It’s Never too Late!

Ya ever feel like you “missed the boat” when it comes to your dreams and passions? I know I have. Or maybe like me, you’ve been “half steppin’ /dabbling” for years.  I can’t tell you how often I hear others say these same types of statements. Nor how many over 50 yrs old say, ” well, it was a nice dream but, I am too old now. ”  My life’s journey & many very active seniors taught me “It’s Never too Late!  I met a lady years ago when she was a young 100 yrs old and she was a writer and dancer. And she had started later in life too. She didn’t start her writing until her 70’s. I recently met a young  yr fabulous French woman in her 80’s who seems to have no fear of going for it when she comes up with new ideas or feels compelled to try new things.  She is so inspirational !! I could write a long list of people who didn’t seek their passions until after they had retired from careers, raised families, and so on. But, I won’t….Google It and see for yourself. smile  Instead I will share a bit of my story. From a young girl I have loved writing, reading, and sharing what I learn along the way. Whether it was in letters to friends, in my journal, in school essays, or on blog sites. (nope this is not my 1st one. smile)  Then about 15 years ago the Holy Spirit clearly told me to ” Proclaim, Read, and Write!”

So I have.  However, I have continuously allowed things in life to interfere in really going after my dreams and passions in writing & ministry. All to often, I hate to say distracted by nonsense like TV, social media, just plain hanging out. However, the Holy Spirit keeps tapping me letting me know,  “it is your calling to be a Spiritual Advisor/Life Coach, when are you going to do what God created you to do in life?”. Even opening doors I couldn’t pass up over the last 20 years all related to my calling. God opened the doors for me to become an Ordained Minister and a Life Coach, then again not long ago to become a Wellness Advocate. Not because I sought out the courses but, because God sent people my way opening these doors. Each time those sent my way, insisted I should listen and take this road. Even bartering the costs so I didn’t have to pay to be a Life Coach. Now at  63 years old that still small voice is loud. And I still caught myself questioning, ” have I not waited to late in life? ” Then my own Spirit said, ” Stop that! You are actually questioning God? Really! ”  So I kicked those defeating words to the curb and soon as I did doors are opening again for me to move forward. I have never been able to deny my love of Theology, my love of people, wanting to lend a helping hand when possible, & that the gift of gab are my passions. Smile The pressing now is that same insistent pressing I had to write my book ” Somewhere in Between“. Which reminded me so far those who have read it have only given positive feedback & many saying it helped them with issues in their lives.  Then clear as a bell the other day, I hear that still small voice say again, ” Proclaim, Read, and Write”!  And this time, I feel it in my bones, it’s Not too late!  I mean not to late to really focus and get my website out there, to share my book in mightier ways, and maybe see if the local paper would need some space filler articles sometimes.  I Know that I Know my site can and will be helpful to others if I just stop “half steppin” and get it out there. So that is exactly my new Goal and plan. To become in “fullness” who God created me to be…via the web and thru my writings.

That said, Please should you know anyone that might like my site Share IT! Suggest they follow it and please make comments if you have words to share. If you would be interested in my book there is a link so you can buy it too. Smile And very likely book #2 will be coming down the pike in 2019. Smile

Now that I have shared my goals…what are yours?? Are you sitting on or half steppin’ on your dreams and goals?  If so, Get up and Go for it!  It’s never to Late to TRY!!

Hugs and Shalom!!


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