Who’s side are you on anyway?

Hi Everyone! Have you ever listened to your conversations or even what you say to yourself? Try it for a weekend.  I did and had to ask myself who’s side are you on, Satan or God?  I realized I allow myself to get into to many conversations that sure aren’t inline with His Word of Love..with others and with Myself. I caught myself feeling like “Good grief, everything has gotten too darn intense”  Yes, there are a lot of intense things happening in the World today however, that is “in the World”.  And where do I belong in this world? Well, I AM part of the I AM in His Kingdom. That said, I had to ask myself, ” Do you believe in His Word, the Love within Me, the Promises of His Word?” Or do you believe the Lies of the father of all lies, Satan?  From what has been coming from my mouth, to much of late, I had to ask ” who’s side are you one anyway”. Another thing that drew my attention to my behavior was my recent trip to Niagara Falls! I had such a wonderful time meeting so many Nice people & found myself being my True upbeat, loving life self.  My time there really brought attention to how much better I felt after walking A lot!, talking about good things with the nice people I met, my massage, and just absorbing the wonderful energy. As my site says, ” Life is All About Choices”  So, I said to myself, ” Snap out of it, start walking and acting like you are a child of God, filled with His Spirit and stop wandering off.. And how am I going to do that? By choosing to be more conscious in how I speak to others and myself.. Hello, I AM on God’s side and I need to get back to being ME and behave as a member in the house of God. smile Knowing this:  I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. That includes aging well, staying committed to taking care of my Mind, Body, and Spirit not to mention, sharing the Daily Love the family of God shares with me. And that’s ALOT actually.  The Niagara trip kicked me off on working out 3 days a week & I am pulling together index cards writing down God’s Promises so I can read them regularly. I must admit I sure wasn’t loving my body and more often that not it seemed I haven’t been speaking encouraging words to my body either. On that note: Did you know? Serotonin is the molecule of will power, of delaying gratification. Decreased serotonin means you have trouble finishing things, feel a bit down, get annoyed easy, and it can be hard to control you impulses.  Sound familiar? sure does to me. So here are some tips to raise our serotonin levels and improve your daily living:

1.) Spend time with God Daily. Look up the Promises of God and these words remind you of how much God loves you. Stop as you read an observe how He has shared those promises with you lately. Be observant and notice all the Blessings in the day instead of focusing on the darker side of life. Let your Light shine instead of creating a dreary day.

2.) Get 20 mins of Sun daily. Sunlight is not a dirty world. Over doing it is where it is harmful. But, our bodies need the Vitamin D.  Can’t get out there during the day. Drink Milk..not fake milk either or if you can’t tolerate milk take Vitamin D. But, best source is God’s natural good ole Sunlight.

3.) Massage – One of my favs! Several studies have proven this raises serotonin and improves your mood. Hard to say definitively whether it is the actual massage or the human touch though.. Whatever, if it works work it.

4.) Exercise – Numerous studies show Exercise increases serotonin levels and releases serotonin in the body. In particular, walking at a quick pace, running, and riding bikes. So make sure exercise is an essential part of your day….not to much though. Remember, All things in Moderation…extremes in either direction never have a positive outcome.

That’s all for now folks.. Shalom!


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