Enough Already!

Sometimes life brings you to a place of feeling, ” enough already”.  You are overwhelmed with the things of the world. Just too many things are stacked on your plate and your mind/emotions have reached their limit. When this emotion takes the lead in your life…STOP!  Take time to love thyself and regroup. Don’t just say ” enough ” and keep allowing life to pile it on. Even 5 mins. can create a shift within you. Best case scenario, if possible, is to take an hour, spend some quality time with Yeshua in Prayer, Meditation, pulling weeds and planting new seeds in the inner garden of the heart and mind.  When you allow the weeds to be cleared it gives you eyes to see and ears to hear….which results in Peace, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Tranquility in the garden.

Are you saying, ” easy for you to say?” Well, no it is Not always easy for me to say. I have days like this too and times that things happen that I think, ” I can’t handle this.” However, I have learned life only gets harder when you feed the weeds that are choking out clear thinking. When we allow ourselves to stay in the emotions of ” ENOUGH” these weeds grow rapidly and turn into anger, bitterness, gossiping, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, and can even produce hatred. You think I am exaggerating. Watch when you are feeling this way and see for yourself what fruit it bears. Then when you see the fruit of allowing these negative seeds to grow STOP! Grab hold of it,  Breathe, then PULL it OUT!  Choose to change the emotion of the soul’s soil with Deep breaths and Prayer. Look around you, find the good seed at your fingertips like:

The blessing of having a home, food to eat, clothes to wear, cars to drive, relatively clean air to breath, flowers, trees, and the list goes on.  If you are in America reading this we are not in a literal war, fearful each day for your life, starving and no access to feed your children, no place to go for medical care, restricted from time with God and the freedom to worship, and the list goes on.  Most reading this are not homeless or even one step away from there. Maybe you are in a situation of loosing a loved one or even just experienced an unexpected disaster and if you are my prayers are with you. Yet, if you are reading this, then you are alive and able to go forward and replant your garden. And with God’s loving mercy and comfort you will.  I can testify to that as I have been thru some things in life that were unimaginable. The sheer fact you are still here means you have not completed your purpose in this Life. And your purpose isn’t just about you trust me, your Life – your purpose is designed to effect the lives of those God puts across your path and their lives to effect yours. We are meant to have relationships of all sorts of types and with all types of people. In those relationships you will Not always agree. Yet, like Yeshua (Jesus) we are called not to judge, argue, or let those relations turn to ugly. We are to agree to disagree when we don’t see eye to eye. We are called to Love All others planting the seeds Love and it’s attributes. If someone is argumentative and the conversation can’t be dealt with in a loving way, step away and give it to God. You nor I,  have the right to control or impose your views on another . We do have the right to our views but, like Yeshua (Jesus) in sharing those views it is to be done in Love based in the Truth allowing the fruit of those seeds of Love to bear the fruit of His Love.

So, when you feel ENOUGH…Stop, regroup, and tend to your inner garden that it might bear the Fruit of Love allowing you to walk in His image. To bring forth and Give beauty and Life in this world..not more stress, darkness, and so on. In pulling out these weeds & planting the seeds of Love you will find your Peace, Joy, and Ability to Bear all things that come your way in this journey called Life.  Keep in mind: This is a choice and as the name of my ministry expresses.. ” Life is all about Choices “…and those choices and the fruit they bear Are Yours.

All this said:  Enough! LOL .. Breathe… Turn off the media, no texting, shut off any negative input. Then go have a cup of relaxing tea and start listing and giving thanks for your Blessings. Then seek seeds of His Love to plant in the garden of your heart and mind..whether it be found in music, the written word, or thru giving or receiving encouraging words of/with a neighbor or family. Take a Calgon bath giving casting your cares on God, go walk it off at the park, by the beach/lake/or river all the while talking to God and letting it all go, literally dig in the garden of your home & imagine the weeds you pull as whatever is troubling you and you are tossing them out, go look up and prepare a good healthy meal that requires some chopping/slicing/ dicing so you can release some energy and chat with God while you cook; ending the moment breaking bread with our Savior and thanking Him for the food you are about to eat.

Shalom !

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