Ladies in the House!

Greetings to ALL whose eyes are reading this post! I want to start off saying, this is Not a Feminist post. This is a post about women in the Word & those of you walking with & in the spirit of Yah. LOVE.

Acts 17: 23-31 puts my digging into God’s word in a nutshell along with I truly feel the heart’s desire “In Me” to seek Him with all my heart, soul, & mind & when the Holy Spirit presses me to share, I obey. Not to mention, I always have wanted to know things for myself, not just listen to what someone else says, it says. I am not saying discussions by others, are nothing. I watch videos on You Tube about God’s Word, Religion, the study of Theology, & the Culture surrounding His Word. I often take notes, then I pray asking Yah (God) to show me what’s true and what is misconstrued. Then, I set off digging into His Word for myself. It was in the listening & watching the findings & teachings of others, I realized how few discuss the women of the Bible, their accomplishments, and how God used so many for important purposes. First and foremost, Ladies you All have been given important purposes & He will show you what that is “IF” you seek Him. One purpose whether you literally have children or not is: we are the ones predominately Raising the Men & WOMEN of mankind. We are the fertilizer and cultivators of Love in the gardens of the hearts of children. You know those seeds, in His image, God planted within us.

This is one of the reasons for my post, because it has been my experience we only hear about a few of the women of the Bible: Eve, Ruth, Esther, Naomi, Mary, Sarah, & of course Mary Magdelene being the most prominent. This has me on a CSI mission about “women of the Bible”. So today, I am going to share a few of these women & for the next couple of posts I will be sharing info on women of the Bible & how some of the women of today purpose walk hand in hand with these Fabulous women. — Bathsheba like many of us was married twice. 1st she was the wife of Uriah, the Hittite and later King David. Depending on who you are, her story may strike home with you in your life. Check her out.

Deborah #2 – yep there are two Deborah listed – God used her in mighty ways. She sure was not a wallflower speaking only when spoken to. NO, she was a prophetess and the fourth, and the only female, Judge of pre-monarchic Israel in the Old Testament (Tanakh). Her story is told twice, in chapters 4 and 5 of Judges. Did you know this about Sandra Day O’Conner: On September 25, 1981, she became the first woman to serve as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Now think about this, Deborah #2 was a woman of the Old Testament and in the article I read on O’Conner they were talking about how she finally crashed thru the final wall to serve in 1981! Yep, God had a purpose for her too, in 1981.

  • Hogla – One of the 5 daughters of Zelophehad who fought and won the right to inherit their deceased father’s property. Numbers Joshu [66] [67] You think that was an easy thing in the culture of these times? Don’t ya know her fight had purpose in our right to inherit our Father’s property? — I can’t leave out Rahab. She risked her life to have a Life. Did you know she is in the lineage of Jesus? She is another one that it took Great courage for her to survive & help her family in her times. I am not supporting her line of work at the time however, do we know her story and why she was living as she lived? Does anyone bring attention to the fact she repented, was grafted into the family of God, forgiven, then followed God obediently?

These are just a few I chose to mention. Please feel free to check out the site below, that list All the women of the Bible, do some deep dive digging yourself, and Comment on who you found most interesting and why did she speak to your heart?

I pray you enjoy this little series I am doing and may these women inspire you to greatness too.


When God speaks

Afternoon. Ya know how you can pray and pray and think you got your answer but, not sure? You ask yourself, “Was that from God or just me wanting it to be?” Then you get another sign and you say, “Ok, I hear you & you tell Satan, “get thee behind me” when those doubts pop up. Of course then a call comes that makes you question the very messages you got that made your sure. So, one more time you pray saying, “ This is a significant change I am about to take Lord, I really need you to be loud and clear. You know me Lord, I am sorta hard-headed. Who am I kidding, often I can be very hard headed and I need to KNOW that I Know. Even when I am well aware the doubts are actually coming from within du to all the mistakes I have made in the past. You know, those times I the Father clearly but, didn’t want to hear you loud and clear so I went the along on my own way, the wrong way. I could not get to sleep last night & I lay there saying, “I really, really am sorry, for those times I insisted on going my own way, I will listen and Obey if you will but speak to me please. I know this a big turning point, a new season, my Real opportunity to let the Old pass away and go forward washed clean. So, please Throw the Book at me” (so to speak.) For a couple weeks, I had been having this pressing to go to Bacon Memorial Presbyterian again, now that they are open. Then I heard they were having an outdoor service. I Love the outdoors so I took that as a little extra push. I had reluctantly gone there a couple of times before CoVID & actually liked it. There is whole story why I say that like that but, I won’t go into that. Just trust me it is significant and involves my parents, who were Presbyterians. Obviously, I didn’t follow in their footsteps. Because of that my Mom would say, “you just need to find a good Presbyterian church, you’ll be ok.” I would just roll my eyes & say, “let’s not go there”.

