Same Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Shalom everyone!  One thing I have learned is this Truth! God’s Word is the same throughout time and it works when you work it. It all begins in with walking in His Spirit of Love and what is running around in the Mind. If you look at history you will see man continuously repeats himself in both good and bad. We put new packaging on our actions making it look or sound more fancy but, the actions and outcomes are the same. The only time thing we can count on that does Not change is LOVE, it’s actions, and it’s consequences. As is said in Hebrews:  He is the same yesterday, before He came into the world, and to-day, in heaven. Yesterday in the time of our predecessors, and to-day in our age” [Bengel]. So the doctrine is the same, not variable: this verse thus forms the transition between Heb 13:7 and Heb 13:9. He is always “the same” (Heb 1:12). The same in the Old and in the New Testament.

And no matter what religion/faith you practice this is a Truth. True Love does not change. For more details on the attributes of love..go back thru my earlier posts and you will find more or seek out the truth of Love is found in all God’s teachings. And it is time well spent digging and finding all the info and testimonies of how Love has worked in people’s lives.. just pay attention through each day and you will see it work too.

Have a Blessed Day!



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