A Change in Seasons

Boy time flies, Spring 2021

I had this list of winter “to do’s” and only accomplished about half. Hallelujah some of my list I can do anytime or move to next winter because now nice weather is on it’s way in and I’m ready for the Change of Seasons.

It’s a time to “let go” & clear out dead stuff. Both in your outer garden & inner garden. This spring my spirit is saying,   ” I hope you’ve paid attention because you have more dead stuff to clear out in your inner garden than your outer garden”  I have been paying attention and Praise God for showing me what what is dead (or dying) that I need to clear out. I also want to give thanks for sending some very caring friends to tap me up too.  Interesting thing, I am not alone. He is revealing some dead things in my family & friends lives too. I pray we all take heed and follow Him as he calls us to so the good fruit within can come forth in abundance. I know there will be some hard work and digging in all of it but, I also know ultimately “all things will work to the good & in our best interest”  just as He promises. I also know from past experiences, the clearing and releasing and can be tough and scary at times. So I highly recommend seeking His Word and guidance daily to help you over and through.

Personally, my outdoor adventures and gardening always helps me with my inside clearing. So, I am moving forth in this change of season with my own version of “letting go of the Old and bringing forth the New in me.” Daily I will rise and go out to sit under my tree and read Psalms 119 to kick off my day. At lunchbreak, back out under the tree I go to read Matthew Chapter 5. (this chapter reminds me of how to behave during the day, which by the way, most days I really need many of the reminders. Especially the B attitudes. smile) Then to end the day I will go to my prayer room pray and read the Proverb chapter of the day.  Yep, submerging myself and digging in is my plan.

Just like the outer garden takes a lot of digging in and preparation to bear fruit in it’s season, I do too.

Since I love sardines I thought I would share these videos showing the benefits to both the inner and outer garden.

Bury A Can Of Sardines In Your Garden And This Amazing Thing Happens!! – YouTube

Sardines: 9 Amazing Benefits | Health And Nutrition – YouTube


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