Perception & Presentation is Everything

Since my last post, I have had some conversations with various people that made me realize “perception and packaging or Presentation” forms all our views in this life. Like when reading or watching movies from Torah/Old Testament times, do the stories told bring you pain or thankfulness? What view of God do they give you? Do they make you want to dig deeper into the culture, history, the Why things happened like they did Or do they make you want to close the book or just move on to the New Testament/New Covenant? If they last question made you say, “oh I would much rather read the New Testament” that proves my point. The presentation of God/Yah’s Word & stories told by Yeshua/Jesus & the disciples ,for the most part, was softer, more comforting, & pleasing. It even appears to be more loving and forgiving. Truth be told, the call to repentance and obedience to God’s Word is even stronger, the violence as far as the culture and history is no different, and the consequences and outcomes in society were repeating themselves. Just like they are now.

We hear society now talking like plagues, death, political unrest, religious wars, and weird weather factors are new. What is going on? Will we get back to “normal?” If you do more than just listen to what others say and share online, Really get in there and read and dig deeper into the past, especially in the Bible, you will find yourself saying, “Wow, this sounds like just what is happening now” Are those prophecies about now?” Answer: some are, some are not and they already happened. It is mankind repeating the same mistakes therefore reaping the same consequences just in different packaging. Or it often is one’s perception of what is “normal” or what is “better times”. Example: Some say the 50’s and 60’s were better times. Well that depends on who you were as a person and for many where you lived. I can tell you people of color, in the south especially, would not agree those were “better days”. You see how perception and how the media Presented those times affected people’s viewpoint. Even in churches. Back then there was al ot of Hell fire damnation preaching in all walks of life. That was not and is not how God or Jesus intending the word to be taught yet, that was the Perception of the preachers and the congregation followed along. Just as now few wanted to sacrifice much of their time really digging into the Way of the Word.

Why am I saying all this? My conversations made me see the importance of not only chatting about The Way or Posting about His Word but, the Need to get into His word and dig in for ourselves. And not only His Word but, any “quote” facts we hear/watch. I am sure the Holy Spirit all week was reminding me not to get side tracked and allow myself to accept things without doing my own research. Now do we have time to dig into every little thing. NO. I know I sure don’t. However, we should be taking time to Do some deep diving when our inner spirit taps us up on a given subject or when it is something that can and will affect our lives or the lives of our loved ones. We should take time to get into His Word ourselves at least an hour or two each day. Yes, that means letting go off vegging out in front of TV, cutting down on Cell phone or internet time, stuff like that. Heck, if you listen to two hours of media or someone else’s views you should at least spend two hours checking out the full facts of what was just planted in your mind and maybe even it got as far as planted in your heart. Remember one other thing, what worked for someone else may not be the right thing for you. We are unique individuals each of us having a purpose so following along blindly may be part of what is messing up your life. The more you check it out for yourself the more you will see history repeating itself. Especially, when it comes to all the lies that more “stuff”, another drink, more drugs, & more money will fix everything. They will not.

I end challenging you to Read up – Dig deep for yourself, don’t just take my word for it. For those that I know won’t take the time but, have made it to the end of this post, here are a couple of things to watch/listen too and ponder. Recommendations: Taking Control of Our Thoughts– Dr. Charles Stanley – YouTube

Full Episode: “Tyler Perry” | Oprah’s Master Class | Oprah Winfrey Network – YouTube


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