He waited on Me

Greetings!  Thanksgiving had me making a list of things I was thankful for & then I found myself doing a review of my life. The most important thing I realized in that review was how many times God has patiently Waited on me. What do I mean by that? He waits for me to see my way often isn’t working. To hear and see Him calling, “come to me”. I realized how loving and compassionate He is in that waiting for me. Sometimes rather long periods of time He’s waited. ( I am bit hard headed at times, ya feel me? smile )

One of the biggest areas He has been patiently waiting is for me, is to totally commit and Trust Him so I can move forward in the things He has been pressing me to do with my ministry. My review showed me how I have been very committed to my job, my duties at my job, & my team on the job. To the point of exhaustion sometimes, even when the job wasn’t as concerned with what stress of overload was doing to me. Now that is Not a bash on my job. Overall I like my job. It is my responsibility to say, ” enough” and insist on a meeting to set a few reasonable boundaries. And most of the time I really don’t do that. I try instead to find a way to fit it in and all too often grumbling along the way. Another error, the grumbling I mean. And instead of fully turning to Him and seeking His guidance on how to handle the situations that are stressing me, all to often I turned to friends or just sat in my room and cried because I felt so overwhelmed. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, the Holy Spirit called to me saying, ” so when are you going to come to me and let me guide you in the way to find a solution to wipe away your tears?  I AM waiting. ” Even then, I didn’t immediately turn and go. I waited till the stress drove up my blood pressure and I got a migraine that caused spots in front of my eyes… I have Never had high blood pressure & only one other time the migraine with blurred vision and spots. See what I mean about a hard head?  But, that got my attention. I am 63 yrs old and will have to work (at least P/T) until I drop dead at my desk most likely, with the way the cost of living is going. My Mom in her wisdom told me just before she passed, Don’t stop working..it helps keep your mind healthy. I must say I agree and don’t have an issue with that really, I am not a sit around retired anyway. However, to succeed, I need to stay healthy. And PRAISE GOD overall I am very healthy.  Since my Thanksgiving review, I have turned to Him Now. I have thanked Him repeatedly for so patiently waiting. And I have to tell ya, He has Quickly been showing me some ways to proceed, sent me some other committed believers to share some insight, given me the right words, and some good options if the receivers choose not to receive my solutions. Smile

Most importantly though, is in my turning to the family of God, I am being shown once again the best way is His Way and that IS found in His Word. Thing is: Once again I am reminded, you must seek His Way Daily, TRUST what is revealed, and Believe even when you don’t physically see it what He says is True & the best for Me. All the while having Faith Knowing His Promises will come to pass in right timing. Which yes means  some patience is involved too. Then the last part is:  Me Doing my part when what He shows me to do is clearly stated and not push it to the side saying, ” Hold on, Can you wait on Me?”   I learned this last few weeks, making God wait only hurts me.

Have a Great week!  Renee’

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