Jesus is the Cure!

Hi ya’ll.  While watching Sunday Morning on CBS today, there was a quick segment showing New Orleans in which there was a sign, “Jesus is the Cure!”  I wanted to shout out, “Can I get an Amen! on that? ”  The Holy Spirit had just tapped me up this week Again in that same vein saying, ” Not seeing the media focus much on God, how about you? Only a snip it here and there.” For a minute, I thought “ya, what’s up with that? The world sure needs God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all up in our mix right now”  Then came a harder tap, “so you think your occasional post and half focused time with me is putting US in your mix? You spend a lot more time in that TV & talking with family and friends about the world’s view and what “they” are doing about COVID 19 than with Us”  OUCH!! That tap, well more of a slap, which I needed, made me REALLY look at my days since this started (well period actually). It brought some real awareness to not only my walk with God but, who/what I am listening to, what I am feeding my mind and heart & more important what I am letting come forth from my mouth to others. Then I got a call from a Muslim friend of mine who was said,”Ramadan starts April 24th.” In case you don’t know, Ramadan is a 30 day Fasting, Prayer, and study time in Islam. She knows, while I no longer practice Islam and answered Jesus knock with God’s Word as The Way, I appreciate & respect the journey God chooses to lead mankind to Him.  When I was practicing Islam the Fasting time of Ramadan and disciplined focus required in Prayer and the Word of God always revealed much to me. In fact, I know this portion of my seeking God was to teach my rebellious self, discipline so that ultimately I would HEAR Yeshuas knock and answer it. And I know her all was no accident either, as you see, all this chaos was leading me astray from where I should be seeking right now. That said,     I created my own version of the 30 day Fast, Prayer, and study time. I also felt the Holy Spirit say, “one truth on TV, you are All in this together.” Have you noticed how many faiths are coming together who normally are so divided? So you see how God is Again,   on time all the time. Her call was to get Me Fully back on track in my walk with Jesus. This overdue Fast should have started at the beginning of all this but, it is Never to late to cultivate the inner garden of the heart and mind. I know He understands and His Mercy was proven & shown by tapping me up. smile So now I am prepping for the Fast and a few others have decided to join me. I would like to extend the invitation to you too.       We will be doing a Fast, Prayer, and study time from Friday, April 24th until Sunday, May 24th. This will be a time of going where we should be going during this Pandemic, seeking God 1st for guidance on how to handle all things during these times and the times to come, for healing, and to have our spirits uplifted.  

Just click on Follow on my page, enter your email, and Daily you will get my posts.   Below is a basic outline of the 30 days. Everyday, I will be posting details of things you can utilize during the Fast daily:  like recipes, prayers, suggested readings, shows to watch, music, etc.

1st: Pray 10 mins 3 x a day morning, noon, and night (5 x if you want to do the full Ramadan version)  See link below for view of info on Ramadan.

2nd: Only ONE hour per day watching TV – 2 hrs per day on weekends. Spend time reading the Word daily, instead of TV and gabbing on the phone about COVID. It is your choice what you read of God’s Word. I am reading the Torah, my friend is reading on Buddism, or maybe you want to focus on Red Letter words of Jesus in New Testament. You can watch Faith Based programs and Praise Videos during this time. Just Not regular media programming that is Not focused on God. I will post suggestions everyday. One interesting series is Morgan Freeman’s The Story of God on Netflix. It walks you thru many Religions beliefs and practices. Or check out “The Chosen series on You Tube.

3rd: Week One is a Liquid Diet ONLY: That does not mean cokes, lots of coffee, and junk drinks. LOL  It means healthy liquids: smoothies, various healthy teas, lots of Water, & juices oh and No Yeast. (will explain that in my next post tomorrow)  Of course, you can get going looking at ideas yourself, as my boss says, “Just Goggle it”. Week 2, 3, 4 we will add in solid foods. I will post on Thursdays what gets added in for the following week.

Ok.. well that’s all for now. I’m off to do more prep and organize my calendar, as Praise God, I am one who is still working too. And whether you join us or not remember: like the sign in New Orleans said, Jesus IS the CURE.

This is interesting video of a Non Muslim teachers experience of Ramadan,

SHALOM & Stay Safe.


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