Peace within

Morning.. this will be a quick post cause soon off to work I must go. Praise God. And yes, I mean that. I have been doing some review of my own daily living and my outlook and attitude toward things (like work when it is a bit overwhelming) And as the name of my ministry says, Life is “all about choices”. I realized I had let emotions get in my drivers seat to much lately and that is just plain not healthy for me or anyone else. Emotional responses only create more stress honking their horn loudly every time things aren’t going their way. This is not the way of the people of God. In this bad choice I was loosing my Peace within to the father of all lies which only gives the gift of “Stress More and Live Less”  Cause stress not only can literally take your life, it does and will take away your having eyes to see and ears to hear how to change lanes to a smoother daily commute.

When I saw this within myself, not only have I changed lanes but, I changed seats and asked Jesus to take the wheel and drive me back to His Kingdom of ” Peace Within”. And Praise God, quickly He has done just that. Boy what a nice smooth road. So smooth yesterday when some bumps came on the horizon it was too cool how the emotions trying to rise within were laid to rest and we just went right around them. I found myself at the end of the day thinking, Thank You Jesus I had almost forgotten what “calm” felt like. And the funniest part is: When I started seeking Him for answers in the beginning of my woes the Holy Spirit said, ” You have the answers, Practice what you Preach!”

Well, that said Just volumes!  Have a Great Day and as you go thru your day may you think before you speak, don’t allow the deceivers whispers to drive you off a cliff, and in the theme of the season may Peace, Love, and Joy be your guide today and all throughout the New Year.


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