Coming out of the Desert

I have been reading about Moses bringing the Israelites out of Egypt thru the desert. As I read it clearly jumps out at me how we too have times in the desert. And how God Will bring us thru and out of the desert into the promised land…if we but, listen and watch for guidance. Some of those times could be a literal natural disaster, an addiction to something or the illusion (a deceptive appearance or impression) that causes us to worship false idols. My first question is: what or who do you worship? 2nd: How do you worship? # 3: Have you not realized it is in the Spirit of Love in which we need to worship? #4: Do you not see the seeds it is in Love we find all we are seeking?

We all go thru times in the desert. It’s actually necessary. It is part of our time of seeking, immaturity, growth, and “becoming/rebirth” into our true nature. Like the Israelites, too often the heart becomes so lost and hardened it seems “right” to just stay a slave to a life of “status quo”- the current situation : the way things are now – content/accepting things as it is; not seeking any change.  Is this your life? You are not satisfied yet, you find yourself saying” it is what it is”  I say ” come out of the desert!”   Let your light, gifts, talents, and Blessings shine. Allow the Seeds of Love planted within you to grow and bear an abundant harvest, both for you & your neighbors.

Praise God Almighty my heart was watered & softened thru the Love of Yeshua & my neighbors that I have now been led to my promised land where we are cultivating those seeds He planted within me.  Yes, like nature we all have times when we go thru a disaster and it seems all is destroyed: Wrong- it is an illusion. It is only a Season. If we pay attention the desert can be restored & come back to life. If you have ever driven from Las Vegas to San Diego the Earth reveals this truth. Nature goes thru 2-3 years of drought & that stretch on Hwy 15 looks so barren you think it is done for. Then rain comes and you drive thru again and find yourself saying, ” oh the desert looks beautiful & where did all that vegetation come from? In God’s glorious design, His seeds were Deeply rooted, waiting for there Season to come forth and shine. My friend is always saying how he loves when you come down over the grade, just out of Barstow, & you see the landscape changing and turning green…the closer you get to the coast the greener and more lush it becomes. This is for 2 reasons: the natural moisture from the ocean being pushed across that section of desert (yes desert- California is a desert on the ocean) & because man’s heart desires to live in the lushness of the Earth’s beauty. That has led them to graft in plants, trees, etc & to water & fed them not only with fertilizer but, Love which produces lovely gardens on the desert’s ocean.Trust me left alone it would look just like the long stretch from State Line till you come over the grade and see what Love has to do with it. Just like that desert – the desert within us Must be watered & fertilized with Love.

By now you might have asked yourself “why does she post on this so much?” : Here’s why:  Galations 6 says it best: Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in the temptations of the world (in the desert), you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. (share the Spirit of Love) yet remember to watch yourselves (continue always in God’s Love) , or you also may be tempted. Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Love (Christ).

These words are the Love flowing from the garden of my heart that I pray daily brings gentle restoration to your heart. I proclaim these words because I Love ALL God’s creation. It is because His Spirit has pushed me for years to Read and Proclaim His Love that it may water any dry places in the heart of my neighbors (those reading this) just like others Love waters the dry places within the garden of my heart. It’s a ” Pay it Forward” that I am grateful the internet allows me to share in the hope the readers time in the desert will be watered and bring forth your abundant harvest to share…   Shalom.

One thought on “Coming out of the Desert

  1. Renee, you use that famous word: LOVE…I have always tried to feel love for ALL my fellow human beings and I find that I am happy inside. Always enjoy your column Renee. Thank you!. geny

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