Don’t Miss the Boat!

Greetings! As we move forward in Genesis we come to Noah and the Flood. Chapters 6-10. What stood out to “me” the most was the Faith, Commitment, and yes Obedience Noah’s story reveals. Think about it, Adoni (G-d) tells him to build a boat big enough to house not only his family but, 2 of “every” species of animal and is told he Must build it to certain specifications for it to survive what is coming. While the reasons given by G-d logically made sense: that mankind was out of control, filled with violence, & corrupt and G-d was not going to allow mankind’s total destruction of His creation, the “doing” of what G-d asked had to be daunting. I can imagine Noah thinking and likely asking, ” Lord, how am I to accomplish this? You know few if any will be willing to assist me in this project. It is doubtful even my own flesh and blood will willingly help me in the building of this boat. I still need to provide for my family too during this process, how much time do I have?” The answers to these questions are not literally written in the Bible’s writings however, the message still comes thru loud and clear. It was thru Faith, Trust, Love, and Belief in G-d that he began and “accomplished” the task given him. In these key components he withstood ridicule, ostracism (exclusion from a society), and really hard work (both mentally and physically) Noah and his family were saved and ultimately blessed to restored G-d’s creation/plan for us and Earth. All this because Noah’s relationship and heart for G-d was one of unconditional Love and willingness to walk together as One in the grand plan. You notice I mentioned he likely had questions. One of the things I used to feel when I read the Torah was that G-d was a demanding borderline abusive G-d, so I would skip these books. I can’t help but wonder did Noah or his family members have these thoughts and want to “skip this” calling of G-d. For some time, I couldn’t see the Love, Mercy, Compassion, or the Pain G-d experienced in His relationship with Us, mankind. It took me years and the Holy Spirit continuously pressing me to “really” seek all the Truth. And to do that I Must start in the beginning. I am so grateful now I submitted my will to His will and did just that. You see, G-d is not the bad guy in any of the stories of the Old Covenant. We mankind, were and are still the ones rebelling, being disrespectful, violent, and corrupt. While He gave us authority on Earth & freedom to “choose” the Way in our relationships, not only with each other but, with Him and with the Earth, He did Not give us the right to demolish and destroy His Creation. There is a limit and so far history has shown right up to this day and age that we, the people press that limit to the very edge. What His word and the experiences of those with us and before us are shared for is given from a place of Love, Mercy, and Hope that we will wake up and have ears to hear and eyes to see there are consequences to such negative behavior. His Word is to give us a Chance to repent and restore our relationship with Him, one another, and the Earth. Time repeatedly reveals, as recent as 2020, “a house divided Cannot stand.” Only when we realize it is thru Love & FAITH like Noah’s, and Unity of ALL mankind will Earth be restored to it’s created order and thrive to bear the good fruit and Blessings most of us pray and ask for. It is not thru Religion but, the “the Way” of Yeshua (Jesus) teachings. Have you ever noticed Yeshua (Jesus) didn’t refer to The Way of the Father by a religious name? All He kept saying is we must follow the ways of G-d and that is what He came to do, bring clarity to that Way. Another important thing in His teachings is His telling us, it is not our place to judge one another which includes non judgment of the “religious practices” of our neighbor…that is G-d’s to handle. Our part, as individuals who Love and Believe in The Way of the Father, is to listen, be obedient to his path for Us, Trust and just walk in the Love and Service He did. In seeking and choosing the Good things in life we are promised to reap the consequences and good fruit that comes from cultivating the good seed within us. In this we restore Life on Earth as it is in Heaven.

My assignments for this coming week, will like Noah , require some commitment to accomplish but, trust me I believe you will find these well worth your time. in segments all a week Read Psalms 119 & the book of Hebrews. Also watch at least the documentary. I pray you have eyes to see and ears to hear as you complete these assignments. I pray the visual in the documentary and series touch your heart and give you the desire to get involved in the restoration of G-d’s design. Whether it be in NOT throwing trash out on our streets, planting your own gardens, donating to organizations, or joining a group in your area that is dedicated to the restoration of sustaining Earth & the people living on it. Know this: In our disrespecting God, the Earth & One Another we are destroying Our very own survival . Just as in times of Noah and many after him, it has been proven; we are creating dire consequences if we continue down the paths of self indulgence driven by greed and division. Let us Not keep repeating the Falls of History.

What if we change – documentary on ecosystem restoration – YouTube. If you really want to get into restoring Earth watch the whole series: #1 What if we change – Hope in a Changing Climate by John D. Liu – YouTube

And here is good one to watch to get involved Urban Permaculture with Geoff Lawton – YouTube

Have a great week. Renee’

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