Who is your Audience?

Hello! Hello! I’m Back!  Needed to take a bit of a sabbatical and process the direction I was taking. Something I think we should all do occasionally. In fact, while I was away I was listening to AR Bernard and he said, “every so often we should all ask ourselves these questions: 1. Who am I now? 2. Where do I want to be? (be specific) 3. Why do I want to be there? (this is your motivator that gives you strength) 4. What do I have to do to get there?  Good questions don’t you think?

I also had a very enlightening conversation with the editor of our local Niagara newspaper. In that conversation there was one thing she said that jumped out at me: “that is not so much our audience”.  I knew right then God was using her to guide me back in the direction He wanted me to go. You see I was starting, once again, to wander from the way He wanted me to go. Which was not writing a column for the local paper.  Like I always say, “God is on time all the Time!”. My path is writing these posts &  finishing the second book God told me to do! I must say I am so Grateful for Michelle taking her time to chat with me that one morning at the local coffee shop. I was her audience for that hour and she sure left a deep impression. One that energized me, made me look at my life, and sent me back skipping along My yellow brick road asking, “Who is my Audience? What Audience do I want to reach? and How do I want to reach them? These questions made me dig deep and I realized what God wanted me to see: we all have an audience everyday. At home, at work, each time we step out to interact with others. They are watching, listening, and yes most of the time judging us in all we do. Never think what you say & do has no effect in the lives of others…even strangers. Has it ever occurred to you we all are writers? Storytellers. And we all have a story to tell and do tell it on FB, in tweets, on the phone, in our day to day interactions. Your story may be a drama, a how to, a joke or two, and the list goes on. Think about your actions, what is coming out of your mouth whether it is talking out loud or texting, tweeting, sharing pics, and so on. Now who are you doing all that with? Your Audience! (Unless you are a total recluse) As we all know words & actions create which means you do affect their lives. In some fashion we all are imitating someone in our growth process to become who we are to Be.  Here is an example of a small affect I had today: a man at the store who had been listening to me talk when I reached the register said: ” where’s that southern accent from? It sure sounds nice, calming.”  No, he wasn’t flirting, he took my money and said “have a great day.”  For that moment he was my audience & my accent in my words had a calming affect. And I didn’t even know it. See I did have an effect on his day and he on mine.  It was a nice compliment that made me Smile.

Finally, after all my pondering on “who am I trying to reach? and how can I reach them? I realized as I sat to write this post, it’s whoever God puts across my path. Whoever decides to read my posts and share them. It’s anyone I interact with, those that like my style, & who my words speak to. The only thing I need to concern myself with is this:  that I listen to God, Be my Best ME, and keep in mind, I do have an audience so think before I do or speak. LOL

And if you have read this post; “thank you for being my audience”. I pray you enjoyed and gained something from these words.

Hugs!!! Renee’


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