When Life tosses you a Curve Ball

As we all know, Life can and will toss you a curve ball sometimes. By my experience, it is right about the time your Joy and Relaxation are on the rise. I have learned there are only a couple of choices on how to handle the curve balls: 1. let my emotions get the best of me and throw a temper tantrum 2. Take some deep breaths and/or a walk all the while asking God show me the Way to catch it, handle it, or toss it back!

I had one of those curve balls thrown at me the last day of my vacation. My vacation had been Great! Even had some unexpected blessings which really had me Full of Joy. I had turned in my rent a car and was waiting on one of my Legacy sisters who lives in Memphis to pick me up for lunch and I decided to call my director/friend from work. Lord have Mercy, did she throw a curve ball when she said these words: ” they’ve laid off Again and sent all your team except you to Offshore services” I was stunned! You see they had already laid off down to skeleton crew and sent a lot of the work to an offshore team months prior.. We were already struggling after that since the offshore team wasn’t doing so hot but, this time there was no preparation and the offshore team had not even had training. My thoughts were: What the heck? Who does that? Once again, life had tossed a curve ball and I was almost dizzy with the news. It wasn’t long I started getting calls from my team with the news. I tried to think and choose encouraging words to calm them and myself down and finally said, ” I will have to call you back, I just need to finish my last vacation day please.” I really just needed a little time to process the news.  In one way I was glad I got the news in advance and another really irritated they couldn’t even wait until my Director & I finished our vacations.. yes, she was on vacation too.

I had so been looking forward to my lunch date with my Legacy sister and for a minute I left it take hold and almost ruin my time with her. But, then God sent a call to her that reminded me, “it could be a lot worse“. You see she works for Catholic Charities with people who are homeless and helps get them on their feet and going. That day she had two calls actually of one who was getting set up with a roof over her head but, concerned that the job she just got was going to knock her out of the help she so desperately needed. The other’s daughter had ran away and they were living in a shelter. These women brought back memories of times I had been in their position and clearly showed me where I am now – out of California & Blessed with a home. I still have my job and even if I were to get laid off I am over 62 and could take my SS and get a part time job keep my home. Both my daughters grew past their troubled teens and are doing well and my grandkids are too… then it flashed across my mind: Look you are even able to take a vacation! We ended up having a great lunch at Olive Garden (which was another blessing, we were both well able to have lunch out) & by the time I got back to the airport I sat there holding back the tears in Thankfulness instead of anger at that ball that had come my way. Then I began to do exactly what I should have done in the 1st place; Pray and call my fellow prayer warriors and ask them to pray. I called the employees back and tried my best to comfort them and assure them God will catch their curve balls too and open doors of provision, never fear…just Trust Him and start sending out those resumes.  As for me, God further blessed me with a wonderful young lady sitting next to me on the plane who had a tough day too. Together threw the curve balls back and took on the attitude of We can do this! (with only a little bit of whining) I got off the plane with a new friend and by day 2 of my return to work I could feel that inner spirit saying, ” do the Best you can do and live in this moment knowing and trusting God’s got your back too”.

Yes, Life can and will serve curve balls and we may have some burdens to bear when it does but, with God we can Survive!  Why because God is a Fantastic Catcher, He’s on time all the time, & will carry you thru to home base – if you will just let Him!

Have a Great Day!

One thought on “When Life tosses you a Curve Ball

  1. oh yes we all get those balls. We just have to learn to catch them. As you said Renee you can pray yes, but always try to be prepared for the life emergencies. Just another good way

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