Remember the Hero’s

As everyone left work Friday for the Memorial Day weekend, I heard these words:

” Have Fun, what plans do you have, boy will it be nice to have a 3 day weekend.” I was of course feeling the same when it hit me: don’t forget to Honor those who died in service fighting for our rights and safety. Memorial Day : a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered.

Then as usual this morning I opened my eyes looking at my picture of my Lord and Savior Jesus. Only this morning, my spirit heard loud and clear: ” And don’t forget God the Father, Jesus the Son, and all those Warriors in days of old as you honor those who died in active duty.”  I had never really thought about it in that way but, that one thought brought about a flood of memories out of my recent studies. You see I have been reading and studying the Bible including the culture, history, and lives of those written in the pages. Not reading from a Religious place but, from a place of wanting to Know & Understand God, to understand how things got from Point A to Now. And I want to understand where things are going and our part in it all. That’s another conversation…moving on.  Has it ever occurred to you how God, Jesus, and leaders chosen by them dedicated their lives to serve & to fight so we could be where we are today?  They too sacrificed to the point of death, no matter what or who came at him. And like our men of service they stood their ground for what They believed in: Love and Righteousness for All mankind on Earth as it is in Heaven. (and They still are!)  There were times Jesus and His disciples had to have secret meetings to discuss how to handle the enemy, times to rest and enjoy the community they were in, & times to share their reason for being there. There were times to heal and console and times to Fight!  When you take the time to read the Bible you will see Life repeats it’s seasons including times of war. In fact, the reasons for the wars haven’t really changed much at all. Only the packaging has changed in how we fight but, not the why. Don’t take my word for it:   Read it for yourself.

I look forward to the day we no longer have to fight and it will come…it’s in the Book.  However for now, I pray you enjoy the three day weekend and just remember to take a moment of prayer to honor All of those who have died in active duty and their families who sacrificed with them along The Way.




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