Life is a Math equation

Math augh! This week we had a staff member whose batch was Out of Balance. 

“Mr. Poster” had made errors in posting and closed their batch anyway. Then “Ms. Review batches” emailed me, “Ms.Team Lead” saying: ” this is out of balance, Please have this fixed so we can close the days work“. I forwarded the error to Mr. Poster advising him to find the error and fix the batch. Mr. Poster then tried to void and correct his error only to mess it up even more & couldn’t figure out what to do next. So, Mr. Poster sent it back to me, & my brain went into “anxiety mode”. I am Awful at math so, I  reached out to my friend and boss, Ms. Director who responded with what looked like would be the answer to solve the issue. I was so relieved. Turns out, that wasn’t entirely the problem. I didn’t want to put it back on my Directors shoulders, her plate was overflowing horribly on this Friday afternoon. So I reached out to a Ms. Billing CoOrdinator, who works on things like this daily, and wouldn’t you know it the system was blocking her from logging into my client. All I could hear was my brain saying:  “I hate Math, why Me?” So we skyped and 1.5 hrs later we still could not figure out what the heck had been done. Now really stressed, I had to go back to the Director, she said, ” it’s late, start back on it first thing Monday morning.” Before I logged out for the day, I reached another teammate on another client, let’s call her Ms. Math Brain (she had shown in the past she has a Math brain). I told her I am going to go thru each line and see if I can figure it out but, if I can’t would you please help. I only ended up more frustrated that ever. Ms. Billing Coordinator said, ” I will look at it Monday and see what I can do” Now in tears, I sent her the marked reports I had completed. Monday afternoon she said she had not had time to look at it. We were on Day Three & Friday end of day was still not resolved!  I went to Ms. Math brain, saying, “Please Help!”  The next day, after going thru circling and matching up what was posted, even she was still struggling. I thought, ” oh no, even Ms. Math Brain is stuck “. We skyped and began going over each item one by one discussing how things had been posted. All the sudden, Ms. Math Brain said, ” oh good grief, I see the problem, it’s right there before my eyes“.  My brain was still saying:      ” huh? what? where?”  Then she said, “can you conference in Ms Billing CoOrdinator so I can explain this all at once, and so I did. As I listened huge walls were still standing strong in my mind and all I could feel was tears welling up in my eyes. I went to bed once again frustrated at how much I still struggle with Math. Then I heard God say,          ” Why didn’t you didn’t ask me to help?”  In that moment, I realized I had gone around all these years struggling and never thought of reaching out to Him to relieve me of this block in my brainI tell others all the time, ask God, the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit, Mother to help and guide you, they said and promised they Can help with Allthings in Life.  I knelt down to ask forgiveness and then for their guidance and healing of whatever was causing the Wall in my brain The next morning after Ms. Math Brain Fixed all the errors and Friday was finally Balanced and Closed, what she had explained actually clicked & made sense! Not saying if it happens again I could figure it out alone, but, I am confident I could get further.

Best part, the Wall had been broken and I was set free from the anxiety to learn Math. “One step at a time”. Since childhood, when the teacher ventured beyond basic math a Giant thick Wall popped up and my Mind said,   “Nope, this does not register” and I just ended up in tears and sick to my stomach, “literally”  I actually didn’t go to college because of it. Funny though, all thru my working life Math has risen it’s head and I have had to participate in solving Math problems. Do you see where I am going in this Post?

Our lives are Math equations! At various times, in every life, we get “Out of Balance” We must get to the Root of the Problem to Solve it!  To do that, we Need to ask God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to get involved and open our eyes, give us ears to hear and then reach out to the teammates He’s provided to lend a helping hand. This Math Equation clearly pointed out that my hard head & not seeking Him 1st IS the Root of My Problem. At 64 years old, I can now move forward knowing:  you’re never to old to stop going backward & together we CAN break down the Walls to Solve any Equation!


2 thoughts on “Life is a Math equation

  1. Dear Renee…thank you for all the prayers.John,my 95 year old WW2 Veteran has just had his very difficult eye surgery and now after 2 operations, he can SSSSSEEEEE

  2. I like it! God and asking God is the FIRST step! Often when we hear of a person’s trouble, we start thinking about our limitations (too poor to offer money, too ill/physically limited to help in person/too few resources to help in standard ways) and will say something like, “Well, the least I can do is say a prayer.” That’s backward! The MOST you can do is say a prayer and Bring God in on the equation. God is the ultimate changer and can make the thing right.

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