In the Spirit

Hi !  Here we go into the Holidays… are you in the Spirit?  I know I am for Thanksgiving!  It hit me this morning “hard”  I have so many things to be Thankful for!  Currently I am reading in Romans and ya know how you can pick up the Word and it seems to be right on time with what is going on in your Life?  Well, that is what happened this morning. Not only was Thankfulness on my mind but, my reading was all about “living in the Spirit” of Yeshua.  (check out Romans Chapter 8). That got me thinking about the Spirit of God (Love)  and what all that includes. Which only added to my Thankfulness. Smile

Now in all this thinking it did put a few conviction bumps in the road too. I had to look at myself, which resulted in a little bit of ” come to Jesus” taps asking me, ” so how are you doing as far as ” Living in the Spirit of Love? ”  I ended up saying, ” hmmm, lately about 65% I would say.”  Then that Loving Spirit gave me a rush of Hugs and encouragement with these words, ” Ok dear, now that you have confessed that let it go and let’s move forward with this increase of Spirit within you”   Just like that, I felt my heaviness lift and I responded, ” Yes, Yes…Thank YOU!   Which of course brought another wave of Love, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Compassion, and a Light to guide me back on track.  And to back it up with more Love, I logged onto my email and there was my new Real Estate lady, Alisha encouraging me and assuring me we are all good to go on finding me my Home for my remaining ” golden years” .  God is So Good and on time all the time!

My next post will be on Thanksgiving Day as I am now FULL of the Spirit 100%. So check out my List of all I am thankful for! And Please join me and send your list back on my comments tab.  I would love to have everyone share some moments or a long list of Thankfulness!

PS:  You can post that thankful list anytime as honestly we should be giving Thanks Every Day!

Hugs!!! Shalom


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