Who Comes 1st?

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way…..

As we rapidly approach the Holidays, many people are ready to pull their hair out with all the man made created necessities associated with the Holidays. Yes, Man Made. smile

If we were to take a step back and Praise 1st the “Reason for the Season“, JESUS & share the “gifts” we receive thru His Word, we wouldn’t be nearly as stressed or “broke”. There are so many spending money they don’t actually have at this time of year. Running up debts it will take till next year to pay off, for some.   Oh, and don’t get all technical on me saying, “it is not really Jesus birthday anyway”.  true that. But, it’s not about the date. The Reason for the Season is His being given as a “Gift” by the Father to Us that we could see and come to KNOW His LOVE for US.

And in answer to your question: “what about the children, they love all the gifts and decorations?” You know what children (& most of us adults) need Even More? LOVE, your TIME, device Free, not talking on the phone, drinking with other adults telling the kids go play, and not watching TV.  Think about it, how much Real time do you spend as a family during any given day? How often in your hectic, busy day do you feel “alone”?  And even though the kids don’t always say it, how often do you think they are crying both inside and out because they feel Alone?  I know I should have posted much earlier, as most have already been out and are finished shopping however, it is Not to late to make a couple of changes to the Holiday and do some things that will make hearts sing all throughout your home.

Here are some suggestions: Praying, singing and dancing to Joyous songs, get out in Nature and have some fun, take pictures then mail them out to any friends and loved ones that don’t live near you, cook together and yes, making a mess in the kitchen! (throw some flour at one another & watch the laughs…then clean up together to music and be silly doing that too. Don’t let that teenager stomp off mad, grab them hug & kiss on them till they laugh.) My nephews son made the cutest snow gauge out of a stick and pasted on snowman face, little scarf, and buttons down the stick. Play dress up and do a play about the true meaning of Christmas. The whole family go to Church together, to a Christmas play, or Christmas musical. Go volunteer somewhere and lend a hand.. Kids too..they need to learn to Share not just be over indulged with presents. smile  If you have a single neighbor ask them over to enjoy the fun or to go with you to church.  Take your left over food and hit the streets sharing with the homeless…you can go around any local library or if you live in Cali down to the beach and you will find those in need.

Like me, don’t live near your family? Spend time with God, you can still go to church, volunteer, Skype or do some Visual form of webcam so you can see your family for a bit, cook for YOU!, play music and sing Praises, take a hike or walk and enjoy the Beauty of the season. Or if you work a lot; Praise God you have a job and the Gift of a Paid day OFF to Rest and relax celebrating the birth of His son, Yeshua. (Jesus)

Have a wonderful Holiday season everyone!!



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