Identity Crisis

As I’ve watched and listened to family, friends, and mankind’s lives, I’ve realized more often than not in our lives we go thru various forms of identity crisis. It begins very early in life and can continue on until very late in life if we don’t slow down long enough to really look at ourselves.  If we don’t listed to that still small voice within that’s trying to bring forth the seeds planted within you to bear the fruit You alone were created to bear.

How many times have you caught yourself following trends, or changing yourself to ” fit in” with a crowd. How often do you attempt to re-invent yourself based on what the media & entertainers state is the style. Or in the attempt to never look like you are aging. We all age! We aren’t supposed to look and act like a 20/30 yr old at 60. Not that you shouldn’t take care of yourself but, you shouldn’t be trippin’ on not looking like a hot young thang  We even buy cars and decorate our homes based on commercial enticements and what everyone else is doing. Seeking what others have. (coveting) This has been a condition since pre Jesus. It is how habits, traditions, & cultures good and bad are created. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there shouldn’t be some “following” in some areas of life. It can be beneficial. However, I am saying it is not healthy if your inner spirit doesn’t fully resonate with whatever it is you choose to follow. I am saying you also need to be a leader in the areas of your life God gifted you to lead in. Times you need to listen to that still small voice so you become who you were designed to be and be at rest with who you are. Peace comes within when you are True to yourself and with others. Being fake, doing things you really don’t like, living a life that creates insecurity, anxiety, depression, and so on .  I realized very recently I wasn’t being true to myself concerned what some others in my life would think. That it might cause me to loose some people in my life. People I care about while at the same time their lifestyle choices don’t resonate with mine, leaving me in a position of choice: Conform and continue to hold back being fully myself or listen to the Holy Spirit within and let the chips fall where they may (as they say)  I don’t say this because I care any less about those in my life but, because I actually care More…more about being obedient to My calling, to walking the path I am called to walk, to stepping out and taking chances in areas others have said are silly, dumb, or out of style. More about being true to God’s plan, myself, and those I interact with. Then you know who really loves you, when they can love you as You.A I have never been one to totally follow the trends but, I realized I have been holding back and often making changes that just weren’t me based on comments said by others. It consistently led to unrest within me and it is Me I have to live with. Me I have to face in the mirror. Me that has to answer to God and Me that has to deal with the consequences every time I do things that really don’t resonate or fit into my inner garden. Each time I do it never bears the best fruit for me.

All this said to say: Take time to seek your passions, look at yourself, what really makes you thrive. What interests do You have. Try them. Do you really like wearing make up, dying your hair, and such. Are you putting yourself in debt trying to do what others do? How’s that working for you? Does it really make you feel better.  Or does it feel better when you are You an people love you just as you are? Have you stepped outside the box and watched it really pay off before? Do you have gifts and talents you haven’t embraced because you are afraid of what others might think?  Did you ever think in Not following your hearts desires you might be missing out on what will propel you upwards and onwards in life? All because you “think” others may not like it.  Dig deeper real innovators take chances, those we admire usually are those who didn’t conform and often were the quote “geeks”, like Bill Gates. Some of the things we enjoy most are because people darned to BE who that still small voice within pushed them to Be.

On that note I leave you to ponder my post and go work on my 2nd book that still small voice has been pushing me to write for the last 7 years. LOL


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