Find Your Good!

Hi again! I was watching Sunday Morning show on CBS today and JBJ said, “Find your Good and Do It!”

 This got me thinking, “what is my good?” And now I ask you, “Do you know Your Good?”

What am I doing in my life whether it be day to day or occasionally that is doing good for my fellow brothers and sisters here on Earth? I am told, my upbeat and glass half full attitude does others in my life good. I know my lack of shyness and willingness to talk to most any and everyone has done good many times. How do I know? People either tell me or we both walk away smiling and often exchanging emails or phone #’s.

Then I thought, Hello, wake up! you know your heart’s desire on how to do “your good”  My posts, my attempting to write my books, and just plain sharing life’s experiences, which I already do. Always in the hopes my walk on this Earth does do some “good”. Then I heard the Holy Spirit ask, “Wanna do more? then make a concerted effort and slot  time to stay focused on just that? It is after all what I told you to do.”  Hmmm, like this song I heard in my grandson’s car, I found myself humming:  “Blame it on my ADD, Baby”  That song is intense & the rest of the words don’t fit me at all but, that one line fits often in my life. LOL  Truth is I get so absorbed in my job that I neglect my heart’s desires saying, ” I will get to it.” It’s not that I don’t use my gifts God gave me at all. I do. However, I also Know I “need” to commit to my life He planned and stop setting it to the side for later. I am 64 yrs. old and I need to quit with the ” later”. And I must say when I do commit to a work & personal life balance there is an inner Joy and excitement that gives me extra energy too. I Love sharing the Love of God & sharing life experiences and knowledge with others. There is so much to learn thru interaction with all walks of life.  And from what I am told ya’ll, my readers, like it too. (for the most part) And even if we don’t agree, that ok. A Sufi Master told me once, ” have no Expectations” Took me a bit but, I finally understood what he meant. We are unique individuals growing, becoming, learning, and changing in each season. So how can we have expectations of a work in progress? As a work in progress, things are subject to change. How you thought, believed, walked in life at 20 is not still the same at 40, 50, 60, and son on. As life grafts in it’s experiences your outlook and desires become more hybrid until you ultimately become all He meant for you to Be.  At least, I pray that is what your experiencing.     Plus, how boring would it be if we were all like robots agreeing on everything. That’s not living, if that was all we would miss out on so many talents, gifts, & most important: so many variations of Love.

Well, I think you get where I am going in this post. So now I leave you to ponder, “Do you know your good? and what are you doing with it?”  And if you don’t know, seek and you shall find…dig into your heart, it’s in there wanting to Share with others.

I’ll pray you live to the fullest in your Good and ya’ll please pray for me to do the same.


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