Abundantly Blessed

Hello! Hello! As I was reading Genesis 13 we see how Yah has abundantly Blessed Abram and Lot. Verse 1-2 say they had to leave up out of Egypt and Abram was rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold. Then it goes on to say in 13:5 this verse tells us Lot also went with Abram and had flocks, herds, and tents to the point when they got to where they were going the land was not able to bear them both to the point it caused strife!

Point #1: Through their obedience in following the Ways (Word) of Yah (God) and their Trust in Yah their lives bore good fruit and they were well provided for. Point #2: When families are living together to uplift and help one another get established their comes a time to part ways and establish your own space. While it’s great to be a close knit family when you are all in one space and the house or property is overflowing to capacity it is inevitable strife will follow. That is unless everyone is willing to give up and par down A lot of stuff. 90% of the time that is not what either family wishes to do. In today’s world we see a lot of grown children over 30 yrs old still living at home and some stay even after having their own children. And in this post I am speaking of those well able to get out there and support their own home. I have heard grown children who make more money than their parents say, ” why would I move when I have free rent, food, someone who cooks for me, etc.” Or my parents babysit as they step out in their finest to go to the club. Seriously, if you can go shopping for that $100 + outfit and hit the club, you can get a place and support the family you created. Your parents Already did their raisin’. I won’t go on except to say it’s just not healthy, it enables a life full of a lack of responsibility, selfishness, & 9x out of 10 you do hear both the parents and the grown children fussing, complaining, and grumbling about not having any space, no respect, and resentment being on the rise. Once children are grown & have a job they Need to stretch out and make their own way. Fine if the parents or family members want to help them get established initially, just like Abram offered Lot the choice of the land in Gen.13-8-12 Before he picked his place to settle down. Notice BTW Lot chose what he thought was the best of the land. I suggest you read Genesis Chapter 13 so you can see a full picture & see what additional items Yah reveals to you in this story. Plus, it will bring more clarity to my post. Like I have said before. I am not hear to do all your seeking in His Word for you. Nope, I post in hopes that what I post will draw you to His Word to check it out for yourself to grow in your relationship with God. Point #3: This one applies to families that are parents with children that are not grown, single individuals, and/or couples no children. Are you so Blessed your home is running over with “stuff”? Are you so affluent you have enough money and stuff you couldn’t spend it all before you die if you wanted to? Or like me, until recently, do you have clothes you haven’t worn in years or haven’t been able to fit into for years? Is all this causing your home to feel crowded and uncomfortable? If the answer is “yes” to these or you can think of other similar questions I didn’t list, maybe it is time to “separate” those “things” & move them on to another’s home. Suggestion if you are abundantly blessed with money, ask yourself, Am I following His Word and sharing with the elderly & poor in need? Do you have a 2nd home that sits empty except for a couple of times a year when you visit? If so, you can afford it, hire a live in caretaker then you are helping someone in need. Plus homes need Life in them, they suffer when left closed up and alone. (that’s another post) Sorry, I had to tap on that I hear and see so many homes sitting empty around the world. And so many unemployed. Ya know in Abram’s time they helped others by hiring them to take care of all those abundant blessings not only out in their businesses but, in their homes.

It is Great to be Abundantly Blessed however, it is my concern we, mankind, are becoming self indulgent hoarders. I know I can be guilty of that myself if I am not careful. I have two old computers right now in the basement. Why? Who knows, I put them there telling myself well maybe I can use them somewhere somehow. I have packing materials saved in two tubs, as if I ship a lot of stuff. I still have too many clothes and shoes and let’s not even talk about magazines and paper stuff! Yep, writing this post made me look around at myself and there will be some spring cleaning going on around here. Like my daughter says, “practice what you preach Mom.” (another post too. LOL )

Remember these wise words: Matthew 6:19-21 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. SHALOM! Have a Great Week!

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2 thoughts on “Abundantly Blessed

  1. The Abraham-Lot story is a good one. Abraham was happy to have Lot around—rather would have been happy—except that Lot was ever getting into quarrels with other neighbors, needing Abraham to rescue him. Then he managed to settle down in the wickedest city to be found. Hopefully, today’s late to leave young folks will not be 

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