True to You

Hi ya’ll. Recently, I read a comment on my site that asked, “Did I have any suggestions for those who are new to having a blog/website?”

1st: Be True to You! Personally, those are the only sites that capture my attention. The people who are speaking from the heart, their passions, & personal experiences. Sales pitch posts turn me & many others off.

2nd: Consider your Words as they do have Power! Life and Death is in the Power of the tongue ya know. More than anything in my life God reveals that Truth to me almost Daily So, while we do learn from others in life & utilize that knowledge, we should always take a deep dive into the subject & test it out for ourselves before sharing our findings. In other words, Love your neighbor as yourself. It is not very loving to share info that you can’t say with confidence by your experience you are sharing these words because you found them beneficial seeds to share with others . That’s why you may see me add a website that “could” be useful in the cultivation of your inner/outer gardens. My website is called All About Choices because I am planting seeds thru my posts that I Pray bear good fruit for you too. Whether you choose to check it out for yourself Or Not is “your choice”. Please Do Not just follow me for the sake of following my ways or any of the ways of others I may mention. Again, Be True to YOU! If what you read resonates within you or is appealing, try it and then Listen to the spirit within that can and will advise you if it is a Fit for your life.

3rd: I always write everything down long hand BEFORE posting. OR at least handwrite an outline with brief notes. I find it helps me catch things that I may have missed in being clear, I find myself digging deeper into my subject before I post, and there is just something about writing it all down, erasing, and rewriting that plants the seeds God gives me in my deep dives deeper within me too. smile

4th: Be consistent in posting. Whether it is once a week or daily. This is an area I must confess I have not been the best at. I get caught up in “busy” and procrastinate. Which is NOT the way. If you feel led/called to post, people respond and like the seeds you are sharing, you must water and care for that “word garden” you have started. If you don’t it will not take deep roots and thrive.

I end this post with a Thank You to the person who asked for suggestions, your word seeds have beared fruit in my inner garden & now the gardens of those who read my post. When I read the comment almost immediately I heard that still small voice within say, ” You must tend to this garden just like you tend to your outer garden. With TLC. It is after all a garden I gave you to tend. Not only for others but, for yourself.” I know God called me to share the word seeds I share and nope, I have not been the best steward of this garden. Again, I thank you & pray you didn’t give up on my responding. Your comment and the words given to me for this post were a real “wake up call”. Now I stand before whoever is reading this post, confessing this sin, & committing to this calling of my “word garden” with a lot more TLC. I don’t want this garden to struggle along & ultimately die out. I too need to be True to ME.. the seeds planted are not only for the benefit of others, they are word seeds I need to cultivate regularly in my life too. smile Yep, I realize part of my inner gardens struggle has been: I have not been tending to my word gardens as I should be. It stops NOW.

So remember: ProverbsĀ 18:21Death and life [are] in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. 1 Peter 3:10For, “Whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech. 11They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it.

Hugs and don’t forget to love your neighbor: wear your mask!

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