Don’t Quit Now!

This past year I have been praying about Balance. You see, I am 63 yrs. old and have worked at least 2 jobs the last 40 years which of course consume a lot of my time. Guess you could say I’ve been married to my job(s). In some part out of necessity and some part I enjoyed the jobs. I am a type A personality and love to keep busy, sometimes to my detriment & I over do it. And sometimes I know it was God’s way of keeping me grounded.  Don’t get me wrong, I do still enjoy my job however, God’s calling on my life is screaming at me, ” when will you focus some of that energy and time on what I am calling you to do?”  You’re not working 2nd jobs but, now you work Over time. How is that heeding my Call? ” With that my prayers became “should I semi retire? I am getting tired.”  Which in turn brought thoughts of, ” Are you actually tired or it is not fulfilled?”  This morning I heard the Holy Spirit clearly say, ” Don’t Quit your current job. It’s about your not fulfilling your calling for Me! I have provided your job so that you will be Well Able both financially and physically to walk in My Spirit of Balance and do Both.”  Then I turned on Jesse Duplantis and what was he talking about but, Faith and Focus on your Visions/Dreams God planted within you. Then he said, ” and just because your getting older you shouldn’t retire and become a sluggard.” Which led me to look up verses about being a sluggard and there in Proverbs, which is full of verses about “don’t quit”, were the ones that answered my prayers: Proverbs 6:6 Walk in the manner of the ant, O sluggard; observe its ways and be wise  Proverbs 6:8 it prepares its provisions in summer; it gathers its food at harvest.  When I read that, I heard my wise Pa Boyd saying, ” Make hay while the sun shines girl ! ” Then right behind that my Mother saying, ” Don’t ever stop working your mind and body need it. If you do that’s when you start dying” Your body muscles need to stay active and remember your brain is a muscle it needs worked too. My Mom had Alzhiemers & my Dad dementia. They both retired early and didn’t do a lot to keep the mind active especially my Mom. That said: this site is intended for Alzheimers yet has great tips for taking care of body and mind no matter the age:

Just like that it all became so clear.  I do need to semi retire! However, that does Not mean go take my social security. (not yet anyway, smile) It means listen to the Holy Spirit, my Mother, and her Dad (my Pa Boyd) & just work my 40 hrs a week – period. For me that is like semi-retirement. It allows me time when the sun shines to get out there and do God’s will. And in winter some rest & time to focus on my relationship with Him and my writing. You see where I live now the days are Long April to October perfect time to work and cultivate the outer garden that it will produce in Fall and provide for winter. Then in winter the days are much shorter which drives you to warm and cozy bed for much needed rest & time to spend focused in His Word for the inner garden. Not that I won’t be in His Word in summer too but, I am sure you can see what I mean. Yes, I was Blessed in my youth to live where it Always Sunny. (San Diego) And know I see His Wisdom & how well He does know me. He placed me my super hyper self where I was well able to work 2 jobs, learn, grow, and still have time and energy to fit in fun with my girls, grandkids, and friends (Thank God my life was so full in this was also my 40 yrs in the desert where  my choices good and bad took place) Then I went thru the change; not only physically but, mentally. I truly accepted Yeshua in my heart & the healing and transformation really began – ultimately leading me here, to a place with all seasons. A place to do His Will… a place where I can begin a community garden both without & within to share with my neighbors. A place where I can obtain Balance. Yep, I am sometimes slow to see but, Oh when I do….I Got It, I grab it, & move forward Praising, Thanking, and Knowing I am headed in the right direction.

Today, May you too see clearly to find the Balance both within & without.


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