“A Free Ride or is it?”

Shalom!  In a recent discussion with friends the subject rose of what appears to be an increase of our society of people failing into the trap of allowing themselves to live on a Free Ride. Of course there are excuses that come with that. Can’t find a job, don’t want to start at the bottom, I get more from social services that I would get paid at the job, & the list goes on. The 30 yr. old, “I’ll just move home with my parents” Please DO NOT twist my words said in this post. I am Not saying there is not a time-a season, that it may be necessary to need a helping hand. We ALL have at some point needed a hand in some way. Back in 1973 I had to utilize the support of Social Services to assist me after kicking a heroin habit & leaving an abusive relationship. And I am oh so thankful for the shelter and social service programs that were there for me and my unborn child. They restored Hope, provided a temporary roof over my head, & some guidance on how to start a healthier life.  When used as a stepping stone, these programs can be the kick off to a bright future where you can grow and become an independent thriving role model in your family, community, church, and more. They Can become a “tool” in the creation of becoming all God intended you to BE. Breaking Free from the chains of “whatever bondage” you are trapped in. Nor am I saying that there are not situations in life that require someone to be on disability. I totally support Non Profit and Social Service programs when utilized appropriately as in God’s Plan. In Acts Paul says, “In every way I have shown you that by working hard like this we must help those in need and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive” However, the plan was not intended to be a ” Free Ride” for a lifetime to those who are able to help themselves. When given a seed, we are called to plant, cultivate, & water it so it can bear harvest and provide more in life.  This truth is sad: Government assistance is a trap. Taking a free ride off at someone else’s expense is a Trap. It requires that you remain at a low income level to continue receiving a hand. The hand should be accepted as an encouragement to push you further into become All that is within you. As we DO ALL have seeds of greatness! They are in different levels and have different purposes but, NO Not One is better than the other. We need Customer service jobs, janitors, teachers, Doctors, inventors, and so on.. Each ” Serves” an important purpose and should never be viewed “better than” another. Just think if the trash collector never came, your office was not cleaned at night while you are home asleep. Don’t live dependent on the Gov’t. It is no different than dictatorship rule – without me you have nothing, you are nothing. This is Not true, we all need one another and Do have a purpose on Earth. Living off these programs for extended periods of time steal your purpose, gifts, and talents. Too often forgotten as Hope, Faith, and Belief in who you were Created to Be falls by the wayside. Your mind overcome by shadows of darkness and a life of strife becomes numb and blind, unable to see when God is opening doors to lead you OUT of slavery.  While I understand the feelings of discouragement and struggle believe me. It is Not the time to sit down and quit and park it. Again there is NOTHING wrong with allowing programs/friends/the church community to lend a hand to Lift you up but, Immediately begin seeking what is within those programs to assist you in getting a higher education, to help in getting a job, to cultivate the seeds that Are there and will bring you an abundant harvest of your Needs and many wants too. Pinch Those pennies and don’t use what’s been given on “unnecessary things of the world” (designer clothes at full prices, cigarettes, drugs, I phones, etc)  Rise UP and Utilize what you have for your Needs and to seek your Dreams & heart’s desires. Go to the Library and use the computer if you don’t have one. While seeking a job, take advantage of the time to give back and volunteer in your community. These positions “can and do” open doors to employment. Begin your own community project like Community watch, Walking group that picks up trash in the neighborhood at the same time. Google how many started projects with next to nothing that grew and provided for them too! Keep your home and surrounding area clean and maybe buy a bucket of paint instead of a pack of cigarettes…Paint is so fresh and renewing. It will give your home and you a Lift. Always,  Keep Steppin’ toward the Promises of God.  Don’t become part of the “status quo” – a part of “those people” beat down and in bondage to the poverty mentality whether financially or emotionally Seek the TRUTH, walk in Love not only toward others but, toward Yourself! Reaching for the Best within and bringing it to it’s abundant harvest brings Joy, Peace, and Fulfillment. Being a slave to poverty only bears a harvest of further depression, anger, drug/alcohol abuse, abuse of children and teaching the children of our future a “no hope” mentality too. The Devil is a LIAR! Don’t allow yourself or your household to plant seeds of a Poverty mentality. This is an attitude. It’s a way of thinking that perpetuates poverty within, because the focus is on what one doesn’t have rather than what one does have. Thoughts and comments such as “I can’t afford this…” and “I’ll never have my heart’s desires…I Can’t do….” turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You CAN, it takes work and sacrifice but, anything worth having does. It is in that hard work and sacrifice you grow Strong, you feel accomplishment, & it drives you to SUCCESS.

KNOW THIS TRUTH & Light: for as he/she Thinks Within themselves, so he/she IS.

God’s Word warns us in Proverbs 16: 27-29  Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.[ An evil man sows strife; gossip separates the best of friends. Wickedness loves company & leads others into sin.

No matter what binds you, that is holding you down, whatever is creating Poverty mentality within and without “Break Free !” Rise UP and Seek the Promises of God – then GO for it! Trusting, Believing and Receiving you Will bear a Good Harvest.


One thought on ““A Free Ride or is it?”

  1. another great article Renee. Funny how you made me remember a special project at my school , so many years ago. The subject was: we had to write a few pages about “Help yourself and Heaven will help you”. I remember doing well with it. Remembering all the details I gave about being fishing in the river when my line got tangled. I used all my energy and my brain to climb the tree where my fishing line had ended and got it untangled, then got a tiny fish…was happy

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