Silly, I am not moving again, I bought my house this time and Now it’s time to plant my seasonal gardens to include a Daily Routine and stick to it, cause I’m not going anywhere and I do believe God brought me here to enjoy my Golden years with Him, the seasons, and my new East coast friends. Yes, the serenity of the FALL weather is creating a season within of fears, unnecessary rushing, and the old me Falling off. A thinning of my hectic life in the fast paced Southern Cali.  Just like Earths season as the leaves change and fall, it appears I am shedding too and able to see more clearly.. You know how as the leaves fall the view becomes more clear across the landscape? We humans are created of Earth and Spirit and we need to realize there is a reason for the seasons both within and without. There is a time for all things and all things in their season. And there are three  things that should be a part of each and everyday in all the seasons: as God’s Love, Loving ourselves as God loves us, and loving others as ourselves. In these are All we need because His Love includes All the nourishment, cultivation, and guidance we need both inside and out.

On that note, I’m off to Rise from my Fall allowing this season to get me back on track in Fun times with my BFF, Jesus. Kickin’ it off with my Bible study group in 1 John, 20 mins of daily exercise “at least” and began reading ” A Course in Miracles”  Lovin’ it so far!  Together we will Work It All Out!

Oh Lord, Help Me…

How often do you find yourself saying, Oh Lord, Help Me or Lord Have Mercy? I am a believer we are in the end of times as we know it and this plea will come from many mouths more as each day goes by. That said, I found myself trying to remain positive and went seeking prayers that would help me thru the day when I hear myself saying, “Lord Have Mercy…”  Over this last year, lots of changes have been made at my job, changes that were not the best choices, (in my opinion), and now we are reaping the consequences. About the time I was really feeling total frustration I remembered my Dad’s AA plaque:  As I read I realized this segment is Perfect in relation to my Job!

“O God, grant me the serenity of mind to accept the things that I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time,
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardship as a pathway to peace; just as Jesus did

Yes, this prayer is so much more than just for the recovering addict. It is appropriate for day to day life’s trials and tribulations that come our way. Now, I have added this segment to my prayers almost daily.

I do ask myself occasionally:  what does this say that I’ve been led to pray the recovery prayer to get thru my days work??? hmmmm.  Something to ponder….

Shalom & may this prayer help you thru any troubles that come your way too!

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

My Legacy sisters & I are digging into “what does God say about Love?”  This question is across all Faiths, what does your Faith say about Love?  Do you walk in that Love? What are it’s attributes? Do you believe in Love? Do you believe God love you? Do you Love others and Show it?  Can Love wash clean Hate?

Like Tina says:  What’s Love Got to do with it ?  I pray it’s not a second hand emotion in your Life. smile

I for one Praise God for all the Love given me by God, family, and friends over the years even when I didn’t deserve it. I can’t say there haven’t been times that I felt like bah humbug Love. Then sure as I get in that mode God sends someone my way extending compassion, forgiveness, hugs, or some other attribute of Love I needed. And always, always “God is on time all the time”

That said, today is a short post because: I would love to hear some of your comments, views, and maybe you will want to do some research digging of your own then click on Reply and Share.

More to come after my digging…..



When Life tosses you a Curve Ball

As we all know, Life can and will toss you a curve ball sometimes. By my experience, it is right about the time your Joy and Relaxation are on the rise. I have learned there are only a couple of choices on how to handle the curve balls: 1. let my emotions get the best of me and throw a temper tantrum 2. Take some deep breaths and/or a walk all the while asking God show me the Way to catch it, handle it, or toss it back!

I had one of those curve balls thrown at me the last day of my vacation. My vacation had been Great! Even had some unexpected blessings which really had me Full of Joy. I had turned in my rent a car and was waiting on one of my Legacy sisters who lives in Memphis to pick me up for lunch and I decided to call my director/friend from work. Lord have Mercy, did she throw a curve ball when she said these words: ” they’ve laid off Again and sent all your team except you to Offshore services” I was stunned! You see they had already laid off down to skeleton crew and sent a lot of the work to an offshore team months prior.. We were already struggling after that since the offshore team wasn’t doing so hot but, this time there was no preparation and the offshore team had not even had training. My thoughts were: What the heck? Who does that? Once again, life had tossed a curve ball and I was almost dizzy with the news. It wasn’t long I started getting calls from my team with the news. I tried to think and choose encouraging words to calm them and myself down and finally said, ” I will have to call you back, I just need to finish my last vacation day please.” I really just needed a little time to process the news.  In one way I was glad I got the news in advance and another really irritated they couldn’t even wait until my Director & I finished our vacations.. yes, she was on vacation too.

