Let’s Shift gears!!

Hi. It appears the virus is consuming our conversations entirely. This alone is not healthy. Stress, Anxiety, and most of all Fear drive your immune system down. (see site at end) There are so many other things to discuss, to do, and seeds to cultivate in our minds during this time of “isolating”. I heard crime was down but, domestic violence is up. This is another time where Life is “all about choices”!  No doubt the majority of us have now heard enough about the virus itself, what we need to do in regards to distancing, washing hands, and we can SEE the consequences of the lock down within and without in our own neighborhoods, even without the medias spin on it. Now it is up to YOU how to choose your part in the whole picture.

The Question is, which do you choose? To walk & cultivate the seeds of Love or Fear & Desperation?     I CHOOSE LOVE!    1 John 14:18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.  We are NOT being punished nor should we, in these times, punish those close or around us because of a “temporary” shift in our lifestyle.

Turn on some Music, dance, sing, make tents and camp indoors or if you have a yard camp outdoors, you can even go fishing in the bathtub! BBQ in the backyard & if you don’t have a yard cook together. Couples instead of fighting, try rekindling the passion. Have some Danielle Steele moments!  If you don’t know what those are, it’s a great time to Read some Danielle Steele books or other romance novels and get a clue. Not into books, watch romance movies. My fella did that a few years back, read Danielle Steele novels, he wanted to make me happy. He knows I am the romantic type and he is the macho guy type so he sought out some tips & thought where better to go than romance novels. It was funny though, I found the book and at first I said, “whose book is this?!” (yes, my Irish green monster came out and I thought what woman has been here?) I was in the living room and He was in the kitchen cooking me a fancy dinner at the time, and his soft loving response was: ” Babe, take a look around the room?”  My eyes and mind were so focused on the book on the coffee table I had not looked around. As I did tears came to my eyes, he had candles lit all around, the fireplace was lit, wine and glasses on a side table with a rose, and in the adjoining room my fav big pillow with a Big stuffed tiger and a beautiful ring pinned to his ear. He had set up a Danielle Steele moment, just for ME!. Yes, it was right out of the book, a Danielle Steele Romance evening in every way, Fabulous!   Now tell me does that not sound better than Fighting or watching all he negativity on every device you own.  If you must use the device use it to read how to revive your romance and to play some thought provoking romantic music. This is a time to revive the “Make Love not War “ and PEACE of the 60’s & 70’s.  And no I am not saying revive the sleeping around with whoever. True Romance Must have genuine Love for one another as it’s key component.

No mate, share the Love in your heart with friends, co-workers kids, parents, and so on with encouraging uplifting words. Write letters, write a book, take some of your old photos and share them in a card or in an email. Let those close to your heart know you Love and appreciate them…Love conquers Fear and instills Hope.  And there are Lots of little things that show love and you don’t have to be in the same room to share it.

This is a time to pull out the weeds of selfishness, hatefulness, negativity, and wash clean the actual house and the heart of the house within. It is and can be if you Choose, to be a time of restoration, of healing, of coming together to comfort and assure one another, “this too shall pass.”  It is a time to retrain yourself and your children to appreciate the blessings You DO have, to teach responsibility in home and self care, to have fun- mess up the house playing, so What no one is coming over! Then teach them how to clean up their own mess. No One person in the house should be made to feel like the maid during this. This is Not the time to sit around doing nothing but grumbling & complaining. That will only bear the fruit of division and those ugly words said to one another; you can’t take them back. You can be forgiven but, the words can’t be taken back. I learned that the hard way back in the day. So think before you speak. If you are frustrated go to the other room and Chill. And Turn off the darn phones and TV for a few hours or a Full Day! Remember:  As a Man/Woman/child thinketh so is he/she.  Take an inventory of your Word seeds.. Are you planting seeds within that will produce good fruit?

Stress -How It Affects The Mind And Body.


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