In the Beginning…..

1st let me say, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! I know most are praying for a shift and a much better year that 2020. Ya know, some of that shift depends of US, our perception of the circumstances, and how we respond. We can look for the Blessings within our day, think on the good things, and keep sharing Love in the safest best ways we know how Or we can be full of anxiety and negativity which only begets more darkness and damage not only for ourselves but, for those around us. The Choice is yours.

I have chosen to trust God’s Word to seek my solutions and to walk in the relationship of Love He has been showing me for some time now. I will admit I have my days where I wander off and get distracted by all the mess going on, it gets to me for a bit, and then I feel or hear the Holy Spirit saying, “come back to Me.” That said, I felt compelled to kick off 2021 with a walk thru the Word starting “in the beginning” What I ask of you, if you are interested in walking with me this year, is to read & complete the assignments I list at the end of this post. I have read Genesis 1 many times however, this time I realized the work involved in the design planning of His creation. And then the actual speaking of creation into being was His Love made visible for us to view & use Daily. A design to sustain and provide for each and everyone of us, throughout time. No Big Bang or science of evolution could create the complexities, the intricate details, the LOVE involved in Earth and All Life within it. I had to read the Chapter over again, the question of who is “let us create in our image” popped in my mind. Then in a snap it brought a memory of my Dad speaking and helping me thru the development of one of my gardens & then how to resurface and paint a deck on a house. Then right behind that memory came the vision of Yeshua being the son of God and how the Earth is His Kingdom. How the awesome design plan was His for His future inheritance and family, US. I saw how the US in the beginning very well could be God the Father, Holy Spirit Mother, and Yeshua their son and like my Dad did they were there assisting and guiding Yeshua in bringing his design to Life. From their heart they wanted their son and his family to thrive and survive with everything they could possibly need. Yes, I can see those 6 days of creation were truly a work of Love for one another and generations to come. I had to laugh because then I could see how The walk, the way, the survival of Earth and all that is in it is really very simple: It really is Love and all it’s attributes that make Earth and us thrive and remain alive. We, mankind are the only ones making it complicated and a struggle. Think about it. When you are full of Love you are creative, spontaneous, full of Joy, what to be with the ones you love and to share it with the world. You are full of Hope, forgiveness, and even patience. When we let Love come forth we see the good in others. In most cases couples want to have children and share their love. When there is a loving home it just bears more good fruit of Love. Things do flow better and even outside circumstances that might not be so loving are easier to handle cause you know Love and where to find it. As I sat thinking on these things memories of how Much love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have shown me even when I wasn’t giving it back, then how family members, loved ones, and friends over the years have shared so much Love Especially during the rough times. That Love flooded me over Christmas and New Years driving me to want more than anything to grow in my relationship with the family of God. It gave me the desire to really Let Love come forth within me and without to all who care to share Love with me. I felt a weight lift off me and energy be restored. I found myself praying the readers of my post want to join me in the seeking of how the Word works and still applies today.

So take a moment and read Genesis 1. Let it sink in all the Love and provisions given to us. Let it sink in what the intention was. Can you see how every need was provided and now look around. Do you see how it is all still there? Can you see how if we choose to utilize the provisions we too can create a Beautiful garden for ourselves and our families. After all, We do still have the master plan that works when you work it.

Have a Great week.

PS: And that master plan is not about religion…it is about LOVE.

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