Doin’ the best I can

How many times have you caught yourself saying this?  And how many times have you asked yourself, ” Am I ?”  Or really looked at the whole picture and did a self eval to see if you really are ” doin’ the best you can”.

Recently, I found myself wondering these things and realized I could do better. Not saying I am not trying to do the best I can but, actually ” Doing that” is different than trying. I realized I could make some adjustments in “how” I am doing things and I could do better. Here are a few of the things my review of my “best” turned up:

1.) Spend at least 3 times a day for 10 mins (more preferably) with God in some fashion. Prayer, Song, Praises, Reading His Word, just plain talking to Him. I can testify this Does bring peace and joy which gives you the strength and ability to do your best.

2.) Learn to speak up when I am already overloaded. When we are overloaded in the first place trying to please others and take on more than we can handle only creates chaos and frustrations. Which result in my not being able to do the best I can.

3.) I could stand to make some adjustments in how I manage my time. Does anyone remember the use of Day timers?  I know people say “use your phone”  Well for me that is not as effective. When I plan the day on paper and can check things off as I go, I don’t miss things and can see the results of my progress.. this makes me feel better too.  So yeppers I got out an old Day timer and bought the pages, yes they still sell them which goes to show you I am not the only one who likes the ole school way. Like my mother in law used to say, ” if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it”   I wish the darn phone people would listen to that and stop doing updates that make me all confused..more wasted time figuring out how to “re-use” my phone. Augh.

These are just a few items you might want to consider in your review of ” doin’ the best I can”. If you have some other good suggestions for improvement in the day to day, Please Comment and Share.. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Shalom!  Renee’


One thought on “Doin’ the best I can

  1. 1/ yes…we can look into our soul a few mn each day…it does wonders!
    2/ Yes we can certainly be overloaded with work and responsibilities but it is up to us to know when to take a break and go to number 1 above
    3/ yes I write on paper…much better than being slave to a telephone. I refuse to get my life dictated to by a cell phone

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