Well, this morning, the Holy Spirit Mother pressed me and in the background, I heard my earthly Mother once again say, “like I said, you just need to find a good Presbyterian church.” Woody had just finished up the garden beds all around the front of the church and it was a Gorgeous day. Not to hot and even had a nice little breeze. As the pastor got into the service she gave thanks for the garden and the gardener then went on into the service which was totally centered around the parables of the seeds, gardening, and being deep rooted in our relationship with Jesus. As she got into it I could feel my parents there especially my Dad. He was a Master Gardener and would have loved this service. He and I both Love the Earth and being outdoors & it hit me the date of his death was just 3 days prior. I realized even though he was not perfect, I sure am not either. In that moment, God revealed I had been holding some unforgiveness and I needed to let that old stuff DIE allowing the good seeds He and my earthly Dad had planted in me come forth. I could see how the hurt and unforgiveness of my earthly Dad had overshadowed the good seeds both he and God had planted in me. Not entirely but, there were still more weeds that had me enslaved and were chocking me. Yes, my Dad had planted some good seeds in me, including the tools of how to garden. Tools that which will for sure pay off in some of my new endevours. You see I am semi-retiring and God has already opened one door that will allow me to also take on some gardening/housesitting work. then right behind that opportunity, He opened the door to a little gardening job. Then yesterday, added to the mix is a possible opportunity for my ministry to grow. And sure as I was listening to the pastor talk about letting old things Die so newness of Life can come forth from the seeds that had been left behind, it all became clear that is exactly what is happening and my heart opened to Forgive not only my Dad but, some others too. Then there was my Mom again, ” see, you should listen to your Mother, you just need to find a good Presbyterian church”. There was the Book being thrown at me, I realized it wasn’t that I had to go to their Presbyterian church, which made me either want to leave or fall asleep, it was I needed the right Presbyterian church God had for Me. Right as I said “thank You Lord for speaking Loud and Clear” the pastor told us to turn to one page in the hymnal and then the music director said, “no, it is #1 Holy, Holy, Holy we are doing right now”. That really sealed it. That was the one song I remembered Mother and Daddy both singing when I was a child in their Presbyterian church. Of course, I had to give testimony of how the whole service had such an impact on me & how God had sure used the Pastor to throw the Book (Bible) at me. Not to mention, all the welcoming/loving congregation & Even the new garden! I literally felt I had been washed clean, set free from my burdens, restored and my inner garden had been fed. I know that I know, I am on the right road in this season of my life and now am looking forward to where all this journey will take me.

I know I have been pretty dormant for a while with my posting but, I can promise you will see more posts coming your way. One of the things I was doing during CoVid and my downtime was looking at my inner garden and pulling out some weeds that really had taken hold of me. It was a painful process at times but, now I am joyful for every painful tug and getting to the root of those nasty buggers so I could get them out permanently. Now those Good seeds can come to life and bear the fruit the Father planned when He created me. Like the song at the end of today’s service said, ” This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it Shine

yep, that was my final sign for this season anyway, my fav song I sang as a child at my parents Presbyterian Church!

Have a Great Day! “May God hit you with a book too, that is if you need it.” SMILE


What’s in your Heart?

Hello, Hello…Recently, I was having some heart issues. Not literally. Praise Yah! Just all the stuff going on in the world and some personal loss too, which put me in a funk which in turn creates writer’s block. The positive out of the whole thing is it made me dig deeper into His Word for solutions. My heart issues are partially due to some weeds in the garden of my heart. So Yeshua and I are digging in to get them out – there is some hard ground in some areas too. So during this process of digging out the weeds and softening the ground I just wanted to ask have you taken a look at your heart lately? It was the reading of this verse that pricked my heart and the deeper I dug the more I realized I had some deep rooted weeds doing some damage I wanted to STOP! Matthew 15:18 starts off: 18But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart”

I pray you are all doing fine, healthy, and regardless of what the media tells you, Know this: God is in control and those who are in life’s journey with Him can count on His promises will be kept. So if you are struggling & need to do some weed pulling, here are a few to remember:

Isaiah 40:29. 29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. “I will never leave thee” (Heb. 13:5) “I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil” (Jer. 20:11) “All things work together for good to them that love God” (Rom. 8:28)