What the Kids have to stay Home!

Hi everyone!  Lord Have Mercy! What are we supposed to do with our kids?

These are the feelings of many parents as many schools are closing due to the Coronavirus. To add to this, they have announced: And don’t take the kids to Grandparents as it is the Grandparents who are at higher risk.  Unless, of course you are a young healthy grandparent, then by all means “Pitch in” if you are able. However, if you are Over 60 years old with any health issues that compromise your immune system, you really need to apply Tough love and teach your children how it is “their responsibility” to take care of their children, as most of us baby boomers had to do with them.  Back in our day, our parents did Not step in as much as we have with our children. I now think that we did our children a dis-service helping “so” much in so many areas. But, that’s another post. LOL  All this said, I want to give some suggestions to all you young parents & those grandparents who are able or who are not listening the the healthcare providers. You know who you are. LOL

Often we hear: ” all these things work together for good.” That is only a portion of the verse and to understand full context you need to read all of Romans 8. For now I am going to elaborate just a little more and leave the remainder as your choice if you want to take this indoor time to dig deeper.  “All these things work together; while they are working, God’s providence is working, his Spirit is working, and they are working Together with him. And whatever troubles, or afflictions, or persecutions may arise, God presses them into their service; and they make a part of the general working, and are caused to contribute to the general good of the person who now loves God, and who is working by faith and love under the influence and operation of the Holy Ghost. ”

Now my point of adding in this info on this verse:  This virus got me thinking about my blessings in the midst of it: At 64, I am in pretty good health, I work remote, I have comfortable home, I was already set up with supplies because it is winter in NY,  I can order online if needed, and I have internet and a phone to communicate with friends, family, and OHHH I can use some of this “self Quarantined” time to work on my posts and my 2nd book. (which I have been procrastinating on). These are just the majors that popped in my head.  Then it popped in my head, what would I do if I still had kids?

Well, I know one thing TV & internet would not be how they filled their days. I am not saying I wouldn’t incorporate TV and Internet part of the day. But, kids need activities and Love. Now is a perfect time for you Both to tap into some fun indoor activities and share some love. Think about it & be honest, all too often, we are so busy real interactive Love gets pushed to the side a lot and is only shared when we can find some time. So I thought I would share a few ideas to mix it up while the kids are home.

  1. Tap into Art..everyone’s (yes, you too parents): Color, Paint, get the glue out and make decoupage. None of it has to be perfect, just fun.
  2. Play games. If you have a board game or cards that is even better. They are more literal interactive than the computer.
  3. Do Spring Cleaning! in fun ways  First Watch the movie “Risky Business” or movie “Mermaids” online. Then, turn on the music, put on socks and with some Murphy’s Oil Soap clean the kitchen and hardwood floors.  Run a bubble batch, then when ready to get out scrub the tub and walls together with the soapy water. (then rinse of course) Have a singing or dancing contest while you dust or pick up the kids room. Throw Pillows while you clean. In other words, take
  4. Play Dress UP!! Have an indoor Halloween with goodies for best ideas. This way the boys too can get involved. Encourage using the Imagination.
  5. Do Word games, Spelling bees, Puzzles….you can even make your own puzzles.
  6. Get in the Kitchen and “Get Cookin'” then have fun cleaning up the mess.
  7. Read BOOKS Together!  Play out the parts sometimes.

These are my 7 Steps to Success so you don’t all go crazy and hate being locked up in the house together.


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