The Good in Mankind

After a conversation with my sister the other day, it got me thinking about how every person does have their good points. Yes, every person. God created All mankind in His image, planting the seeds of Love within our inner gardens. Along “the Way” each of us choose to cultivate those seeds OR we allow the bad seed of unhealthy weeds to blow in and take root. However, Know this: God’s seeds of love are still within. And sometimes they pop up and show the beauty of their gifts & talents shining brightly in another’s life. Think about those you Know who you’ve seen the beauty, the kindness, gentleness, the Love shine bright in your life. Are they still that person? Is their light still shining? Or did they make a wrong turn and darkness is overshadowing the person you knew? What do you do if darkness has overtaken?

If you are like me and my sister we question: Do I go down the road with them in an attempt to lead them back to The Way of Love? Or do I stand at the crossroads watching them walk away? The answer to these questions is: BOTH. How far you go is different for every person and situation. At least in my opinion and from what God has revealed to me. I have taken the wrong road, more than once in fact, and I am thankful for those who walked with me a for awhile. I also understand when they had to turn back to save themselves from my dark choices. Part of loving God 1st is listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit who gives you words of wisdom to share not only in person but in prayer with Hope the party will receive His Word(s) and turn back with you. The other part of God’s commandments is to Love Yourself, which means listen to your gut, that instinct that says, “you are going to far, it’s time to step away and dust your feet. You’ve done your part, you’ve watered them with the Word, fed them, and tried to cultivate my seeds of Love, they are not hearing or seeing. Let them go. They have hardened their heart. Come back to me and continue to pray knowing I AM still with them. I will be there waiting for them to answer my knock, to open the door, repent, and return home to Me. Then and only then you may see them again. And sometimes your season with them is over.” I will let you know.

If the season is over, you still have the seeds of Love and season you shared, the memories, the history that no one can take away. Be thankful you were chosen to share some of the seeds of Love that person had within, it was a gift after all. And be thankful for the still small voice that came to guide you when darkness was looming ready to consume you both. Thankful God stopped you from going on a journey where the storms and tornados of life would carry you to places you should not be going. That would do neither of you any good. Yes, sometimes you have to ” Move & get out of the way.” Especially, when that dark road they choose to travel has nothing to do with you and is not yours to try to navigate.

Well, that’s it for me today. If you are feeling like you are on a journey headed the wrong way, may these words dig deep and bring you back to the right road. The road of Love which shines bright and brings forth good fruit along The Way. Shalom.

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