Together as ONE

I love” CBS Sunday Morning ” they share so much good and interesting info. Sometimes bringing me to tears of Joy and sometimes yes, sometimes sadness at what I see going on in the world. Today’s was a day the show brought me to tears with a combo of interviews with Lou Gossett Jr., Kim Novak, and finally Eric Whitaker’s “Singing Together as ONE “:

This is the interview on the creation of the video:

This time of Covid, protests, and isolation has really been revealing the true spirits of mankind. Good and bad. For me like Lou Gossett Jr said, ” We need each other desperately for our “mutual” survival.” For the life of me, I am not understanding how All of mankind cannot see by now that a house divided cannot stand. How is it there are still so many hard of heart and can’t see that the core, the roots of us are all the same? ” There is no one righteous; no not even one” Romans 3: 22-25. What on earth makes one person think they are better than another? I know I sure can’t take on that stance. Take a good look at yourself, really look. Can you really stand and say, ” I have no flaws, I don’t make mistakes, I don’t ever lie – not even a white lie, I have never cheated anyone, I am never cruel, judgmental, bitter, gossiping, angry, and the list goes on? When you really look within you will find imperfections just like everyone else. The only difference is for some their season of bondage and despair they get stuck in it. Often the causes of the Fall they did Not Choose and being beat down so long the person doesn’t know how to break the chains that bind. Hope is way off in the distance. That’s where those that have broken thru the bondage come in. What those that have broken their chains should be doing is reaching out a hand of help just like God did for them, not taking an attitude of now I am better than you, then go forward forgetting how you too were once on that same road. Life on Earth thrives on the choices of All Mankind, the Love extended by ALL Mankind, the Respect and compassion for yourself, your family, and Yes, your neighbors in all the World. We cannot survive without one another. Our bodies cannot survive without the Earth and the Earth cannot survive without man respecting and utilizing it’s gifts in moderation. My tears came from the Hope I saw in the union of all the culturally different voices, from the wise words of those interviewed, and the pain they had endured. My tears came as the Spirit of God touched my spirit saying, ” Never fear, I am with you and my season of Love IS coming

Yes, what this Season is revealing is: It is TIME we lay down our weapons of warfare against one another, time we close the gaps of division, and take up the Shield of Faith, the Heart of God, and walk in the shoes of PEACE! In this we can rise up and restore God’s plan, a life rich in Love.


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