Spirit of God vs Religion

All to often mankind gets caught up in the ” Religion/Religious” practices and traditions of that Religion rather than the Spirit of God which is simply put: Love.

When seeking our purpose and path in this life on Earth our faith and walk should be founded in the Spirit of Love – The Way of God…. Not a religion or religious group and the way “they say” your life should be. True Love and sacrifice allow you to seek, learn, ask, & commune not only with mankind but, personally with God. Once this has transpired, Respect the path God has shown you to take. Love and Respect the purpose God has bestowed on Your Life. It is in His timing and His Way that gets you to where He designed you be on Earth. It shouldn’t be man’s way that tells you who and where you should be. Sure sharing knowledge is good but, to know Your Way YOU need to seek God and His life of Love & Peace. You personally! Then you will reap all the attributes and fruit these two things were meant to bear within you.

In my seeking and interacting God led me to interact with those of various faiths, non faith, races, and levels of status in life. My findings revealed the foundational core in man is all the same: the desire to Love and be Loved, to live peacefully, not lacking for a roof over their heads, food to eat, & good health. Of course there are other “wants” of the heart as well but, when asked for the basic core of the hearts desire the answers all came back pretty much the same. And when I delved down into the different Religious teachings this Same Core was the fundamental foundation.  Which always makes me ask: ” why is mankind so divided? ”  My answer there is ” there is good and bad in all things and depending on man’s choices selfishness, greed, and the need to be in control often out weighs the true hearts desire of Love”  And unfortunately this is found to be true in all religious beliefs. I am not saying all who practice a religion have only these traits.. Nope. I am saying man is man no matter what religion he professes. It is only when a person rises above Religion and it’s practices into the SPIRIT of LOVE does God’s Way bear it’s fruit. It saddens me and I know it saddens God too how man has divided His Word and Love. God’s One desire was for Love to flourish and bear it’s good fruit within ALL His Creation. All were Created in His image which is why this is our hearts’ desire as well. (if we are honest about it.)

I know I talk on this subject ALOT! And I will keep talking about it, just like Jesus did in the hope it will fertilize and bring forth those seeds of Love planted within you. And I am Not talking about surface Love…I am talking about Love that bears all things, forgives, sacrifices, shares with others ( ALL others) not just some. Love that doesn’t pass judgment but, realizes no not one of us is perfect and but, by the grace of God you could be in the same position. Life situations create many things in peoples lives, many hurts and to often hurt responds in kind….but, know this: Love trumps & can heal Hurt. Love can Restore the Good man/woman God designed you to Be. But, to do that we must allow Love in. This is why Jesus says, ” Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”  That hearing his voice & sup with Him is in the cultivation & the Oneness of Love.

Personally, my heart was Very damaged, repeatedly and in turn I hurt some others too. Until I answered that knock. Now More and more as each day goes by & I trust in His Love I am able to share that Love in healthy ways. Everyday I learn to forgive myself and Love myself the way God loves me. In His Mercy Love has been able to grow. In that growth it allows me to share that love with others no matter their race, status, religious choices, and when needed: agree to disagree. This does not mean I allow abuse or go along with actions of harm…just the opposite. I try to share how my damage brought me more harm and harm into the lives of others. Then if they Choose Not to see the light in that truth, I pray for them and leave them in God’s hands. Just like God did me the many times I made choices to ignore Him. You & only You can choose to move on in life allowing the seeds of Love to come forth and flourish or you can choose to continue to let the weeds of hurt/pain choke you to Death.  In my opinion, the Spirit of God (Love) gives Life and all too often Religion (man’s interpretation of God’s Law) brings Death.  Religion is divided and a house divided cannot stand. As it is revealed in Revelations, Jesus return is to bring ALL creation together as ONE (in Love) cultivating and restoring His Kingdom (Earth) as it was originally designed to flourish:  in the perfection of Love.

So today as you go forth, begin pulling out those weeds in the garden of your heart so His seeds of Love can come forth and you can be a part of restoring Life on Earth as it is in Heaven. I mean Really can you honestly tell me that is not what you are yearning for?

Be a Light of Love in your daily Life, at whatever place you worship, and most importantly with whomever God places across your path. Whether well to do, homeless, or somewhere in between… have Mercy and share a little Love.

Why? Cause Love does change things.





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