Moving from one season to Another

So here we are, ending another year! 2018 sure flew by for me. While a lot happened for me in 2018, I only completed about 60% of my best laid plan. Personally, I still use a Franklin Planner so I will be moving those unfinished plans to my next season, 2019!

Are you a planner? Do you make a goals/vision board for the year? If you do, are you committed to at least trying to accomplish those goals? Seems everyone plans to take better care of their health especially their bodies. And so statistics say, very few keep that commitment.  I “was” that person. Well, guess I should say I was a “half steppin’ ” person. I would keep my commitment about 30% of the time. Well I am happy to say in 2018, I made progress! Keeping my commitment to the tune of about 60%. This was encouraging and uplifting giving me the push I needed to set my goal for 2019 to be 100% committed!  Not just in my physical health but, my spiritual and emotional/mental health. To Be All God created me to BE – to do this all components must be addressed. Spirit, Mind, Body, and Health.  So as we end the year and step into our next “season of Life” I thought I would share a few things that have aided in my growth thus far.  One was a reader of my site that has his own site:     Click on the tab Free Stuff and go to his blog. My fav is a recent post ” How to Quit saying tomorrow”. Perfect timing to read before the New Year. Smile  I really needed to get back to working out and reading his post led me to joining LA Fitness for $19.95 mo. I then made a commitment to go “at least” 3 times a week and I am finding not only is my body getting a workout, my stress level goes down and I sleep better. Bonus point: since I just moved to a new city, I am also meeting and making new friends who are on the same path I am. So they are supportive and not all the time just wanting to go out to eat. LOL

Then I decided to get back into reading. I have this little book I have had for years and would start reading it then sit it down. It’s called ” Lessons in Truth“. I decided to pick it up last week and it is Right on Time fitting right in with my getting totally committed in my walk with Yeshua. (my #1 goal for 2019) Not to mention, Jesus knocking really loud at the door of my heart & the Holy Spirit tappin saying, ” enough half steppin’ this is Our time, Our season to get Real. This little book, written by a woman,  is part of  So of course I checked out the site too. They do a thing called          ” Release the Past, Burning Bowl 2019″  The core of the ritual is about a shift in consciousness, being still, becoming aware, naming what you are releasing, and letting it go—then standing in Faith for what God reveals is next. In it there is surrender, an acknowledgment that this problem is bigger than me. So let go and let God. The site of course goes more in detail.

I decided I like the concept & came up with my own version of letting go of the Old and moving forward in the New Me…Fresh and Renewed.  In the book of Ephesians it says: That you put off…the old man/woman, be renewed in the spirit of your mind, & put on the new man/woman.  This resonates with my spirit and is exactly my 2019 Plan. Only this time I am fully committed 100%! And I am not talking new woman caught up in Religion.. I am talking New Woman in the spirit He breathed in Me…So, between now and New Year’s Eve I am going to write down the things I wish to release, seek His Word on how to really do just that, & then ON New Year’s Eve I will step into my prayer room to pray, meditate on the advise revealed in His Word, and Yep : Let Go and “Release it all to God“. And instead of burning anything in a bowl.. I will be burning my Doterra oils of frankincense & Myrrh, and having a little Balance in my tea. Smile. Then it’s off to bed….

So when I rise on New Year’s Day, it will be ME & JC walking together 100% as a child of God living in His promises and in The Way He planned it to BE for Me.                                  If you’re not already on that path too, Wanna join me?


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