Resolution Solutions

Happy New Year 2023!!! Finally, I am ready to Rock-n-Roll with my posts. The last few years I just wasn’t feeling inspired or led so I’ve been on a sabbatical. One that was meant to be short however, God had His own plan taking the last 4 years pulling weeds and cleansing my inner garden. He’s not done yet but, the dry hard ground has been broken, tilled, and we are well on “The Way”.

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have been working overtime in my life and doing such a Wonderful job! I can only Proclaim Praises all things; the trials, temptations, & Blessings! Most of you know I went to Niagara Falls on a 4 day sabbatical after a Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference in 2017 which led me to moving to Niagara Falls and buying a house. Little did I know, it was His plan to take the next Four Years and turn them into a restoration sabbatical of my Mind, Spirit, and Heart. I am a social person and ususually doors open for me to meet lots of people wherever I go. But, that did not happen in Niagara. He opened doors to Only those He intended to use in my cleansing and resortation to Be who He created me to Be. I could count on one hand the people I became friends with and only one was my literal neighbor. That is not my usual. He did send family and several dear friends to visit on & off, Praise God. I was so Far from everyone it was getting to me a bit, especially when COVID hit and really isolated life. All thru this time He pressed and called me so hard to focus & spend time with Him in His Word I could nothing else. While I thought I had repented and returned to Him years before, I learned what real Repentance & Returning to Him meant. #1 on the list was giving up the drivers seat , In ALL I do. I learned so Much and am so grateful for my seasons there. What I didn’t know, which I should have known, was His plan has & still was to take me back home to Arkansas. Yep, the Holy Spirit nugged me in June/July when my sister visited and then spoke Very loudly in September 2022 telling me, ” now It’s time to go home where your earthly life began, Arkansas.” Then He opened doors that Blessed multiple people both in Niagara and Fayetteville. I sold the house to two beautiful ladies from Niagara who Love the house. Not to mention, it was the neighborhood they had grown up in and it is closer to work, family, and so much more. He then opened a door for me to move and dear friends flew in to help with the drive. I had prayed He give me signs so I would know that I know I was hearing correctly and boy did He provide. You see this is a college town I moved to and there were waiting lists everywhere. At first I didn’t even check where my sister lives because I thought they would be out of my price range and for sure have a waiting list, they are so nice. I made the mistake of “assuming” there wouldn’t be one & at first their wasn’t, at least not for the date I wanted to move.I learned a lesson out of this too, stop questioning whether I can afford where God is “telling me” to move. Of course, it turned out I could afford the 2 bedroom, Praises to God so, I put my name on the list. One day later, the leasing agent called and someone had given notice for a 2 bedroom and it would be available literally One day before the day I had prayed for and put on my calendar. And more signs came with it, the apartment styles have names, mine was named Savannah, my granddaughters name, and the leasing agent to handle my move in was Jacob! that’s my grandson’s name. It gave me chills to hear and see Him work. And those lovely ladies that wanted the house were ready to move in the house in Niagara and everything about that went smoothly. In fact, they moved in on Liz’s Birthday! (she’s the one actually buying the house) Wait there is more: God protected us and got us out before the big snow storms hit the area and November 13th I moved in. Last, but not least, the timing couldn’t have been better, my sister fell on Thanksgiving and broke her knee cap. Praise God no ligaments or tendons torn so she didn’t have to have surgery but, she was put in an immobilizer to begin the healing process and we were looking at 6-8 weeks of healing, walkers, help with showers and stuff. She couldn’t do it by herself in other words and her son could help but, not as much as needed. His plate was already overflowing. Thanks to God’s grand plan of moving me & because I work remote I am hear to help.Oh and I cannot leave out how Blessed I am to be employed by a loving, faith based, wonderful company, Specialty Ortho in GA, who said “the move was no problem”. Plus, I’ve been able to juggle my schedule so it has all worked out so well! and Yep, she is healing well! PRAISES, PRAISES!

Well, that’s my testimony, for now. One more thank you Lord, he ended my year yesterday with the best message by a pastor at the 7th Day Adventist church here in Fayetteville. It was titled “Resolution Solution” which is why I went there. I have some resolution solutions that I know the 7th day Adventist health practices will be of great benefit & it’s time I get back out in the world, that too is part of His Plan. Not only will I benefit from these resolutions but, you too in my future posts. At least, I pray and hope you do. Simply put my New Year’s Resolution Solution is to submit and obey the Truth of His Word just like Jesus (Yeshua) tells us in Matthew 22:36-40. Beginning January 15th you will see new posts on Living in The Way of His Word which is summed up in these verses. Notice: there are actually 3 commandments within the 2. The 3rd being you must Love Yourself, not n a selfish, greedy way but, in the Love He loves us with…it is the key to the Truth being able to Love God with all your heart and to loving your family, neighbors, and all His Creation. 2023 posts will include all the tools and fertilizer He has shared with me to grow and bear the Good fruit of His Love found in His Word. That is my Resolution, full commitment to Being and Living in His Image. So look forward to recipes, financial tips, meditations, excercise, nature’s health tips, and so much more. SMILE

To kick off the New Year with healthy eating, check out my daughters one minute videos with great recipes:

Won’t you join me in a Resolution Solution that “Works when you Work it” knowing, as He promises, “we are able”

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 40 On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.


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