Order my Steps..

There is a song by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir called, ” Order my Steps”. Here are a few of the lyrics: Order my steps in Your word dear Lord
Lead me, guide me everyday. Send Your anointing, Father I pray;
Please Order my steps in Your word. Bridle my tongue let my words edify
Let the words of my mouth be acceptable in Thy sight
Take charge of my thoughts both day and night; Order my steps in Your word

I tend to listen to this song when the World is pressing in around me. Prayer & Praise. The thing about this prayer is, for God to order your steps in the Word, you have to go spend time with God in the Word. Only then can we be clearly guided in The Way to go. All to often we all drift off caught up in work, IPads, our phones, and the list goes on leaving God and His Word out of our Daily Steps. This is a bad habit..I can testify to that. The consequences of not allowing His Word to Order our Steps tend to go like this: Gripping, complaining, back biting, crying, fears, doubts, anger, and that list goes on and on too.  That said, I think you get the point of this post. If not, Ponder it.

And on that note: I leave you to go to my room and spend some time seeking Him to order my steps in some matters of my own. Smile

Have a Blessed Day!

PS: Like Joyce says, ” One thing I have learned is without time with God, I cannot function.”  Check out her NIV: Busy Life Bible 

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