All Things Together Can work to the Good

Hello, Hello… sorry I missed a week. Actually working on another book in which the core of it is based in this verse: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28.

In my studies & research, God revealed this verse isn’t only speaking to things regarding we humans but, ALL things work together according to His purpose. All things in His Creation… Moon, Stars, Sun, Air, Water, Earth, Mankind, and so on.  Of course, All Things have potential to work to the bad too but that as in All things is once again              “All about Choices” . Mankind’s Choices, as he was given Authority on Earth as it is in Heaven. One thing that proves this is Climate change. Our Choices affecting the Heaven’s. ( the Universe)

Whether mankind wants to admit it or not; everything is One. We all need to open our eyes and See how our Choices are creating an unstable future & how when we choose to change our selfish Choices, we can restore life’s balance. Whether you want to call it Evolution or Creation the Facts come out the same. Abuse of our Home (Earth) is an abuse of ourselves and our neighbors. Let’s start with some simple facts: 1st Mankind was created from Earth and Spirit. And scientifically it is proven man and plant life are much the same in their composition. Both must have many of same nutrients to survive…Water, Light, fertilization, cultivation and more. That said, let’s begin our restoration of life on Earth with a simple change right in your own backyard. How? By Creating a garden and growing your own Fresh Vegetables or Plant a tree or two- they create oxygen.  Know this: Gen.1:30 “And to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the heavens and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.”  And for those of a scientific mind…they agree:

No backyard:  get creative & utilize your patio, windows indoors, or hydroponic growing indoors. Living in New York the winters of course hinder my outdoor growing but, thanks to my organic grower daughter she researched and sent me all sorts of great ideas for indoor growing in the winter.  Like this on How to get started growing indoors: Or like she said, : Mom, just type in ways to grow veggies indoors and lots of You Tube videos come up with all sorts of ways. You can utilize glass mason jars and hang them in front of the windows, put up a bookshelf with grow lights, there are special boxes w/lights, and yes hydroponics where you don’t even need dirt!  My nephew grows beautiful veggies in water just using plastic tubs & the water filters like you put in a fish tank. Yep, my daughter & my boss say, Just Google It!  smile   Don’t do it alone! Get your kids face out of the computer/TV and have fun creating gardens with them:   No kids but, you like the idea of having a growing partner don’t be afraid ask your mate or a friend. Start a small garden club in your neighborhood. And regardless whether alone or with partners: Share your harvest with your neighbors. Ya know things like this are truly what Jesus (Yeshua) meant when it was said “Love God, love your neighbor as yourself “  God meant for us to share life and love … not just go to “a” church on Sunday or give some money to some group so you go on about your way not even knowing who your neighbors are.

You will be amazed at what you can learn (together) about the earth and yourself as you share ideas & watch your garden(s) grow. Did you know gardening is a great stress reducer? Depending on the type of gardening can be a good workout too!  And check out the benefits of being one with the Earth for pain:  My Dad had deteriorating arthritis and swore working outdoors 6-8 hrs a day after he retired, helped his health. He was always out in the yard until his late 80’s.  My Mom’s Dad too (my PaBoyd) firmly believed in growing & eating Fresh. He had a nice big veggie/fruit stand for years. Clearly it runs in our family. Praise God! It is my love of gardening & God my new book is titled ” Seeds & Weeds the how to’s of cultivating your inner & outer gardens.”  My feelings about this are best said by this  87 yr.old  gentleman: “When I stand in my garden I can feel the seeds under the earth, everything growing, and I have a connection to all of life.”

On that note:  I end today’s post praying you Choose to join me in the restoration of Earth as it is in Heaven.. 1st step is Restoration of the Garden – both within & without.. smile


One thought on “All Things Together Can work to the Good

  1. always great ideas Renee…years ago I tried to start a Victory Garden since I lived on a large piece of land between towns and cities. Nobody was interested, so I did it alone

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