It Just Is

Good Morning!  I know, I know I haven’t posted in awhile. I found myself asking myself, “Why aren’t you posting on Saturdays? You aren’t being committed as you promised not only to your Readers but, God.”  Some excuses popped in my head like, maybe I do suffer from S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) like this Dr. told me once, or that I am tired after working 50+ hrs a week on the computer and just don’t want to look at a computer for at least one day. (I work 6 days a week), or I just didn’t have anything I wanted to say. Then I heard my Wayne Dyer CD’s words say, ” Excuses Be Gone”. It is one of my fav CD’s by him and he’s right. That Dr. talked to me maybe all of 3 mins. and based his diagnosis on my saying I was tired and not feeling as social as usual. He simply provided an excuse and if I had accepted it a pill to help. I did Not, while sitting there God quickly reminded me, you have plenty of days in the winter  you are happy as a lark. Just because you tend to hibernate, read, and are not as social in the winter doesn’t mean you are Sad! As for work, You allow it to consume the Winter months. As usual God is so Right: November to April 1st is when work is overflowing and I am asked to do OT. It is me that just doesn’t seem to know how to “Just say No”. And there is the Fact I just need some down time and winter is perfect for that, it feels quit natural. ” It Just IS what it is. ”

As I was thinking on these things I heard Yeshua say: God created Seasons for a reason:  Look around you, all of Creation requires some Down time for rest, renewal, reflection, shedding of the old. This is so when Spring and the Light come rolling in all things will come forth stronger, full of life, and bear new fruits.  All I can say to that is, “Thank You.”

One other thing that Just Is what it Is: Recently I was asked, “Why do I follow a book written 300 years After the quote Messiah said them? Not to mention books are missing and then their is the conversions of language which is never perfect. Why this threw me off guard I have no idea, as I have had this conversation many times, I did respond: “because Jesus teachings have proven True, it’s not about the Religion of the Bible it’s about Jesus teachings of who God & we are as Love. I’ve found, All Religions have a base foundation founded in Love however, for me The Way of His Word in the Bible is the one that doesn’t go to far to the Left or the Right.. bottom line: it’s just right, for me. As we walked out I told him, it is not about the Religions for me, I did a lot of seeking before Knowing Jesus is My Man!  I am well aware of how man has twisted, divided, and left things out but, I also know God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit (my Family:  Father, Mother, and Son, my man) are well able to show me The Way and The Truth in all Things.

What I didn’t say and wish I had is this: I have found Jesus (Yeshua) Words are all about Living Life, His Words work when You Work them. I trust God just as Jesus tells me so:  that They will reveal to me the Truth & the mysteries in the Bible and They will also reveal to me where man has had his hand in it. It is in Jesus words the why of why I am Not SAD.  His Word reveals the Key is LOVE and all it’s attributes. About sharing that Love with All God’s Creations…no matter the “Labels” mankind has put on things, no matter how man wants to take control and make you question God, He and His Love, if you allow it will reveal itself all around you. I for one am thankful for all the insight, knowledge, and sharing of the Word in all forms but, in my findings The Way of Jesus is the most direct, simple, and teaches the Best Way on how to cultivate, water, and LIVE the Best Life I can on Earth as it is in Heaven. For me, ” It Just IS! “

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