Eyes to see, Ears to hear…

Good Morning!  To those who have eyes to see & ears to hear, these times are revealing the truths of mankind. I know many who read this are not the ones I am addressing however, if my words tap you up….well, good.  I pray this finds my readers hearts crying and praying for mankind. I pray this time of isolation is a wake up call to your life and the lives of your families. I pray the Truth and the Light of His Word, that you have heard over the years of your life, come forth and they do open the doors to your strengths and your weak areas. I pray this time draws you closer to those you love, opening the doors to the truly important thing in Life. LOVE – all it’s attributes and the simplicity of it. I pray this is showing you how you Can cook at home, save money by not running to and for and spending it like it grows on trees. I pray your creativity and gifts are rising from within as you spend more time indoors. Yes, I pray this is a time more eyes will be opened to see and more ears to really hear what is transpiring both within and without.

It saddens me to see all the hording and selfishness. I mean really! Most in our face example is: buying three or more 48 packets of toilet paper for a 2 or 3 person family! Leaving the poor and elderly barely able to find a 4 pack of toilet paper. Did it ever occur to you the poor and elderly on fixed incomes couldn’t run out and buy large amounts of necessary items?  And the worst part is now 2-3 weeks in, when it is clear stores are replenishing, and we Will have access to more, that the selfishness continues to the point of Adults having to be Controlled, Limited to purchases, and even broken up from fighting. It saddens me to hear of so much selfishness by many who are not adhering to the self isolation, taking an attitude of “this is no worse than any other flu.” Or “it mostly only effects old people and the sick, so why do we all have to isolate?”  The Answer:         You interact with people of all ages and health issues. Sometimes with people you don’t even realize have compromised immune systems. This  & any virus is a miserable and I for one sure don’t take dying with your lungs filling up like your drowning as something I would want Anyone, no matter their age, to go. If you’ve paid any attention you can see how quickly it travels and it doesn’t just affect old & sick. Yes, last year the 2019 flu cases were very high and many deaths as well. That is Not my point here. The point is the attitude many have toward their fellowman just because lifestyles are affected. Yes, some things are canceling and it is disappointing and is it some government fear factor in truth, who knows but, again it is the “heart and attitudes” I am seeing as to what I write about. I ask: Do You like being Sick?  Is it worth the risk, Really? What if you are Wrong and it could take many more lives and do lots more damage than you can imagine?  Just what if the ” Medical Professionals “are Correct that the reason it hasn’t done more damage IS because we were “forced” to isolate. Do all the thousands in China and Italy not sink in – look at the damage this can do?? Yes, it’s sad in and of itself, we have to be “Forced” to Care about others lives. Ponder that instead of sitting around groaning and moaning because your every whim and want can’t be filled “right now”.

Maybe that is what we needed to learn, it isn’t all about you, that our over indulgence and loss of Love and caring got us in this mess. Notice I said “Our”, this has revealed my own selfish areas and things I grumble about now are things I am thankful for or that seem very petty. I am quickly pulling those weeds and thankful God brought them to the surface for me to see and correct as I continue in my life.     On that note:

I am Thankful for God’s loving arms, guidance, and healing in so many. I am thankful for all those who do have respect for their fellowman/woman & showing it in so many ways. I am thankful for all the healthcare workers, law enforcement, fireman, military, delivery drivers, workers in stores, the mailman and all essential personal that are taking risks in their interacting with others. I am thankful for all the employers who are doing their best to keep staff working or at least help them out of the goodness of their heart. I am thankful the politicians could finally come to terms to do their job, help “we the people” in troubled times. Lord, know all the working citizens pay enough taxes that we should reap some help in times of need.

It truly brings me joy to see all those who do have genuine Love in their hearts and are sharing that love in so many creative ways. Singing from the roof tops, balconies, sharing online, thru media avenues, calling and keeping one another company, and the list goes on and on….

It is in our Love, respect, thankfulness, joy, endurance, and growth we will come thru all this and I pray be a better society because of it. I end this post praying whoever reads my words that you have eyes to see and ears to hear and the seeds of Love are watered, cultivated, and will bear fruit that will provide not only within you but, with your neighbor now and after this settles down.

Hugs. Shalom.



One thought on “Eyes to see, Ears to hear…

  1. Your welcomed column was a ray of light in a sea of darkness. Your words are an inspiration serving as guidance for us who may digress from the golden path of life and lead to internal happiness and benevolence to mankind.Best wishes to you dear Renee from us both John and geny

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