” Let’s Dance! “

Like Davie Bowie says, “Let’s Dance” ! Dancing is a Powerful Fun tool to aid your lifestyle in many areas of our life.  Did you know the Word encourages dance and God loves Music and when we Dance ? Here is just one verse that makes that clear:  Psalms 149:3 “Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.”  Did you know that Dancing increases brain function? Dancing improves brain function on a variety of levels. Through regular aerobic training that incorporates some type of dance at least once a week anyone can maximize his or her brain function.  Did you ever think dancing tango could increase your creativity? Or that by moving your body freely on a daily basis you could boost your self-esteem in an unprecedented way? Psychologist and dancer Peter Lovatt says in his unconventional presentation on good moves. “If my mood was ever low, then dance would lift my mood.” he says. Also: “Dance gives me a boost that nothing else gives me.”    Can I get an AMEN? I am here to testify to these truths. Whenever I am a little down or stressed I turn on the music and Dance! In no time my mood has shifted. It always amazes me no matter whether it is slow, fast, or just swaying to the music my moods shifts. It’s been proven: “Your body posture changes the way you think about problems. It influences the decisions you make in life even after one minute.   On that note I leave you to go Praise and Dance for my Lord to one of my favorite Praise singers Michael Ben David & my fav song: ” Sing to the Lord. ”


Below I have added the website with more info on the Benefits of dancing & David Bowies ” Let’s Dance!”



PS: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this:  Consider where you dance and who you are dancing for as “All dance” is not pleasing in the eyes of God but, most is a Big YES! Never fear His Spirit within you will let you know if you are dancing inappropriately.


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