Settle Down!

Hi ya’ll.  I am settled Down for my remaining years! I am here to testify while I have been blessed to live in beautiful places and for some time enjoyed relocating, I am sure rejoicing to finally have my own home to settle down in. And it is in a great place too!

There is a lot to be said I realize about owning your own home and as God says now I can say too:  ” in this house we…” (whatever I want to say goes in this house).  Being a renter most of my life and living in most of the time in tiny house style 750 sq ft or less there have always been restrictions imposed by the owners. Now I am the owner and I realized can turn my music up! I can paint whatever colors I like. I live in 1450 sq ft two story now and WOW what a difference- you don’t even hear the music outside, nor am I disturbing the neighbor on my common wall. Because there is no common wall. What a Blessing!  And since I don’t have to wear a headset while enjoying my fav tunes I can dance around all over while I decorate my new home!  It is fantastic!  Silly sounding maybe but, not to me.

Another blessing in my older style home is all it’s character and a Basement! Somewhere to make my mess and not mess up the entire house. I can create, store, and dance around down there too.

Yep, this post is to say THANK YOU LORD! for providing my new home and all the fun things I am discovering.  And the best one of all…I know have a Prayer/Meditation room just for Me & JC…my BFF!

Hugs to all and Shalom!

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