Fiscal Responsibility – It’s never too Late!

Greetings! Many of us spend much of our life in the excuses of ” I missed the boat” because of xyz. As Wayne Dyer says, Excuses be Gone! Yep, no matter your age, It’s Never to Late to take Fiscal responsibility. What is Fiscal Responsibility? It is Not just monetary respsonsibility and it IS a crucial requirement for our stability in Daily Living. Which is the key to my Mission statement, the stability found in The Way of His Word.

If you have responsibility for something or someone or something, it is your service or duty to deal with them and to make good “choices” relating to them. In the world Fiscal is referred to as something that relates to government money or public money, & taxes OR simply put: fiscal responsibility is the act of creating, optimizing and maintaining a balanced budget. Has it ever occured to in order to do that you Must work with God in creating, optimizing, and maintaining balance in your Life and relationships 1st. I can testify until you do, you will not balance your budget? That said, do you see how the excuse of, “I missed the boat” is a lie of the father of all lies?  I spent Years making excuses of how I missed the boat on this or that financially because I was low income and continuously in debt just to survive. And I believed these words therefore, keeping myself down. “as a woman thinketh so is she”. I “claimed” I lived on a tight budget working 2 jobs most of my life. Truth is, I also spent alot of time and money trying to keep up with societies idea of  “living”. In doing so, this can and often will carry you Far away from fiscal responsibility not only in your finances but, fiscal responsibility in your walk of Love with God, famly, self, and your neighbor. Fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget Begins in the Way of His Word “which works when you work it!”  It begins in the beginning, you are created in His Image and given authority with your “choices” in life. Choose to follow Him and you will receive the Holy kiss of His spirit of Love  which provides the tools, no matter your age, for Transformation & Restoration for you to Be Reborn. In the Way of the Messiah we become One in the creating, optimizing, and maintaining balance of our lives now, in each moment. Letting go of the lies, sins, & ways of the world. How do I know it works? I tested out the world’s ways and His ways. And trust me I tested both sides of the fence, the hard way. The world’s ways got me in a mess and deep in debt, so deep I could barely see the light to The Way out. But, He never let me go and Finally like the song says, I chose Jesus saying, “Jesus take the wheel and show me The Way.”  It wasn’t a free ride, or smooth all the way but, it was full of Mercy and Grace. He has shown Me how if I would just submit and be obedient,using ALL the tools given from beginning to end, to “work” His word, the road will Smooth out and I CAN live out His promises of Fiscal Responsibility. I was shown ALL my weak spots: 1. Abusing His Grace. His Love, Mercy, Forgiveness. I learned GRACE is not given for me to continue in my excuses and sin. It is not given for me to abuse by choosing the idols in the world then come back begging His forgiveness & help when the world let’s me down. 2. Abuse of His provisions. He was freely providing provisions, planting seeds in my life for me to cultivate so they would bear more fruit in my life. I cultivated them on Low levels, enough to get by but, I also abused at least 40% of His provisions trying to provide “worldly stuff” like designer jeans, a ridiculous amount of clothes, eating out to often (which for years included the expense of drinking/pot/cigarettes) when cooking at home & Leaving the addictive stuff alone would have been more cost effective, not to mention healthier in every way. In other words, Not listening, having no patience, not following all the guidance given only left me drowning in debt and sorrows & kept me from the abundance of His promises. Promises that “IF” we are good stewards will reap a harvest for you and enough to share. 3. Abuse of my temple. (my body)  Abuse in my eating habits, sexual habits, overloaded stress, and lack of consistent excercise all created poverty within and without. I didn’t want to listen to all the knowledge that kept knocking at my door. Main culprit: I didn’t want to commit to doing what “I” needed to do to have what I said I wanted. I was robbing myself, my family, and Go. Ellen G White addresses this so well in her book “Councels on Diet & Foods” and like she says, “Wherever the Truth is Proclaimed, instructions should be given in the preparation of healthful foods.” pg 273. (I am not promoting 7th day Adventist religion, your walk with God is between you & God) Yes, my posts are Faith based in the food of the Word God, which simply put is following the the 1 & 2nd most important commandments Love & seek God with all your heart, mind, and soul and love your neighbor as Yourself. This includes foods literally in your daily living. Facts are 7th day Adventist healthy lifestyle works and it is All founded in the Way of our Creator and His Way. And I have learned I don’t need to try to re-invent the wheel when in my seeking I am shown Truths and it is Truth: Regular eating of both spiritual and physical foods have a major effect on All aspects of your daily Life. Eating junk or skipping meals will take their toll. Here are a couple of sites, if you choose to check them out, that will enlighten you and aid you, If you choose to stop making excuses, & begin your journey to fiscal responsibility. I did & now 4 years later, I am Out of Debt, living in a healthy environment, stress is minimul as His Word shows me the way Thru if it does raise it’s head, and Love is more bountiful daily.

My prayer for you is as my friend Kariamu says, that you “Choose Good Things” & reap the harvest thereof.  Shalom

One thought on “Fiscal Responsibility – It’s never too Late!

  1. Thank you for your informative post and all the words of experience, hope and strength you are sharing.
    I appreciate you and I appreciate your posts
    May you have an abundance of God’s blessings each and every day.

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