Casting your Cares

Today I come sharing my fav teaching Pastor. A young man taught well by his earthly father and his heavenly Father.  In the event you google him, is he perfect? No, and none of us are. You also need to keep in mind how media distorts and embellishes the truth. Have you ever been less than perfect and when your discretion went from one mouth to another those mouths added their 2 cents?  All that said, This is actually a 3 part series found on You Tube and is very insightful. Yes, it is founded in the Bible. However, the truths within it are just that, truths about coping with stress, worry, anxiety, basically mental health and the bondage it can play on your spirit. And of course there are spiritual solutions and suggestions that do work when you work them, no matter your beliefs. As we all have some form of belief that incorporates good vs bad.

It is truth; Stress weighs you down and interferes with your daily living. It is a truth all of us have or currently are experiencing some form of stress/worry/mindset that is not uplifting. There are truths all thru His Word that provide relief and solutions that lift those burdens and break the chains that bind. This series by young Fred K Jr. enlightens us with many of these truths. So today, I am not posting more words as there is no need, Fred has said it all so well. Well, I will post these words: I suggest if you are feeling the burdens or bondage of the mind…you take a bit of time and listen, it’s worth it.

Shalom.. Renee’



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