I had so been looking forward to my lunch date with my Legacy sister and for a minute I left it take hold and almost ruin my time with her. But, then God sent a call to her that reminded me, “it could be a lot worse“. You see she works for Catholic Charities with people who are homeless and helps get them on their feet and going. That day she had two calls actually of one who was getting set up with a roof over her head but, concerned that the job she just got was going to knock her out of the help she so desperately needed. The other’s daughter had ran away and they were living in a shelter. These women brought back memories of times I had been in their position and clearly showed me where I am now – out of California & Blessed with a home. I still have my job and even if I were to get laid off I am over 62 and could take my SS and get a part time job keep my home. Both my daughters grew past their troubled teens and are doing well and my grandkids are too… then it flashed across my mind: Look you are even able to take a vacation! We ended up having a great lunch at Olive Garden (which was another blessing, we were both well able to have lunch out) & by the time I got back to the airport I sat there holding back the tears in Thankfulness instead of anger at that ball that had come my way. Then I began to do exactly what I should have done in the 1st place; Pray and call my fellow prayer warriors and ask them to pray. I called the employees back and tried my best to comfort them and assure them God will catch their curve balls too and open doors of provision, never fear…just Trust Him and start sending out those resumes.  As for me, God further blessed me with a wonderful young lady sitting next to me on the plane who had a tough day too. Together threw the curve balls back and took on the attitude of We can do this! (with only a little bit of whining) I got off the plane with a new friend and by day 2 of my return to work I could feel that inner spirit saying, ” do the Best you can do and live in this moment knowing and trusting God’s got your back too”.

Yes, Life can and will serve curve balls and we may have some burdens to bear when it does but, with God we can Survive!  Why because God is a Fantastic Catcher, He’s on time all the time, & will carry you thru to home base – if you will just let Him!

Have a Great Day!

Who is your Audience?

Hello! Hello! I’m Back!  Needed to take a bit of a sabbatical and process the direction I was taking. Something I think we should all do occasionally. In fact, while I was away I was listening to AR Bernard and he said, “every so often we should all ask ourselves these questions: 1. Who am I now? 2. Where do I want to be? (be specific) 3. Why do I want to be there? (this is your motivator that gives you strength) 4. What do I have to do to get there?  Good questions don’t you think?

I also had a very enlightening conversation with the editor of our local Niagara newspaper. In that conversation there was one thing she said that jumped out at me: “that is not so much our audience”.  I knew right then God was using her to guide me back in the direction He wanted me to go. You see I was starting, once again, to wander from the way He wanted me to go. Which was not writing a column for the local paper.  Like I always say, “God is on time all the Time!”. My path is writing these posts &  finishing the second book God told me to do! I must say I am so Grateful for Michelle taking her time to chat with me that one morning at the local coffee shop. I was her audience for that hour and she sure left a deep impression. One that energized me, made me look at my life, and sent me back skipping along My yellow brick road asking, “Who is my Audience? What Audience do I want to reach? and How do I want to reach them? These questions made me dig deep and I realized what God wanted me to see: we all have an audience everyday. At home, at work, each time we step out to interact with others. They are watching, listening, and yes most of the time judging us in all we do. Never think what you say & do has no effect in the lives of others…even strangers. Has it ever occurred to you we all are writers? Storytellers. And we all have a story to tell and do tell it on FB, in tweets, on the phone, in our day to day interactions. Your story may be a drama, a how to, a joke or two, and the list goes on. Think about your actions, what is coming out of your mouth whether it is talking out loud or texting, tweeting, sharing pics, and so on. Now who are you doing all that with? Your Audience! (Unless you are a total recluse) As we all know words & actions create which means you do affect their lives. In some fashion we all are imitating someone in our growth process to become who we are to Be.  Here is an example of a small affect I had today: a man at the store who had been listening to me talk when I reached the register said: ” where’s that southern accent from? It sure sounds nice, calming.”  No, he wasn’t flirting, he took my money and said “have a great day.”  For that moment he was my audience & my accent in my words had a calming affect. And I didn’t even know it. See I did have an effect on his day and he on mine.  It was a nice compliment that made me Smile.

Finally, after all my pondering on “who am I trying to reach? and how can I reach them? I realized as I sat to write this post, it’s whoever God puts across my path. Whoever decides to read my posts and share them. It’s anyone I interact with, those that like my style, & who my words speak to. The only thing I need to concern myself with is this:  that I listen to God, Be my Best ME, and keep in mind, I do have an audience so think before I do or speak. LOL

And if you have read this post; “thank you for being my audience”. I pray you enjoyed and gained something from these words.

Hugs!!! Renee’